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Stop using Tom Clancys name if it's not Clancy!
feyipuk6 May 2021
I haven't read Without Remorse, yet considering Amazon started business selling books, why can't the writers of these productions read one if they're going to say it's based on one! Tom Clancy was the master of the techno-thriller, mixing elements of science fiction, political thriller and spy genres, albeit Clancys extensive research helped readers understand foreign militaries and his plots eerily echoed real events to the degree rumours circulated the CIA thought he was a mole.

This film has none of his subtlety. Yes, it's normal for books to change when made into a film, but all that seems left of Clancys work are a few names.

On the plus side, Jamie Bell does get the sneaky company man role down. His spook demeanour in relation to the other soldiers is probably the most in keeping with Clancy.

MBJ makes a decent effort as the lead, who in typical Hollywood fashion is pretty trigger happy, an amazing shot with grenades, but never seems to be in much peril, while Jodie Turner-Smith seems to only be allowed one emotion.

On the other side, I'm not sure if Guy Pearce was just tired all the way through, but compared to the usual energy he shows in his other films, he was putting me to sleep.

The cinematography is dark at places really hard to see what is going on. I get fighting in the dark adds to the effect, but I ended up watching one of the early fight scenes three times and only found out what had happened later in the film. It shouldn't be that hard.

The post credits scene should have filled me with joy, but considering everything I'd just seen, it just left me more sad.
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Without a point
World-viewer2 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
If the entire crew involved in the production of this abomination have no remorse, they ought to have. Plenty of remorse. For subjecting an already traumatized public to this collection of pixelized garbage. This silly shoot'em-up deserves to be taken out back, shot (without remorse) and buried in an anonymous plot, never to be mentioned again ... or quarantined forever in Yucca Mountain along with all other radioactive waste.

Re the "movie": There wasn't a lot of character development or laying the premise for a good story. Scratch that. There was none. Plot holes are abundant and the story does not follow in most instances. It would have behooved the writers to have read some real life accounts of spies and covert action before contriving a clearly comically simple but hackneyed revenge plot using characters out of a novel they clearly did not bother to read. Clancy would by no means win any literature awards but at least he usually got the technical and operational details right, usually to a fault. This is by far the worst adaptation of any Tom Clancy novel. The acting by most of the cast is wooden and phoned in. It's sad the only "Guy" with any real convincing portrayal is the villain. Throughout the movie you'll be going - What?? Why??? How??? It really is that bad. It's like a bad Avengers movie met Get Smart on a 007 set.

Unless action IS the plot - eg The Raid, Extraction... Action and violence should be used sparingly and to further the plot of the movie. There should also be some sense and purpose to the action sequences. This movie - fuggeddaboutit.

For example. And by no means an exhaustive list of "huh why??" forehead slapping moments that make one yell at the poor TV, but a quick sampler. Spoilers ahead.

Why would anyone think T-boning a car, AT AN AIRPORT, setting it on fire and jumping into it would be the best course of interrogating someone? And then jumping out and promptly EXPECTING to get arrested. What would you do with any info gained from that theatrical exercise in futility? Wait till the end of the prison sentence to act upon it? This is the type of plan an experienced SEAL would hatch? One that depends on the police pulling over a diplomatic vehicle?? Why would a nearly empty plane be operating with the interior lights on, when even full passenger planes have their lights dimmed? Why was the first thought of a team that's fully geared up with parachutes and about to HAHO out of such a plane decide : No!! We're going to go down with the plane rather than jump, especially when a missile strikes the plane? Who thinks that two black team members can easily blend in covertly into .... *ahem*.. Russia? How easy is it to just "disappear" after shooting up a city block... in Russia? And if the team was betrayed from the start and never expected to survive, how is it they made their exfil, presuming their treasonous paymasters were in on the whole plan from the beginning?

