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Meet Shorocko (sic), the Rock's Ride
Chip_douglas18 August 2009
Although the opening of this short documentary would have you believe a zoo worth of animals will be featured herein, including horses, oxen, snakes (both CGI and real)fire ants (all fake), parrots and other exotic birds the majority of the running time is spend talking about camels. And why not, The Scorpion King (or Mathayus as he is actually known at this stage of his life) prefers to use an imposing white camel as his main form of transportation. Director Chuck Russell talks about his love of animals (see also The Mask) while producer Richard Rothschild seems more interesting in finding saddles that look like they're from 3000 B.C. (that's another documentary on the DVD altogether).

Early on the choice was made to have the main character's mount stand out from the others, and as usual several different animals combined forces to portray the unnamed sidekick. One was a sweet, 15 year old well trained humpback named Shorocko (spelling?), the other a young, temperamental Rock-hater who shall remain nameless. Yet director Chuck Russell explains they needed this wild one to do more crazy antics that the meek camels were smart enough to refuse, such as charging a dozen horses in the sandstorm scene. Spice things up with some quick cut behind the scenes shots of all the various beasts in the picture, as well as some shots of Kelly Hu and Rock atop a camel looking like their nostrils are being assaulted by something whiffy and you've got another nice little documentary on the SK DVD set done.

7 out of 10
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