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It's a complicated plot, but one that leaves plenty of room for everything a fan could want: gunplay, swordfights, brutal mano a mano fisticuffs, motorcycle races, car chases, Japanese gangsters eating sushi off of topless women, and that old standby, a decapitated head in a box.
Quickly devolves into a standard-issue crime drama laced with routine martial artistry.
Lacking even the galvanizing action sequences that would have compensated for suffering through its formulaic plot, this is a thoroughly forgettable exploitationer that will not enhance its stars' resumes.
Most regrettably, War squanders the considerable merits of its leads.
Perhaps this movie would have been better off if it starred Steven Seagal and Tom Arnold.
War ties itself in knots trying to bring something new to a stale formula. It's never painful to watch, but that's only because it provokes no feeling at all.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
A kind of dumbed-down, souped-up action thriller in a quasi-"Lethal Weapon" mode.
If you want to see Li and Statham in an underwhelming martial arts film, rent "The One" instead. Li talks considerably more in that movie, but at least he punches a lot of people out.
Fun here is fleeting.
L.A. Weekly
What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Offering neither the enjoyably preposterous auto-heroics of the Transporter movies nor the lithe, legible athleticism of even second-tier Hong Kong thrillers.

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