As a wise former president observed many a year ago: "Rarely is the question asked: is our children learning?" Clearly the millennial generation writing these crappy movies still has a ways to go. Despite having a perfectly decent plot laid out for them in the book they still managed to royally screw up the movie - I mean how hard should it be really to make Rambo meets Death Wish?
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Someone Should be Remorseful for This
Cineanalyst30 April 2021
A generic shoot-'em-up that Hollywood used to do with Westerns ever since they began making movies. It doesn't matter that there's the military, espionage and geopolitical conspiracies involved in the Tom Clancy variation on the formula; it's always the same thing. The baddie and his red herring are so obvious that one of them might as well be wearing a black hat. But, sure, the action is standard, if darkly lit, and Michael B. Jordan fits the part of a muscular star to recognizably pose between the rest of the interchangeable tropes. Maybe you'll even find "Without Remorse" a bit fun with him not playing by the rules, out for revenge as he is. For crying out loud, we even get a mid-credits scene setting up a franchise.

When a movie is this dull, I start desperately looking for something to be worth my attention. One character makes a point regarding the Cold War having brought Americans together, whereas now without a common enemy one half sees the other half as the enemy. That comes too late to matter, though. There's also the business of Jordan's character telling his enemies to say his murdered wife's name. That got me thinking about the SayHerName campaign, but the picture doesn't do anything with its star being an African American, and in one sequence he takes out an entire squad of Russian police officers who are just doing their jobs. So, yeah, there's nothing here.
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Either make a Clancy movie or don't
rikakiah-685222 May 2021
As a generic soldier/spy movie, this isn't horrible. I'd give it maybe a 6--don't expect much, but it has entertaining moments. As a Tom Clancy movie, based on a book with established characters and canon, a 1 isn't a low enough rating. It has nothing to do with the book, and little to do with the Clancy universe beyond a couple of names. It's nothing more than a cheap cash grab using the Clancy name. People need to either come up with original IPs, or at least attempt to stick a little closer to the namesake material.
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A Bomb
d.e.katz6 May 2021
This is one of the worst movies ever made. The plot (what little there was of it) made no sense at all. I'm all for the willing suspension of disbelief when watching an adventure yarn, but this movie requires the viewer to suspend all knowledge of the real world--and it isn't a science fiction movie.

Utter dreck.
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Sorry Tom
demoxpert11 May 2021
This could not have been a bigger disappointment it they tried. Tom Clancy deserves much better. This can't even be called an adaptation, because it had nothing to do with the novel. The acting was wooden the plot was weak and ludicrous and even MBJ seemed to be phoning it in, which I am very sorry to say. The technical inaccuracies made it difficult to even enjoy the action, which really wasn't that enjoyable anyway. Basically, this could have been a better movie if they had left it to a couple of shaved wombats for writing and directing. As a John Clark fan from way back, it was the absolute worst way that they could have told his story. MBJ could have knocked it out of the park if he had something better to work with.
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Made Without (Any) Remorse!
matt_hew2 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was made 'without remorse'.

Without remorse for its awful cliched, outdated story (that we've seen so many times before and done much better so many times before), clunky acting and dialogue (don't think most people would be making jokes so soon after their wife & unborn child was murdered) and predictable ending; all set up to be repeated in a sequel no less.

I pity anyone that wastes their time with this trite.
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Clancy is spinning in his grave
lfc35710 May 2021
This is an utterly embarrassing interpretation of the book. Literally nothing is right except a few of the names. Would have been a five star movie without the Clancy name connection.
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Total disappointment
mparam-002264 May 2021
Except some action sequences, nothing is good in this movie. There is no screen play and no story. Don't waste your time!!
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Without Remorse Review
pedroborges-9088130 April 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know everything about Tom Clancy books, but this movie was very poorly written, bad editing, the cinematography was not very good, the action scenes are too dark, also the murder of the main character family that happened in the beginning, that was supposed to make us engage to watch the film, it happened too fast and the screenplay never give time for the movie to breathe, so it fails on keep the audience invested, among with other things in the movie, it was all very anticlimactic.

