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A light-hearted and, at times, sparkling production
deickemeyer3 September 2017
A modern story in farcical vein that caused a good deal of laughter and pleased the audience. Its quality comes from the good things that break out in it now and then rather than from the situation itself, which, after all, is plainly contrived. There are pretty scenes at a dinner- dance, perfectly photographed. Elsie MacLeod is the heroine and is pretty in her evening frock. Her shoe is tight and she pushes it off during the dinner. It is kicked away and she can't get it. Arthur Housman plays the other lead. C.J. Williams has made a light-hearted and, at times, sparkling production. Alice Williams is the authoress. - The Moving Picture World, May 17, 1913
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boblipton16 July 2010
See if you can spot Arthur Housman in this one. For decades one of two performers that producers called when they wanted a comic drunk, I think I spotted him, looking too young for anything stronger than root beer. I wouldn't swear to it, but experts have assured me he is there.

This is a sweet little movie, a modernization and demagicking of the Cinderella legend about a nice young woman who goes to a dinner and a dance, but one of her shoes is too tight so she slips it off and loses it until it is returned to her in a manner that refers to the original story.

Despite the reputation of Edison movies as old-fashioned and stodgy -- a reputation rebutted, I hope, by the Edison DVD set two or three years ago -- this one shows that the artists and technicians at Edison were just as dedicated, skilled and inventive as anyone working at Vitagraph or, indeed, Biograph -- assuming that you cede the laurel to my personal deity, D.W. Griffith.

The copy I saw had quite a bit of decomposition, but it is so charming that I hope that you get the chance to see it anyway,
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