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Terrible teen horror.
poolandrews8 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
5ive Girls is set in St. Marks correctional school for girls where Alex Garrison (Jennifer Miller) has been sent, after having been closed for five years the school has been reopened with a small experimental group of five female teenage delinquents. Run by the strict authoritarian headmistress Anna Pearce (Amy Lalonde) & a kindly priest Father Drake (Ron Pearlman) the girls, Mara (Jordan Madley), Connie (Tasha May), Cecilia (Tara Vnesa), Leah (Barbara Mamabolo) & Alex are told not to venture onto the third floor. Obviously that's precisely what they do & they find a pentagram & evidence of devil worship as an evil demon called Legion wants to possess the five gifted girls...

This Canadian production was written & directed by Warren P. Sonoda & I have to admit that I really didn't like 5ive Girls that much at all. The script & feel of the film instantly reminded me of The Craft (1996) with the basic concept of it's female gang of teenage outcasts who have some sort of magical ability, then 5ive Girls turns into a The Exorcist (1973) rip-off as a deep voiced demon from hell starts to possess the girls & there's even a vomiting scene as well (with a terrible CGI computer effect to go with it). The twists & turns of the plot aren't anything any seasoned horror film fan won't have seen dozens of times before & felt rather lacklustre to me, there's not much build up or suspense & even though all five girls are meant to have some sort of supernatural ability this aspect of the story is very poorly handled. It's not really clear what ability a couple of the girls have & none of them use their abilities to any great effect at all, in fact this subplot about these abilities goes nowhere. Also at the end the demon Legion states that he wants five victims with only Alex left but technically Legion had killed Father Drake so in fact he had killed five people & nowhere in the film did it state that it had to be five girls. This lacks any great pace, the twists aren't overly surprising, the character's are fairly clichéd & unlikable & the story is just very forgettable bar the spanking scene...

There's a great scene in this when the rather sexy headmistress makes Alex bend over a table, pulls her skirt up & smacks her bottom with a ruler! I was sitting there & kind of thought that looked rather fun actually, I mean the headmistress could spank my bottom anytime she wanted or is that just me being a weird pervert? A rather kinky but entertainingly memorable corporal punishment scene, probably the best scene in the film. There is some nudity too, couple the nudity with the fact they are schoolgirls in school uniforms & it left me with a very unpleasant feeling. One could argue that 5ive Girls has a slightly paedophilia tone, unintentional I am sure but school uniforms, young girls & nudity? Horror wise there's not too much here to get excited about, there are the usual flashes of ghosts, there's a bit of blood splatter & someone is impaled on a large cross at the end. There are some average looking CGI computer effects here with a rather black skeletal looking demon at the end. The mystery elements of the film just don't play out that well, I was never really overly bothered by what was happening to anyone & the story just didn't grab me.

With a supposed budget of about $3,000,000 all I can say is where did all the money go? The film takes place entirely within the confines of the school, the cast numbers about seven & I doubt even Hollywood star Ron Pearlman's wages were that demanding. Apparently shot in Hamilton in Ontario in Canada. The acting is alright, Pearlman looks disinterested while I must admit I had the hots for sexy strict headmistress miss Pearce or maybe that's just me being weird again...

5ive Girls is not a film that I could recommend to anyone, I just didn't like it really & it's as simple & straight forward as that. It's reasonably well made but when a film fails to grab you or entertain you so what?
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Five Girls and a Legion of Two Thousand Demons
claudio_carvalho5 May 2007
In St. Marks catholic boarding school for girls, the religious student Elizabeth (Krysta Carter) is attacked by evil forces and disappears from the classroom and the impotent Father Drake (Ron Perlman) is incapable of saving her. The school is closed and five years later it is reopened. Five troubled unwanted girls - Alex (Jennifer Miller), Mara (Jordan Madley), the blind Cecilia (Terra Vnesa), Leah (Barbara Mamabolo) and Connie (Tasha May Currie) – are left by their family in the institution, severely directed by the headmistress Miss Pearce (Amy Ciupak Lalonde) with hands of iron. Father Drake is their teacher and the girls are forbidden to go to the mysterious third floor. When Alex has visions of the possessed Elizabeth, weird things happen in the spot and the girls have to fight against a legion of two thousand demons.

