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The end of another long day
Max_cinefilo899 July 2008
Nuclear bombs, torture, heart attacks, betrayals, car accidents: you name 'em, Jack Bauer's been through all of them, and in spite of whatever pain is caused to him, he just won't stop, as he admirably shows in the conclusive hour of Day 2.

Situation so far: Peter Kingsley (Tobin Bell) is officially confirmed as the man responsible for every bad thing that has happened since the season began, although we have been shown he has at least one associate, a terrorist named Max (Thomas Kretschmann), whose role in the story is, however, unknown to the government. In fact, President elect Jim Prescott (Alan Dale) still believes his cause to be just, hence Jack's idea to organize a meeting between Kingsley and Sherry Palmer, who was in on the whole thing, to prove the Cyprus recording was bogus and attacking three Middle-Eastern countries would be a huge mistake.

Season One attracted most of the attention it got for the real-time format, even though praise was also due (and duly granted) for the sharp writing, swift technical execution and astounding acting (Kiefer Sutherland even won a Golden Globe for his work on the first series). Season Two raised the stakes with a more elaborate story, and therefore it was almost impossible not to cherish the narrative first and the timing gimmick later. Of course, it's not so hard to laud something when it's better than its predecessor: as near perfect as it could be, Day 1 had one slight defect plot-wise (the amnesia digression), whereas Day 2 is flawless. If one really has to nag about details, it could be pointed out that Kim Bauer's portion of the script had virtually no ties whatsoever to the main tale, but hey, why complain when it's all pulled off so well?

Another commendable aspect of the second series is the cast, both old and new: Sutherland, Haysbert and Carlos Bernard (not to mention Xander Berkeley and Penny Johnson) improved on their already superb work in Day 1, while good support came in the form of Sarah Wynter, JOhn Terry, Alan Dale and Tobin Bell. It's this seamless combination of well established and unseen, which can sometimes "kill" a show (see how much ER has benefited from continuous cast changes), that makes 24 - Season 2 a superior television product.

Oh, and by the way: how many people can watch the last minutes of this episode and not develop an uncontrollable urge to see Day 3 right away? Now that's what I call an effective cliffhanger.
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A good ending
chrichtonsworld22 September 2006
The ending of this season is satisfying. It delivers on everything. Some closure to several plot lines. Good drama, great action and a superb cliffhanger. But there is no mention of Nina Meyers. They didn't show us what they did with her. I guess we have to assume she is released. This episode does a good job to lure you for the next season. The craving for 24 gets bigger and bigger. in this episode they manage to surprise you again and again. I did miss a conversation between Palmer and Jack Bauer at the end. And there was no confrontation between Sherry Palmer and Palmer. But maybe they were too far apart for Palmer to reach them, but it would have been nice to see Jack and Palmer hugging each other to mark their special friendship! What can i say more. Great ending to great season! For people who didn't get the hype. Go watch 24 and you will understand! "I'll give you my word"
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Day 2: A Season Review
Desertman8413 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is the final episode of Season 2 of 24.Let's make a summary of the events that transpired for the last 24 hours.

The first fifteen hours deal with finding and disposing of the nuclear bomb. After the bomb is disposed of safely, the story focuses on the United States' response to the thwarted attack, and in particular the nation's retaliation against the people responsible for planning it. A recorded conversation between a terrorist involved with the bomb and high-ranking officials of three Middle Eastern countries (which are never specified) is used to implicate those countries in the plot. However, due to Jack Bauer's doubts, Palmer is reluctant to order military action against them until he has absolute proof that the recording is genuine. A majority of his Cabinet then vote to relieve Palmer of his position as President under Section 4 of the Twenty-fifth Amendment, believing his hesitation to be a sign of indecision and weakness, and is therefore indicative of his inability to lead the country effectively. The vice president, James Prescott, is elevated to the presidency and orders military strikes against the three countries to continue.

Jack, Michelle and Tony race to find the evidence that the recording is a forgery, resulting in the discovery that a group of European and American businessmen fabricated it in order to wage war with the Middle East, and planned to benefit from rocketing oil prices caused by the conflict. Once the evidence is produced, the strikes are called off and Palmer is reinstated as President, thanks largely to his ex-wife Sherry Palmer (who risks her life for the evidence, and who also had an indirect hand in the day's events). The eight cabinet members and Vice President tender their resignations (Palmer does not accept them), and Palmer then tells his staff that he believes that the strictest evidence of hostile intent is required before waging war. The President does however, relieve his Chief of Staff Mike Novick, who did not support him until the eleventh hour, despite being his most trusted confidante.

