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100% Rip-off from CSI
CrackerJack3017 February 2007
If you are a fan of CSI, do yourself a favor, don't watch this poor rip-off. The interior, camera works, story elements, the wanna-be-acting of the main chars... Everything is a simple copy of CSI, without any own ideas or creative moments. Some elements even remind me of good old "Derrick" or "Tatort"-movies.

The main problem is the leading actor. "CSI" has William Petersen as Gil Grissom, a great actor and a great character, and "Post Mortem" has... Hannes Jaenicke. Don't get me wrong, i normally like him, his first movie ("Abwärts", 1984, with Götz George) is one of the best German thriller. Recently, he made some B-Movies, and since i am a die hard fan of these genre, i watched them ("Submerged" was good, "Venomous" OK, "Stranded" a mess). But giving Jaenicke the role of Dr. Daniel Koch was a huge mistake. Would you watch a series with Dolph Lundgren as psychologist? Or with Michael Dudikoff as a profiler? You probably would not, and nor does it work in this TV-show.

So, simply forget about it and watch the original, no matter if you prefer Vegas, Miami or NY - everything from Anthony Zuiker is way better!
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The German CSI adaption
StefanKoeln19 January 2007
Well, the pilot premiered and it was exactly what I thought it would be. An uncommitted German version of CSI. If there wouldn't be a problem referred to the rights of titles the show could have been named CSI: Cologne or whatever. The only difference is that the characters are personally not that close like the ones in the CSI shows. The team is structured the same. Different scientists with their specialties and one cop who links them to the police.

My voting refers to my frustration about the lack of something like a new tone. I mean I can understand that German production would love to get a piece of CSI's success but there is more to do. Something that really differs Post Mortem from CSI would be more interesting to me than just a German transformation.

I hope the episodes will show a changing but I don't think that they will be satisfying at all.
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