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unfortunately not funny!
imdb1-3422 November 2007
First of all I'm a big admirer of bully and his work and I enjoyed watching nearly all the bullyparade-shows. In my opinion he did a fine job with "erkan und stefan" and he showed his fabulous directing skills in "Schuh des Manitu".

"(T)raumschiff surprise" was a kind of disappointment for me, because despite of the excellent special effects it was a step back. The gay characters with that nerving gay-voice were hard to identify with, so the poor plot became even worse.

"Lissy" is the worst part of the trilogy, even if the animation and the character designs are really Hollywood-like and can definitely compete with "Shrek" or most of the Pixar-flicks. the wordplays don't work out at all, the story is so lame and predictable and most of all not funny and the humor doesn't work beyond simple slapstick. the most important problem, same as "(T)raumschiff surprise", is the fact, that you can not anticipate with Lissy, always having in mind that it's Bully, trying to imitate a woman.

There was only one time I laughed and it was right in the beginning when the film-piracy text is shown.

I'm looking forward to Bully making live action movies without the "bullyparade" characters. He's a really good filmmaker!
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One of the best works of bully ever!
nafcom28 November 2007
I cannot agree to the previous reviewer's statement! I have been in this movie with a friend and I have enjoyed the movie a lot, in fact serveral times, the whole audience in the room have been laughing! It's incredibly funny from the first "house rules" introduction to the final "The End"

"(T)raumschiff Surprise" was indeed ridiculous but Lissi und der wilde Kaiser and very nice and clever jokes through the whole film. It's especially great for people who love sarcastic humour (which I seriously do) =) )

It tops even Shrek in my eyes. Hoping for a follow-up to this movie!
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Michael Herbig's third comedy is not as impressive as expected
hfhfdfse22 August 2008
Once upon the time in the Kingdom of Bavaria lived beautiful princess Lissi who enjoyed luxurious, outrageous lifestyle with her handsome husband Franz and his eccentric parents: crazed, wheelchair bound father and dominant mother. They threw wild parties, practiced target shooting, using priceless objects of art as targets, and everyone was happy until one dark night the princess was taken away by a horrible beast. The beast turned out to be The Abominable Snowman and he had his reasons to kidnap beautiful Lissi. "Lissi und der wilde Kaiser" is Michael Herbig's third comedy in a row poking fun at Hollywood blockbusters. The 2001 "Der Shuh des Manitu" spoofed Westerns, was a huge box office hit and was followed in 2004 by "Traumschiff Surprise", which mocked at superheroes stories. "Lissi" is a spoof of period dramas and saccharine soap operas about the rich/bold/beautiful. As it is always the case with Herbig's movies it moves very fast with a new joke being delivered to you every five seconds. The plot develops very quickly and Herbig again manages to tell us the action packed story in just 90 minutes. Alas, there seem to be some problems. Firstly, the story. It is not as amusing and coherent as it used to be in Herbig's previous movies. It also somehow appears to be vague. "Der Shuh des Manitu" was about the buried treasure, in politically incorrect but hilariously funny "Traumschiff Surprise" three gays found themselves on a mission to save the world. But what about "Lissi"? What is it about? The plot seems to have been lost, or rather, buried under the avalanche of jokes and gags, which is not very bad after all but not very good either. Secondly, the characters. Not only did naïve Lissi and dumb Franz fail to get my attention but at some point they started to irritate me. Franz' parents, on the contrary, might have been the real protagonists of the story – especially dominatrix style mother who can think only about sex – but they have few moments to shine. Unfortunately "Lissi" can not go on a par with Michaels Herbig's two previous movies, but nevertheless it will entertain his fans and will in no way shatter his position as one of the highest paid, most influential, popular and beloved film maker in the history of German cinema. If you like what Herbig makes, watch "Lissi". You will not roll on the floor laughing but a big smile is guaranteed. After having watched "Traumschiff Surprise" I wrote the review titled "Michael Herbig superstar". Well, he still is. But I am sure that his talent can give us more and he can do better movies than "Lissi" is.
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Fantastic film
nina_glyndwr25 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this in German today and be warned - the jokes are fast and furious. I think it could well be impossible to get them all - there are that many.

I laughed and laughed - starting with the little introduction right through to the end. The characters' voices were some of the best I've heard - fantastic delivery. And the puns! I've only just realised who the two hunters were meant to be parodying - the two pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean (Mackenzie Crook/Cook and the one with the beard). Visual jokes, slapstick, gags. Very funny.