Season Two ends with a surprise twist. The nuclear bomb situation is resolved without massive loss of life.George Mason, who had radiation poisoning and convinced Jack to let him fly the plane,would probably be forever remembered for the so-called "cool death" or great sacrifice he gave for millions of people. President Palmer collapses after giving a speech, having been attacked with a biological weapon by Mandy in an assassination attempt. The sudden shift from a nuclear to biological threat gave a good preview of the next season.

The only negative thing about this season is the lame side story of Kim Bauer which was completely unrelated to the major plot of the season's story.Nevertheless,it remains a great TV series to be viewed for the great entertainment.
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Why the f#ck some people are voting this episode with 1?? This is going beyond me!
jigsaw-912 November 2013
This episode is excellent and is one of the best and most remembered season finale 24 has ever had. But there is a problem. This episode had a weighed mark (9,1 or 9,2 if I don't fail to remember it) but when I made my comeback here, I found myself into the madness and anger when I saw that this one had a SO UNDERRATED AND UNAPPRECIATED MARK OF 8,3!!! WTF??? I understand that some people could not love or like this show. I understand it and all my respect to that people. But when I saw that this thing on every masterful episode of the show (S1 - 12 & 24, S2 - 15, S3 - 18, S4 - 24, S5 - 1-12-24, S6 - 4...) I realized that some group of people or someone with several accounts is making bad and injury to the ratings of this show. I'm not going to believe that episodes that are considered the best of the best and at this time in 2013 were sill being loved to all the viewers are now at so low points even in comparison with other transitional or even weaker ones that have their mark.

Please, a note in a movie or episode or anything could guide people to watch it or not or even to voting it positively or negatively. But, please, don't manipulate people and not to vote 1 just to see a legendary episode fallen.

The only thing you will make is to force people not to trust in web pages like this and to stop having it in consideration to vote a show. And this could be so sad...
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A nail-biter to the end
Mr-Fusion27 April 2017
The final hour closes out an incendiary season with disaster averted, threat extinguished and a fleeting moment of happiness - but with a serious caveat: just like last season, there's always the trail of human wreckage that this job leaves behind. Kate Warner's family is in ruins, Palmer's been ousted from office, and Jack's in bad shape. And it didn't start out nicely either. The guy's tasked with saving the day with no support.

The masterminds behind this threat remain a mystery (oh Max, how we long to know more about you and your yacht), and it winds down to a close as just another rough day in counterterrorism . . . at least until the final shot, which leaves David Palmer dying on the sidewalk. And a silent clock, at that! It's a great rug-pull of an ending.

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Terrorists target Los Angeles with a nuclear bomb
Tweekums15 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
These comments refers to series two as a whole not just the final episode It is another day in Los Angeles is being targeted by terrorists once again and once again it will be up to Jack Bauer and the brave people at CTU to save the day. Jack has left the agency but finds himself called in again when a lead to terrorist activity points to a man he has dealt with while undercover. As the series progresses the nature of the threat changes as do the antagonists; first there are Middle Eastern terrorists plotting to set off a nuclear device in the city but rather than running this story for the whole twenty four hours these terrorists and their threat are thwarted with several hours left. That doesn't mean there is any let up in the action; given the nature of the attack there are those who believe retaliatory strikes must be swift and decisive; a recording points to three Middle Eastern countries but Jack believes it is fake. The President agrees to delay but others in his cabinet believe his actions are wrong and seek to remove him from office. Jack will have to work fast if he is to prevent a war.

As one might expect there is lots of action as well as scenes that some may find disturbing; it isn't only the bad guys who resort to murder and torture. Apart from Jack and a small group at CTU it is hard to know who we can trust; some people set up to look bad turn out to be innocent while others who appear to be good turn out to be bad. The main story is trilling from start to finish however the side story involving Jack's daughter Kim feels like an excuse to keep her character in the series. The cast does a great job; Kiefer Sutherland's portrayal of Jack Bauer is such that we can suspend our disbelief as he can keep going for twenty four hours even after being tortured till his heart stopped! Overall I'd say this series was even better than the first, although I must admit it is some time since I watched that.
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