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19 Feb. 2010
Tony Rock
Tony Rock resolves age-old questions such as where white people are made, why marijuana should be legalized and who told Kanye West to interrupt Taylor Swift during the VMA's.
19 Feb. 2010
Doug Williams
Doug Williams discusses critical current issues such as the swine flu, the economy and why not to buy Viagra in the hood.
26 Feb. 2010
Owen Benjamin
Owen Benjamin explores the creepiness of urinals, investigates relationship problems and uses his keyboard to tell women how men really feel.
26 Feb. 2010
Pete Holmes
Pete Holmes explains his theories about Facebook, his homosexual tendencies and why grown-ups and silly candy simply don't mix.
5 Mar. 2010
Rob Riggle
Rob Riggle discusses his disdain for the elderly, tells a story about his eventful flight from New York to Las Vegas and gives the audience a preview of his soon-to-be Academy Award winning speech.
5 Mar. 2010
Jon Lajoie
Jon puts his musical talents on display as he performs an array of songs on topics ranging from his sexual failures to his marijuana induced experiences.
12 Mar. 2010
Julian McCullough
Julian McCullough talks about the excitement of knowing how he's going to die, why Asians are magical, and the mysteries of the fake male orgasm.
12 Mar. 2010
Shane Mauss
Shane Mauss discusses the hole in his butt, why talking dirty is awkward, and his problem with the metric system.
19 Mar. 2010
Donald Glover
Donald Glover talks about the advantages of being called the "n" word, getting advice from Tracy Morgan, and the difference between crazy ex-boyfriends and crazy ex-girlfriends.
19 Mar. 2010
Jon Dore
Jon Dore discusses performing for the troops, how racists ruined words, and why orphans are better drivers.
26 Mar. 2010
Rachel Feinstein
Rachel Feinstein discusses how hard it is to find a man who hasn't been sprinkled with gay, her feeling's on porn, and her mom's striking resemblance to Vanilla Ice.
26 Mar. 2010
The Sklar Brothers 2
Jason and Randy Sklar discuss their growing family, what offends black people and healthy wraps, and propose a new show for Michael Vick.
2 Apr. 2010
Rory Albanese
Rory Albanese discusses how the New Jersey attitude is ideal to use when traveling, the three things he loves to do while drunk and what bothers him about outsourcing.
2 Apr. 2010
Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer discusses how beautiful people are in Miami (even the homeless), dealing with racism as a child, and how Facebook has replaced destiny.
9 Apr. 2010
Matt Braunger
Matt Braunger discusses why the 4th wall should never be broken in porn, weight loss, and medical pot in California in this stand-up special.
9 Apr. 2010
Mo Mandel
Mo Mandel discusses his heritage as a Jewish redneck, his first time in an Asian masseuse parlor, and waking up pissed off in this stand-up special.
16 Apr. 2010
Brett Ernst
Bret Ernst speculates that his Mom banged a Muppet, discusses his Italian heritage, and why he hates thank you cards in this stand-up special.
16 Apr. 2010
Iliza Shlesinger
Iliza Shlesinger talks about cold weather and Puetro Ricans, taking table corners in the crotch, and the indicators of being crazy in this stand-up special.
23 Apr. 2010
Eliot Chang
Eliot Chang deals with the pressure of being an Asian comedian, discusses why pretty women love Facebook, and explains why smoke bombs are essential in this stand-up special.
23 Apr. 2010
Mike DeStefano
Mike DeStefano helps black people by hailing cabs for them, explains how to be a professional American, and the beauty of being on drugs on this stand-up special.
30 Apr. 2010
Ryan Stout
Ryan Stout describes his favorite kind of laugh, explains the benefits of being homeless and states that he doesn't need profanities in his act or his porn.
30 Apr. 2010
Myq Kaplan
Myq Kaplan dislikes being labeled "gay friendly," explains how he is a vegan who doesn't like the environment, and has new names for women's boobs.
7 May 2010
Andy Kindler 2
Andy Kindler thinks Einstein is overrated, likes submitting ideas for uses of cotton swabs, wants to open up a dinner theater and doesn't understand the American Nazi party.
7 May 2010
Jeff Dye
Jeff Dye wonders what it would be like to take ecstasy at the gym, dislikes email forwards and blames Congress for the economy and making baseball less fun.

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