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Lost the Plot
mezi30429 January 2006
I am a great fan of the original Hababam Sinifi series and i thought the 2004 version was a nice comeback with traditional themes and comedy. The 2005 release was testing its limits with a new setting in the army and had a ridiculous ending in my opinion but i thought it was still traditional. However this release was a total disappointment for me. It had the comedy and the lovable characters but the storyline was extremely poor and out of portion. It seemed the filmmakers were using ideas from various foreign films which lost the audience. The audience is not stupid they know what is from what and when the plot does not link up. This movie lost the whole theme of the chaotic class which gave their teachers hell but managed to win their hearts in the end. I laughed a lot but i left the cinema feeling extremely annoyed. If they make another release i hope they devote more time into the storyline and the values of the concept. 5/10 for the comedy and characters like Bebe Ruhi and Psiko.
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ibrahim_bogutekin13 March 2018
I liked The connection between The students and Some teachers. Still iT can not compete with The original. I liked The fact that One of The students is The Son of The principal. That way iT can be more interesting.

To Sum up. Awesome movie. Had a fun time watching. Defenitly recommend iT.
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