"5ive Girls" is not a bad horror movie as mentioned in some reviews. The problem is that the story is too ambitious for a low-budget movie. There are at least three great flaws in the plot. The first one is how could a school so big have only five students and one teacher? Would figurants be so expensive? The second one is the lack of an explanation why the demons attacked the boarding school. Last but not the least, why Mara has healing power? But anyway the story startles, the atmosphere is creepy, the gorgeous actresses have good performances and Ron Pearlman is efficient as usual. If you see this film with low expectations and disregard the flaws in the screenplay you may have a good surprise. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Demônios" ("Demons")
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Aspires to be "The Craft"
onosideboard21 October 2007
Similar concept, at least... five girls uniting their unique powers for a common purpose. Here, it's to ward off some kind of demon.

I'm not going to bother going over the plot--that's what the plot outline is for. Rather, I will say that the production value was high, the five young women played their roles very well, the story moved quickly, and there was some surprisingly good dialogue every once in a while (humorous, reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer dialogue).

That said, a lot of the script was terrible. Plot holes, inconsistencies, and cheesy lines. It's almost as if two completely different people wrote the script: one wrote the scenes between the girls and the other wrote the "action" scenes. There's not a lot of gore, but a couple of "supernatural" special effects were borderline cool/cheesy.

The movie is entertaining, the cast is easy on the eyes (Ron Perlman aside), there aren't any twists or psych-outs. It's a decent flick and worth watching, especially if you're a fan of the "girls kick supernatural butt" genre.
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a flic about chicks
wrlang28 October 2006
Five Girls is about five girls, some with special powers, who are sent to a catholic school for girls to get some discipline. After arriving, strange things start to happen and some of the girls start seeing visions. Maybe it's because the school has above the front door – 'abandon all hope'. Ha ha, the words above the gates of hell. The head mistress is a real mean one and the priest worked at the same school before it closed down and he became a drunkard. Legion, the same set of demons that occupied one person from the Bible, takes over the characters and jumps from person to person. Kind of makes you wonder if legion was many why he didn't take over everyone at the same time, but… There's more to the story, but it doesn't seem to help much. It's really just a bunch of cute teenage girls running around screaming. Some lesbian kissing, no real nudity. Some of the special effects were good, but it's not an A movie in any respect.
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Schlock nonsense
Leofwine_draca17 March 2015
Some sub-standard religious nonsense about five teenage girls at a finishing school that turns out to be haunted by demons. Mired in the middle of the mess is none other than Ron Perlman, doing his very best with the disappointing material and enlivening the screen with his presence whenever he appears - which is far too infrequently, unfortunately.

For most of the running time this is a cheesy variant on the likes of THE CRAFT, with the young actresses vamping it up and stripping at various intervals to keep the (male) viewers interested. As it's a B-movie about demonic possession, there's also a smattering of gore, alongside lots of cheesy/lousy CGI effects involving demonic goo being thrown around. None of it makes much sense and it's all very predictable and uninteresting; even the inclusion of some extra spicy corporal punishment fails to lift the spirits. Aside from a fun CGI demon this is pretty nonsensical.
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Cheesy Satanic nonsense for teens.
BA_Harrison3 November 2015
5ive years after the strange and bloody disappearance of teenager Elisabeth at St. Mark's Catholic School for Girls, 5ive delinquent students—Alex (Jennifer Miller), Mara (Jordan Madley), Cecilia (Terra Vnesa), Leah (Barbara Mamabolo) and Connie (Tasha Quintas)—arrive at the establishment for some corrective education. Locked in, the girls—who all seem to possess supernatural powers—begin to notice sinister occurrences, and decide to investigate, ultimately discovering a plot by their headmistress Miss Pearce (Amy Lalonde) to trade their souls for that of Elisabeth, her sister, who was taken by the ancient demon Legion.