If you're in a bit of a bad mood - go for it. I did and I didn't regret it.
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Thank you, Michael Herbig.
setneros-121 September 2008
I really liked this movie. It is easy. Sometimes such light comedies. Well-spent time. The only negative - a bit absurd in the beginning. The rest at a very high level. Especially the characters and scenery. In Russia, too, mimic Shrek - mixed Russian culture with the idea of this masterpiece. But understand that Russian culture without foreign ideas is as much attractive and organic. I think that the German culture, especially the characters with their unique, will look much better without mimicking American hits.German culture contains a lot of images and ideas, unlike the American culture, which has been depleted and becoming banal. Thank you, Michael Herbig. Thank to German cinema. In Russia it is very loved and appreciated.
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Side splitting funny
egg_op14 March 2008
This film is a breath of fresh air for German comedy. After watching it last night, i find my self still laughing, if you liked the silly humor of 'Hot Shots' or 'Airplane', this is for you.

The animation is on par with (if not better than) 'shrek'. This is a fairy tale Disney can only wish to make, a true 'one for the family'.

The jokes are thick and fast, and for the most part, refrain from being crude.

I gave this an eight, due to the fact that, Bully is Lissy. The facial features although excellent, are those of a man, and tend to take you out of the film. To have the main character created from scratch would have added that little bit more.

That aside, give it shot, you wont be disappointed!
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On par with Pixar
hayden_ger21 April 2008
I wasn't expecting too much when we watched this film and was pleasantly surprised by the result. There has been some negative comments in the media about this film which I find a bit unjustified. It is more a children's film than Bully's previous films and should be judged as such (although there are some lovely double entendres for the grown-ups - the one about trimming the emporer's mother's bush springs to mind). I think the media critics were expecting something different but the normal viewers were more than happy and this is reflected by the fact that the film won the Bavarian Audience Award. I found it way better than (T)raumschiff Period 1 and it had the whole family laughing; it's a bit absurd and nonsense (schmarnn!) but that's the beauty of it.
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An average animation movie with a stupid script
volker-8030 August 2009
Bully Herbig is a very well known comedian/actor/director in the German speaking region, because of his funny TV-Show "Bullyparde". Meanwhile he is directing his own motion pictures that are based on the sketches he has done in his own show. But are the Spin-Off movies funny? No, not really! The TV-show sketches(mostly parodies or persiflage's) are mostly hilarious, because of their shortness and concisely coruscating humor. The movies are although in fact they aren't really that long - ironically too long for well placed good jokes in combination with a good story. In this case the script is very, very stupid and ridiculous. The animation is, however, for an European movie not that bad as some critics say. Nevertheless this flick is suffering from a poor script - like it's forerunner "(T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode I".

After all my resume is:

Bully Herbig, Christian Tramitz, Rick Kavanian in the "Bullyparade" - YES!!!

Bully Herbig, Christian Tramitz, Rick Kavanian in Spin-Off's of their own sketches - an unfortunately big NO!!!

Oh my god "Wickie und die starken Männer" is coming next...
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Not really Sissi
Horst_In_Translation30 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Lissi und der wilde Kaiser" or "Lissi and the Wild Emperor" is a German animated movie from almost 10 years ago. It was written and directed by Michael Bully Herbig and he also lends his voice to the (female) title character. Herbig is known for the television show "Bullyparade" and some of the most successful German comedy films of the 21st century, including "Der Schuh des Manitu". I would not call myself a massive fan of his, but I usually like his style of comedy. This is also why I must say that, overall, I was a bit disappointed by this film here. The animation is solid (except Lissi, did not like her looks), but the story and characters are simply not interesting enough and it's also not exactly a success in terms of the comedy.

I am writing this review as somebody who is not too fond of the old Sissi movies that this film here obviously tries to parody. Or does it really? Apart from the name difference and the characters belonging to Austrian aristocracy, there aren't really any parallels? Why a yeti? What is up with the two guys chasing? And what about the devil? Or one that looks like a pimp and marries the male main character's mom in the end? All these supporting characters were a bit funny during their introduction and maybe also in 1 or 2 scenes, but just not enough for the whole film. I personally would have done without them and stayed a lot closer on the live action films in terms of the story.

This could have been a really nice parody in my opinion. Bully certainly has the talent and wit to make this a laugh-out-loud movie together with his regular pals Tramitz and Kavanian. Instead, he came up with something that has very little to do with Lissi, basically nothing in terms of the story. Fans of the 1950s "Sissi" films will certainly be offended by this one here if they decided to give it a go. I am not offended. I am not entertained, however, either. Thumbs down and I do not recommend the watch. Luckily, it only runs for 80 minutes and that already includes 5 minutes of credits. Otherwise, due to obvious lack of funny material, this would have been an even more embarrassing film.
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