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The twists keep coming
Max_cinefilo8919 August 2008
In the first season, we got to know the Drazen family, who organized a series of assassination attempts to get back at Jack Bauer and David Palmer for something that happened a long time before the start of the show. They were merciless people, but at least they were united, thinking brotherly love got ahead of everything else. Why am I mentioning this? Because the end of the previous episode and the beginning of this one show an entirely different kind of bond between siblings.

So far, Ramon Salazar has been consumed by the wish to kill Jack for what happened in the past, whereas his brother Hector insisted on trusting him. Now, with Hector convinced something's wrong, the logical next step would have been to shoot Jack. Instead, Ramon kills Hector and decides to go through with the acquisition of the virus. Jack and Nina go with him, but everything gets off track when the CTU intervenes and Ramon escapes with the virus. Meanwhile, in L.A., Sherry is looking for something she can use against Alan Milliken, and comes really close to a foolproof witness of the billionaire's dirty secrets.

The first half of Day Three is finally over, and it does end with quite a bang: the manhunt that ensues when Ramon gets away is worthy of Michael Mann at his best, and the surprise ending (what else could it have been?) is a clear indication of things getting rougher in the remaining twelve episodes. This hour also shows Joaquim de Almeida at his most villainous, even scarier than he was nine years earlier in Robert Rodriguez's Desperado. It's a masterclass in pure evil that yet again shows how truly memorable the villains in this series can be.
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On The Road Again!
ccthemovieman-118 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Hector didn't trust Jack and got shot by his brother for his beliefs. He's hanging on to life but Ramon finishes him off to begin this episode. Nina believes Jack is still working for the C.T.U. and expresses her opinion, but Ramon isn't listening to her, either. He trusts Jack. Wow, that's twice he's been taken in by Bauer. Jack should have been a salesman. He can talk most people into believing anything!

I'm sorry to see some soap opera material creeping in here with Chole and a little baby and some the women starting to tattle on others in the office, calling them incompetent but, overall, I can't complain. There hasn't much of that catty women stuff to this point.

Anyway, everyone is closing in on the deal, the people with the virus, those buying it and the C.T.U. people. Since the season is about halfway over, you just know something major is going to happen because the story would be finished. Something dramatic has to happen to keep the TV series going another 12 weeks.

Sure enough, everything explodes at the crucial time and C.T.U. agents are ambushed by Salazar's men. People are on the run everywhere: Ramon, who is shot; Almador, who has the virus; and Nina, who may not be whom we thought she was. Jack and Chase decide to look for her first.
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Tweekums3 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As the series reaches its half way point it is finally time for the transfer of the virus; Ramon Salazar is forcing Nina to undertake the deal; Chase is above the location relaying information back to CTU and Delta Force is in position ready to strike; all they need now is for Amador to turn up with the virus. When he arrives it takes a few minutes for the authenticity of the virus to be checked and the funds to be transferred then Chase calls in Delta. Things don't go according to plan as Ramon and Nina get away in the confusion and the Delta unit tasked with picking up Amador gets caught up in an ambush... once again they have no idea where the virus is; it appears that Jack and the people at CTU are back to square one. Meanwhile Sherry is working to discredit Milliken; it turns out she has a witness to an accident were a drunk Milliken drove into a child and killed her; the problem is the witness has a price for his information; a price the President might be unwilling to pay. If that wasn't enough there is also a slight mystery at CTU; Chloe's baby isn't actually hers and the story she tells about why she has it seems slightly implausible.

As expected this episode contains lots of exciting action; possibly the most in a single episode this season; we get two ambushes, each complete with lots of automatic weapons fire and a surprising explosion that takes out one of the season's protagonists. There are also some tense moments including a nice 'false scare' where it looks as if Sherry Palmer is in imminent danger. It isn't just the action that is good though; the plot takes some nice turns as Amador double crosses Nina and keeps the virus; who he plans to sell it to now is anybody's guess but it is certain that the season will have a new villain. The subplot involving the baby was a slight distraction but I'm sure it will become more relevant to the plot in future episodes. As always the acting is top notch and the way it was filmed was worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster... although being a TV series it isn't as rushed as a film would be.
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Truly An Excellent Episode
Desertman8410 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Sherry finds a witness who can damage Milliken, but her advantage is short-lived. The situation in Mexico comes to an explosive head as Jack, Ramon, Nina, and Chase all simultaneously close in on the virus. But the deal takes an unexpected turn when Amador manipulates both parties and departs with the virus himself.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.Sherry Palmer tells President David Palmer that she still believes in his presidency. She then goes to see Kevin Kelly whose daughter was killed by Alan Milliken in a drunk driving incident. Sherry goes back to his trailer to find blood on the wall.

2.At the Counter Terrorist Unit, Adam tells Kim that the baby she's taking care of is not Chloe's. Kim confronts Chloe with this, and raises concern to Tony about Chloe O'Brian being unstable; he says that Chloe is not expendable.

3.Ramon Salazar has the virus and points a gun at Jack Bauer. Delta Teams move in.

4.Jack corners Ramon but the vial of virus explodes while still in Ramon's hands.

5.Jack reports back to CTU about the vial being a trap and asks about Michael Amador. Amador is cornered by Delta 3, but they are ambushed and he escapes. Jack tells Chase that their only choice now is to find Nina.

Amador got possession of the virus as he was able to double-cross Nina and Jack.While Sherry tries to gain advantage of Milliken in this one excellent episode of Day 3.
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