It also have a post credit scene implying that is gonna be a sequel, which i don't think is gonna happen, reminded me when occurred the same thing with Green Lantern.
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Absolute Trainwreck
wick272 May 2021
Nothing to see here folks....just move along.

Taylor Sheridan is my favorite screenwriter in the business but this movie missed at every level.

Nothing good to say about the acting, directing or story. An absolute snooze-fest.
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Without Prime or Reason...
Xstal30 April 2021
Catastrophically chaotic, cobbled and as dull as dishwater - what a waste of great talent as a wholly unoriginal, irrelevant and out of touch tale of yesteryear flails and drowns in its own juices - glug glug glug.
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The Character of John Clark Deserved Better!
SoumikBanerjee253 May 2021
With its formulaic modus operandi, "Without Remorse" tragically conveyed the feel of true Remorse. Amazon Studio's latest venture into Tom Clancy's universe turned out to be a colossal disappointment! Atrocious Writing, Mediocre Performances, and Conspicuous Enfeeblement in terms of presenting its Action made the entire experience bitterer!

Right from its introductory sequence; I realized, something amiss. In spite of the fact that it immediately gets underway with Gunfight & Explosions, the particular way in which they handle all of it created an impression of nonchalance!

Excluding some gratifying moments that clearly demonstrate Cinematographic flair; in other parts, it's got its own set of problems! Such as the Score; frequently masking pivotal parts of every other conversation. Furthermore, Lighting in certain scenes appears to be too dim. Likewise, the Screenplay inflicted with apathy often enough! Translating into an uninspiring array of events.

Speaking of Performances, I find them to be average at best. Michael B. Jordan is a known performer and we are all aware of his capabilities as an actor. With such shoddy script in hand; there was nothing he could do. From my point of view, the character of John Kelly/Clark deserved greater representativity!

All things considered; personally this hasn't been a pleasant viewing, not a bit! Efforts had been made to do things differently but they failed to bring into play two principal constituents of any Action Flick; i.e. Thrill and Vehemence!
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Another good book destroyed by hollywood
tspike9111 May 2021
I think this is why Tom Clancy didn't allow this book to be made into a film while he was alive, he knew that hollywood would destroy it (and they did).

I get it, we need wokeness and inclusiveness in everything, even in the most elite military units, even if its not reality.

I was going to write an in depth review on everything that was wrong, or right with the movie in comparison to the book, but I just care, it won't make a difference. Feelings over facts, right?
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interesting story, ridiculous movie
lee_eisenberg24 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I wouldn't put it past the CIA to do what they do in "Without Remorse", but the movie degenerates into a series of explosions, weakening any positive qualities.

I hope that Brett Gelman sticks to "Stranger Things" and avoids this sort of movie.
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If you can ignore the fact that it bears no resemblance to the book...
chippysmyth30 April 2021
This is STILL a terrible film.

The pacing is wrong, the writing is pedestrian and the acting is completely one dimensional.

It has no heart, people die and you feel nothing, you would feel a greater sense of loss after a bowel movement.

Some set pieces DO work but they are not held together by any story arc or sense of narrative. The writers try to create emotional attachment by sharing given names but it feels so clunky and the acting with meaningful pauses just makes it really REALLY tacky.

Given how good the cast are this film must have come with a huge payday because its a career low point for all of them.
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rhodeosc30 April 2021
Awful awful awful. The acting and writing are mediocre at best. Did they even talk to seals before this crap. Sorry, there are no girls in the Navy Seals. What a sad attempt to look progressive and appease the current offended generation. Her acting was a joke also.
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Remorseful Waste of Time
Donnie_Quixotic2 May 2021
It's not an "A" movie and it's not a "B" movie. It's a TV-ish "D" movie wannabe, with bad acting (including Jordan's flat and sometimes overacted, non-nuanced performance), bad directing, flat generic cinematography and sound, and boring, amateurish script.

