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Surprisingly good and interesting...
marugorlero216 July 2007
When I first heard about this TV show I wasn't so sure about it... It was the new production by Cris Morena.. a very popular producer of children shows... Usually her shows are cute and they target their respective audiences perfectly, which is why her shows are so popular. When I was a kid I loved the show she was producing at the time, when I was in my pre-teen years or early teen years I loved the shows she targeted at my audience.

Alma Pirata was being targeted at a completely different audience, which was basically, at that point, my age. So it's safe to say that I grew up watching her shows...

The reason why I wasn't so sure if I was going to like this particular one was because it was completely different to anything Cris Morena had ever produced. It was a show about pirates, a treasure, suspense... It all seemed kind of weird at first. I knew that the acting would be good because the actors and actresses are among the most popular in Argentina and have had good careers in the business.

I started watching the show and started liking it more as the episodes went by. I enjoy the way that this unusual story is told... It is a story about three guys who have lost their fathers. When they are grown up, after being apart for so long, they are brought back together by a woman who used to be great friends with their fathers. She tells them that they are the heirs of their father's: "Liga" which was the group their fathers had created to make justice whenever there was an injustice. But there is something much bigger behind the "Liga"...they are also behind a treasure called "Alma" ... nobody knows exactly what it is, except for Gino Riganti, the "bad guy" who was the one who murdered their dads. He also wants Alma desperately.

It is pretty a pretty weird and unusual storyline, which doesn't sound very realistic (that is what I thought at first). But when you start watching it you realize that it is also about friendship, love and everything that we all love a TV series to have.

It is not easy to tell an adventure story everyday, but they did a very good job of it. The show will keep you tuned until the end to find out what Alma is...

I thought it was a different show told in a great way, and after having watched so many of the same series on TV, this was very refreshing!
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I still don't get it
AlexeiAngelov8 November 2006
The first time I saw this soap, I thought: cool production!!! it really looked great, but...the storyline was actually boring, I didn't get why all that teens wanted to help people to find his own mission , OK it doesn't sounds bad, but it is bad in the storyline and the way the author did it. The acting is not really bad, but there's a couple who only can act in Cris Morena productions...Cris actually is a pioneer in these kind of fictions but not necessarily does things really good, I was expecting a little more from "Alma Pirata" I don't know why, maybe because I don't wanna see it like a waste of money and talent... Maybe you are agree with me or maybe not, it's a five for the good production but not more than that, it's not about the sex appeal of the characters they are all really cute and make good performances, anyway, not good enough.
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love, mystery and pirates
estratificada_mora3 June 2006
Alma pirata is a production of Cris Morena (who also created hits like Chiquititas and Floricienta) it is like a series mixtured with a soap opera. What I like the most is that is not the same story I have been seeing since I have memory (the poor but nice and honest girl who falls in love with the rich prince charming who is engaged with the evil but beautiful witch). The story is about a group of friends that continue with the tradition that their parents lend them, start "the league of the swords". It is a group that gives the poor what belonged to the riches (like Robin Hood). But they also have an objective: find "alma". It is suppose to be a diamond very expensive. The tree friends are been guide by Charly, who was a friend of their parents. And their enemy is Gino who was the enemy of their parents. Also there is Allegra, who is the daughter of Gino and her best friend Clara (Isabel Macedo great!) who is the daughter of Charly. Recommendation: watch it, although only to see Isabel Macedo (who was the evil but beautiful witch in Floricienta), she is a great actress!!
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