He's Such a Girl (2009) Poster

Bryan Fisher: Whitney


  • Taylor : What's more sexy than a man and his ironing board? Those perfectly pressed cuffs? Starch makes me horny. Mmm.

    Whitney : Are you a dirty little slut that needs dry cleaning?

  • Whitney : Little early to be drinking, isn't it?

    Aldo : It's five o'clock SOMEWHERE in the world.

    Whitney : Yeah, but it's two o'clock here.

  • Aldo : And how are the coupons, Mrs. Brady?

    Whitney : I already saved us ten bucks.

    Aldo : You are gonna make a great wife someday.

    Whitney : Is that a proposal, big guy?

    Taylor : Oh, no way. Aldo loves variety. He could never settle for just one guy.

  • Whitney : Well, you know what? I'm just trying to distract myself while I give Taylor some space.

    Aldo : Then knit me a sweater, homo.

  • Linda : Put your hands on my ass.

    Whitney : But you're my boss.

    Linda : Then do as you're told.

  • Taylor : How are the tampons, Whit?

    Whitney : Why? You need one?

    Taylor : Do your shoes match your bag?

  • Whitney : You're a lot more fun when you're not threatening me.

  • Whitney : No, no, I'm, uh, done chasing shadows; I'm here to lose my marbles.

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