Just 5ive minutes into 5ive Girls and it was clear to me what sort of film this was going to be: a dumb piece of mainstream horror-lite aimed predominantly at a teenage audience. For the girls, there are 5ive cool, attractive, spunky characters with whom they can identify, while the guys get to drool over 5ive pretty actresses in their early 20enties dressed as Catholic schoolgirls. The film delivers very little in the way of genuine scares or decent gore, but does offer plenty of naff CGI effects and frequent inappropriate use of rock music, plus quite a few chances to ogle the young ladies: all 5ive wear knee high socks and thigh length skirts, Jennifer Miller bares some side boob, gets her bottom spanked with a ruler, and has a girl-on-girl kiss with Madley, while a topless Tasha Quintas gives viewers an eyeful while trying to drown Barbara Mamabolo in the bath.

Lending a modicum of star power to this cheesy Satanic nonsense is the unmistakable Ron Perlman (Hell Boy) as priest Father Drake, who winds up impaled by several crucifixes (it might have been 5ive, but I wasn't counting).
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Needs to up the sleaze factor
danthewrestlingmanorigin3 October 2006
Not a bad film by any means. The acting was solid, and it had some pretty good creepy moments. Ron Perlman is a favorite of mine, so I'm being a little more generous then I normally would. With a storyline like this one you expect some nudity and sex, thats just what everyone is generally looking for in a plot like this. There was some brief partial nudity, and some sexy moments, but not nearly enough for this type of story. If this film added in some of that excess I would have bumped it up to an eight rating. Fans of Perlman, or someone just looking for a decent dtv horror film, that entertains if not blows you away, should give it a look. Again, any film that takes place in an all girls' school, with a lesbian authority figure, better show some skin. Ron Perlman makes it worth a look, and the ladies do a fine job as well.
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Teen Horror Time Capsule
scythertitus3 March 2019
The acting, editing and music choices are pretty questionable and the plot is both convoluted and simplistic somehow. It is a great representation of this time in horror outside of the resurgence of zombie movies.

It's mostly fluffy teen pap with some mythology thrown in to attempt to add weight. There is some skin on display, but not enough to make that the reason to watch.

Overall this is just something to put on in the background, or if you are a female teen having a slumber party maybe, as that really seems to be the target audience. Definite The Craft vibes.
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what's the point?
twi160937220 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was not the worst I have ever seen, but not good. The character development was very poor like they wanted to but decided half way to completely abandon that, they abandon an explanation of the plot, the ending is not definitive. The lesbianism overtones were unnecessary and they did not even bother to develop it well, just a bad movie. I would have loved to see more on the original person, the aftermath, the priest and his story, maybe more on the history of the players. A ending of some sort would have been nice. The only saving grace is the acting, I think the acting was done well and that is why i gave this a 3 as opposed to a 1 or 2, the actors did the best they could with what they had to work with, perhaps the editing played a negative role.
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Awful... just awful
wolfnapper24 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Other reviewers have already pointed out the various flaws that plague this film but I still feel compelled to write my own review after having just finished watching this terrible movie.

The Good:

  • the initial opening, before the girls start to chat...

  • the ending; it's rare that when a movie begins to fall apart shortly after the introduction that we have a decent ending. I was relieved that Alex does die and we didn't get a clichéd "my healing power saved you!" resolution, which would end with the two heroines walking off into the sunset. The reappearance of Elizabeth and the twist with her father was also a rare bit of good writing in this flick.

  • Miss Pearce: some have said they thought she (or her acting) was terrible. I can understand that viewpoint, although to me, Anna Pearce was the ONLY genuinely interesting character in the entire story. She was neither an imbecile like the five girls, nor too quietly dispassionate (i.e. boring) like the men (not to knock Ron Perlman's performance whatsoever, but his character really doesn't end up doing anything other than being fodder for Legion).

  • the nudity: A friend and I once joked that you know a movie is absolute crap when the only thing positive you can point to as a heterosexual male is it had some female nudity, because otherwise watching it truly would've been a COMPLETE waste of time.

