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Action wonder since...
ringslady1987-119 December 2006
I'm surprised no one visited this page to give their comments as this film was probably the only frontrunning Tamil film during 2005-2006.

The title meaning 'fighting rooster' was an apt title due to the climax scene as in a Tamil village, a rooster fighting against another is a sport like soccer. This film is set mostly in the villages of Tamil Nadu and one gets a beautiful nostalgic feeling of the serenity of villages in this film.

Though the script depicts an action film with no new concept- a hero, his heroine, a villain and so on, there are developments one can witness in this film that makes it different from others. For one, the heroine, Meera Jasmine, does most of the comedy and the rejoicing in most segments is appealing.

Watching a relative newcomer, vishal reddy, playing his first-time action role with ease is amazing. Never before have I seen a hero so befitting the action image and delivering his dialogues with dollops of power punches.

There are no flaws in the films. If there are, they are extremely hard to notice. And I'm not an action film fan, but this film made my day.
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Mass Entertainer
TheCinemaphile31 March 2007
An all-out commercial movie...2nd movie of hero vishal....!!!Acting is good ,i mean all the actors involved did a good job.

First half is full of humour....2nd half is kinda mix of family emotions and full-fledged action.A big hit down here in south India(especially tamil nadu)!!! Good music by yuvan shankar raja and Stunts also have been done remarkably well.The climax literally uses slow-motion techniques....a visual treat for the viewers indeed!

Vishal,the Hero does a good job.It doesn't look like his 2nd movie at all.Meera Jasmine,the heroine is as usual at her best.Raj kiran playing vishals father commands respect even from the viewers.His presence is a dignified one. This movie actually was the comeback movie of director LINGUISWAMY...his last movie being RUN.

Do not miss out on this movie.....
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How is this different from Honor killing?
kannan_jayaprakasam25 October 2019
People should rethink about what they get entertained by. Raj Kiran character at first claims to be hate violent fights and that it should stop with his generation. But in the climax he allows the villain to fight his own son, and says he can kill his son if he is able. So whoever is more skilled (or gets lucky) in that deadly weapon usage is entitled to kill and walk away. Doesn't matter who is right or wrong, never mind the police and the civil society, all that matters is how well you can fight using that svivel weapon made for cutting coconuts, is not even a formal fighting technique, i.e. no shields or anything.
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Sanda Kozhi (2005)
santhosh-102904 November 2018
The movie was excellent. This is one of the best movie of Vishal and Lingusamy. Songs and BGM in the movie were also superb. Fighting scenes in the movie was also superb. Superb Movie.
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action packed romance
mzperfectionist_2419 February 2007
Sandai kozhi is about Balu (vishal) who visits his friend Karthik's house where he meets Hema (meera jasmine) and instantly falls for her mischievous and cute ways and beauty. Meanwhile a local rowdy group lead by Kasi (Lal) was brought to Balu's attention and on the day he leaves to his home town he beats Kasi leaving him raging. Kasi resolves to threatening Hema's family and in due course searching for Balu to seek revenge. Kasi contacts all his rowdy friends to kill Balu only to find out that Balu's father is a very famous rowdy in his home town and seen to be untouchable. Balu and Hema meet in Balu's home town and after a while their love is expressed and their marriage confirmed. With some help Kasi is able to find Balu and trys to kill him, but Balu repells and beats Kasi up leaving him with the choice to come back or to go away. Vishal a relatively newcomer does his first performance in an action movie very well, his dialogue was good and persistent. Meera Jasmine is really cute and funny, most of her scenes being comedy her actions really go with her character and brings brightness to the scene. Overall the movie was good packed with a few joke here and there the love and action.
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