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Like a good burger with a secret sauce
Richter_Six12 May 2006
I have seen this movie at its first release. I was surprised about the remarkable work that the production did. I mean its no masterpiece but its very entertaining. You can see that there is a lot of heart in it! The Producers made the best out of nearly nothing. The actors are not all along good but authentic. The effects are a downer but few and far between so its OK. They are not necessary for the fun. I laughed many times. The German comedians in the film are great. The spoofs of some major movies like "army of darkness" are cool! I will buy the DVD when its out. I have heard that they will reinsert the hessian subtitles. I think that will be even more fun. One Thumb up and 8 out of 10! Watch this movie!
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Funny Stuff with lots of heart!
chris-279819 April 2006
Hi, I've seen the movie and I was very surprised. It's not very professional made but it has heart. And for example some of the hottest German actors are in it. Just like Götz Otto, who played also in James Bond - Tomorrow never dies. It's all about a German legend named "Rodensteiner" - a dark ghost knight, who killed is wife and was cursed for it to ride through all time and predict war. It's something new from Germany. Not too funny, not too serious, just right I think. I've also see n the Making Of with title "Made in Hessen - The legend about creating stockflame". I understand how hard it can be to produce a movie in Germany. The filmmakers explain in this documentary that they work almost 5 years on the project. And they really wanted to create something new. I think they reached their goal, and I hope to see more in the future from the little motion studio.
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