The Bad: - most of the movie; I must single out the writing and dialogue which is absolutely atrocious. It makes George Lucas seem like Shakespeare in comparison. While Pearce and Father Drake's dialogue are fine and bearable, it's the inane and imbecilic chatter among the five girls that drives a stake right into the heart of this movie. I can't even count how often I shouted out loud "Are these girls total idiots? Who wrote this piece of garbage?" as I watched this. The writer turns these girls into morons. They aren't particularly likable, which they need to be if you want the audience to at least care about their survival, and they never seem to bond in a way that doesn't feel forced by the writer for the sake of plot advancement. There's no chemistry between any of them.

  • the direction; I didn't realize until visiting IMDb that the writer and director are one and the same. That's unfortunate. A good director can sometimes compensate for bad writing, or a good writer can sometimes overcome a bad director. When both are one and the same and the writing isn't good, nor is the direction, you have a disaster. The main problem here is that there are no real scares in this movie, nor is there even any tension. 5 girls are trapped in a school, supervised by people who seem to have an agenda (or are indifferent to something sinister affecting the students), it should feel claustrophobic and tense. Nope. Part of the problem is that any tension that might develop is ruined and undermined by the stupid choice of music - 6 times I said to myself "WTF? Why did the director pick this music to play?" taking me right out of the story. You don't play casual guitar if you want to ramp up the tension. Perhaps the idea was to foster an atmosphere of camaraderie and relaxation whenever the girls are together? If so, it was a dumb idea - because it doesn't work.

  • the acting; this criticism is really only aimed at Jennifer Miller, who was either miscast or not putting much effort into the role. She's fine when whining to her dad, but in every scene afterwards, especially when trying to seem afraid or worried, it was excruciating to watch. I simply did not believe a moment of it - the fear wasn't there, the worry wasn't there - nothing. Again, it didn't help that the dialogue she was given to speak was just terrible, but the other actresses seemed to do a better job at being at least convincing (although the blind girl probably had even worse lines).

  • Legion: while the "split face" effect is nice and you get a hint at what Legion looks like, once he escapes out of the human host, and we see him full-on, he looks dull and bland. He isn't remotely scary!

  • the various "powers" of the girls: a pointless addition to the story because they really don't do much at all for the characters. They aren't used in an effective way, they don't even serve as much of a lazy "deus ex"; the goal seems to have been to copy "The Craft" but only in the most superficial and pointless way possible. Using tk powers to set up the cross to stab Pearce/Legion thru the head is fine, but it could've been all done without powers at all. Having 5 girls all with some special power happen to attend the same school didn't make sense; how could such a massive coincidence happen, or if it was somehow prearranged, then why? It couldn't have been Pearce's doing because you'd want five easy victims to sacrifice, not girls with powers who might put up a fight no matter how imbecilic they were.

I truly wanted to like this film but could not. It had a promising start and a decent end, but sadly it was the content between which just sunk the whole thing. My only advice for the writer/director next time is to spend more time on the writing and hone your skills there first. If the foundation is weak, then regardless of the talented cast or decent special effects or even gratuitous nudity (lol), the final result will disappoint.
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5ive Girls
Scarecrow-8810 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Decent little occult thriller, modeled slightly from "The Craft", has five unwanted girls with unique supernatural abilities who become prey for a powerful demon, known from the Holy Bible as Legion. The Headmistress of a recently re-opened school, Miss Pierce(Amy Cuipak Lalonde, shown as the typical stuffy, self-righteous, strict disciplinarian when facing the girls during the day, although it's quite clear she's a sex bomb when away doing her other deeds alone)seems to be your usual ruler-spatting, "follow-the-rules" leader but is actually plotting to send the five girls under her watch to hell in exchange for her sister who was taken against her will years back leading to the closing of ST MARK'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Using witchcraft, Legion is unleashed to take hold to each poor girl who seem powerless to stop the demonic force. Ron Perlman is Father Drake, humbled by Miss Pierce for he once touched his students sexually, including her, and will have to behave his principles at the Headmistress' request.