That's more review text than this movie deserves. Absolutely abysmal waste of time.
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Terrible waste of my time and yours!
ebaker-637442 May 2021
The script writers should be ashamed of themselves. I read all of Clancy's books and have always loved without remorse. This movie has only two things correct to the book: 1: The main characters name is John Kelly/Clark 2: He is/was a Navy SEAL.

Tom Clancy is rolling in his grave at this terrible adaptation.

Side note: I love reading the reviews from people saying that the only reason people are giving this movie terrible reviews is because they can't handle an African American as the main character. What a joke.
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Why is everyone so bored????
LionsLord3 May 2021
All the characters walk around talking like they are bored or stoned. I got about 30 mins in, was bored to all heck, checked the IMBD reviews, saw it doesn't get better, and saved myself the rest of it.

Just don't even bother with this one.
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Weed Road says it all!
mhorg20183 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Right at the beginning, one of the production companies is WEED ROAD. That pretty much says it all. Apparently they were smoking quite a bit when they made this travesty. Lately Hollywood has been doing a few things I really hate: 1 - Calling a movie an 'adaptation' of a Novel, when it's clear no one involved has read the novel, or cares enough to get past a few names.

2 - Factless and Woke. Oh, it's so nice that Clark's CO was a woman. Except for ONE SMALL DETAIL - There are no women in the SEALS. No matter how much Hollywood wants this to happen - it hasn't happened yet. SEAL training is the hardest in any branch of the US Military.

3 - PC. Which goes hand in hand with the woke crap that is killing movies. Can't anyone write a good woman character (SEE: JUNE in HANDMAID'S TALE for one prime example) without her being perfect? And why does every villain lately have to be a white male? As a white mail, I'm feeling more and more alienated by this. Fortunately I read a lot, so if I decided to simply stop going to the movies or watching any TV show after 2018, I'll be fine.

Onto this movie. It sounds more like David Hagberg's "Retribution" where US Seals are being attacked in the US because of the attack on Osama Bin Laden. Sound familiar? Because it's the plot of this movie, not Without Remorse, which has a Navy Seal, an unmarried Navy Seal, whose girlfriend, NOT wife, gets murdered by drug dealers. He does get wounded and survive to go on to have a private war in Baltimore while he's training to rescue POW's in Viet Nam. So what happened here? Really the book would have made a better mini-series. But whoever 'adapted' this needs a good swift kick in the butt. This was just trash.
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Huge disappointment
kcp106230 April 2021
I don't even know why Tom Clancy and his estate sold the rights to his books. The only movie that did justice to his books is Hunt for Red October. Other than that the movies have just got worse and worse. Especially this movie, other than the main character John Clark being a Navy Seal there is nothing in this movie that comes even close to the book. Seriously, this movie isn't worth the time.
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Why name it like a great book, if it has nothing to do with it?
markusshahn3 May 2021
Without Remorse is probably my favorite Tom Clancy book - imagine my excitement when I see it's been turned into a movie and then my utter disappointment after realizing that the only thing this movie has in common with the book are the title and the names of a few characters.

To add insult to injury, what follows is a bland storyline with at times nonsensical situations.
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Affirmative Action
frankie-089082 May 2021
This is the garbage we will get when Hollywood tries to be woke. Horrible acting, monotone dialogue. Nothing comes off natural here. Tom Clancy is rolling in his grave. Great job disrespecting the great author.
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Bread and circus for man babies with no taste.
diggnuts1 May 2021
At this point in time, with all art and literature at your fingertips, if you seriously engage with this Tom Clancy action non sense for entertainment, then I think you should be put down to sleep like an animal in a zoo with a nasty infection.

Seriously? What possible worth can you have to humanity if this, not the books mind, but the adaptation is your source of fictional nourishment? Most likely your own existence is a net loss on the merits of existence.

This simply is the bottom of the barrel after scraping. It is beyond contempt.
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