Vanished Poster

(2006– )

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Season 1

21 Aug. 2006
Sara Collins, second wife of the Junior Senator from Georgia, disappears at a gala reception honoring her work in children's education. The continuing efforts to find what has happened to her, which slowly reveal details of Sara's checkered past, are told from the points of view of the Senator, his children, an ambitious TV reporter and her cameraman/lover, and the FBI agents assigned to the case. The Agent In Charge, Graham Kelton, is himself haunted by a previous case that ended badly.
28 Aug. 2006
The Tunnel
Against Agent Graham Kelton's advice, Senator Jeffrey Collins goes on TV to post a reward. Fisherman Peter 'Cap' Manning finally calls to tell the hot line he believes to recognize Sara Collins as his 12 years ago partner Nicky Johnson, but that info drowns in masses. A hair in her hotel-room proves the senator's son Max visited his till six months ago completely estranged mother, Jeffrey's first wife Jessica Nevins, who may be manipulating the kid. Marcy still only contacts Max; a threatening man who asks how well she knows her boyfriend Ben Wilson brings a bloody ...
4 Sep. 2006
The Senator, wired and under FBI observation, attempts to make the ransom drop in downtown Atlanta.
11 Sep. 2006
Before the Flood
Ben is apprehended. Judy looks into Peter's information. Kelton and Lin Mei investigate strange activity at an area reservoir.
18 Sep. 2006
The Feed
Kelton protects Ben from danger. Judy takes Peter's story public; the FBI discovers a link to Sara on a suspect's computer.
25 Sep. 2006
The Black Box
Judy's coverage of the Sara Collins case -- and her personal life -- hit a rough patch. Kelton and Lin Mei search for the source of recent video surveillance footage of Sara found on a suspect's computer.
2 Oct. 2006
Senator Collins travels to the Capitol to cast his vote; startling information is revealed to Kelton in an unlikely venue; Judy rekindles an old flame.
3 Nov. 2006
The mystery continues after Agent Graham Kelton was gunned down. While Judy Nash reports on the shocking and fatal shooting incident, newcomer Agent Daniel Lucas joins Agents Mei and Tyner in the investigation.
13 Nov. 2006
The New World
Marcy tells Ben they're expecting a baby, he starts acting paternal. Senator Collins promises in a press conference his vote for Judge Wallace Rainer's nomination as U.S. Supreme Court justice; Marcy overhears an ominous insistence call by Wallace. Judy fails to flirt her way into a tip from Lucas. Morell's file on Sara predates Jeffrey's election by years, and minutes before his suicide he sent a long number by never before used secure satellite phone to an untraceable destination. / Morell had a uniquely designed exclusive entrance chip implanted. Sara's captors, a ...
17 Nov. 2006
The Cell
An expert edits fragments from the senator's TV speech to manufacture a fake declaration. Sara talks in her cell to a fellow prisoner and gets the fake message: Jeffrey calls her disappearance the best thing that happened to his campaign; she reminisces how he proposed to her. Agent Michael Tyner arranges for Lucas and Mei an interview in Atlanta with theologian on death-row Aaron Hensleigh but he only refers to the Flood, the Tower of Babel and Sodom&Gomorrah. A surveillance camera saw the driver of a van which escaped from the warehouse shot dead; in it Lucas finds ...
24 Nov. 2006
The Proffer
The Nathan card sender calls Lucas, who wonders how he got his number, claiming Sara won't be returned and wants to meet Lucas in St.Ignatius; he demands access to the wheel for the vague tip that Sara is held underground in the vast wilderness reserve. Sara gets a recording Max doesn't want her to return ever, but his own mother. In hospital, Jeffrey thanks Ben for supporting Marcy, whose doctor confirms she may have been injected too much of the hormone progesteron to cause the miscarriage; now she tells Ben the baby could be the fruit of rape by Rainer 'but is not'...
1 Dec. 2006
The Velocity of Sara
Sara gets into Moultrie's sheriff Shelton's car; he calls the FBI, to Lucas' delighted amazement. Fake FBI agents beat him to her, shooting the precinct men, but she got out on foot, wearing a tag they alone know about, Lucas' team finds only dead bodies. Peter Manning gets DNA-confirmation: Nicky/Sara's girl Becca is his biological daughter. A picture of the helicopter shows a partial FAA registration, which points to a few companies including Encompass, which runs Max's rehab clinic, recommended by Sara; his counselor there was Quinn Keeler, who kept in touch with ...
8 Dec. 2006
Warm Springs
Lucas tells Senator Jeffrey Collins, who was considering relinquishing his seat, in Jessica's presence, about Sara's call and his father Eugene's possible involvement; privately Eugene tells Jeffrey he did it to protect his political career, a crazy relative may not become known to the press. Max gets his sister Marcia to tell him about Wallace raping her. Ben buys a gun. Blood on the phone booth and a car thief description get the FBI on Sara's trail; Lucas gets the car owner Gabe to talk to him and then keep silent. Peter calls Judy urgently about Becka, her boss is...

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