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Season 1

7 Jul. 1961
Flow Gently Sweet Afton
Rose and Denny try to find happiness in an out-of-season seaside resort.
14 Jul. 1961
Animals Can't Laugh
Bruce wants to be taken seriously by the London litteratti; but will his sense of humour get in the way...??
21 Jul. 1961
Our Ted
Ted is the type of lad who likes a laugh, money in his pocket and a girl on his arm. Colonel Stevens does not approve...
28 Jul. 1961
The Suburb Cuckoo
Janette has trouble readjusting to her parents' home life after a year at Oxford University....
4 Aug. 1961
The Mating Age
Peter Suddaby should be God's gift to women...if only he could find one who wants a gift...
11 Aug. 1961
Josie finds the family ties, that she finds so frustrating at times, have their positive sides.
18 Aug. 1961
Run Away Home
Johnny finds that his family money makes him an outsider amongst his peer group...
25 Aug. 1961
George's friends serve apprenticeships. George has taken the easy option...and is beginning to regret it.
1 Sep. 1961
Somewhere to Begin
Max and David share a flat, their own private little world...
8 Sep. 1961
Goodbye Charlie
Charlie is building an aircraft in his boarding-house bedroom...

 Season 1 

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