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Under the Dome Attracts Secret Circle Star Britt Robertson

  • Boomtron
The upcoming science fiction series, Under the Dome is getting more and more attractive. We delivered the update when showrunners hired Natalie Martinez and the new this week is that Britt Robertson now has the same distinction of winning a Stephen King-inspired role.

Natalie Martinez is the tough CSI:ny babe who will play Deputy Linda of Chester’s Mill. When we filled you in on that tidbit we also shared that actor Alex Koch would play Junior Rennie, the son of a local politician and car dealer. Funny how both professions are known for being slightly sleazy.

Rennie is described as being quite “disturbed” and obsessed with a town waitress who can’t wait to leave Chester’s Mill. Guess what. Britt Robertson, from today’s headline, has won the role of Angie, the attractive young waitress and aspiring nurse who Rennie is infatuated with. I can imagine things
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