The five girls of the film each have their own characteristics. Star heroine Alex(Jennifer Miller)is a screw-up who has the ability to move objects with thought and earns respect from the group as she takes a ruler-whipping from Miss Pierce for an act she didn't commit. That forbidden act was actually committed by tough-talking, pill-popping lesbian Mara(Jordan Madley)who secretly has a crush on Alex..her ability is to heal freshly created wounds. Cecilia(Terra Vnesa)is a witty, clairvoyant blind chick with a sense of humor regarding her condition. Leah(Barbara Mamabolo)is the token black chick with the ability to walk through certain objects. And, Connie(Tasha May)is a conduit for others to travel through. So you have these girls up against a demonic force that doesn't hurt when you attack it unless the use of religious objects comes into play. We watch as the Legion enters and exits each victim as Miss Pierce practices witchcraft calling on the return of her sister.

Some decent suspense and appealing performances, not to mention Amy Lalonde's sex appeal, even if she plays an evil, twisted headmistress willing to go to any limits necessary to return her sister to this world, are merits enough I think to check it out. It might feel a bit familiar to those who have seen these flicks with teenage girls and unusual abilities in a Catholic, sexually repressed environment revolving around witchcraft. Perlman seems uncomfortable in the role of priest to me..he doesn't seem to fit this profile very well.
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Enjoyable -- If you like sub par acting, directing and writing.
Andrew-J7 June 2010
Ron Perlman and Jordan Madley are pretty much the only bright spots in this movie. The plot outline states that five girls confront Legion. It would have been far more accurate to state that five girls are individually stalked by Legion.

The acting was horrid, even for a B movie, and what decent acting there was in this film was obliterated by shoddy writing and talentless directing.

This receives a two star rating because of the admirable effort Ron and Jordan put in, in spite of the overall result. If you enjoy B movies, you may like this title, but if you are looking for a good supernatural thriller, this writer suggests Gothika.
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High expectations Low deliverance.
korisx19 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie showed great promise, the setting set the foreboding tones, the cast I thought was great as well as delivering decent acting. I feel the movie fell down greatly with its direction and its writing.

What was the point of all these girls having their abilities, as it states in the title, they use their ability to battle the Demon, but the only one I saw doing that was the main actress with her Telekinesis and even that was kinda lame. Leila's walk through objects ability, didn't really do anything. Sure Leila used it when she was possessed by the Demon to get into the room with the Priest, but evidentially he had other abilities that could have served the same purpose.

The 2nd sight girl gave a premonition that was vague and pointless. Don't get me started on the Conduit girl. Look I could go on about this movie in this tact but its simply not worth any more time. The writing and direction let it down greatly, as well as the Actors and Actresses.
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There's something strangely good about this film
sg279017 February 2007
I recently ordered it by cable TV, surprised not to have come across it before. 5ive Girls hadn't been released in a cinema around me and never been advertised on TV so i was wary of watching it.

The was some what easy to understand but at some parts it was difficult to follow the plot as SOMETHING was missing but i just don't know what. It seems that these days there are too many films out that just have a quality about them missing. One thing about this film that wasn't missing was emotion, there was a lot of it happy and sad...

However the acting was just not able to pull off the emotion the writer was obviously trying to portray. One major thing that made the film get right on my nerves was the make-up, it was too over done if you watch it you will totally see.

There were some really good parts, like the special effects however it is greatly weighed down by the cheesy teen lines and the high pitch annoying school girl voices... If your bored just watch it but its nothing special.
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It has six girls in it
jfgibson7315 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
5ive Girls is the kind of movie that lets you know when a dramatic moment is happening by having one of its characters start praying. Most of it plays like an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Charmed, but with a less clever script. If you are a fan of low budget, direct to video thrillers, this won't matter because you already know what to expect.

Five teen girls begin the new semester at a recently reopened Catholic School, run by a stern, icy headmistress and a weary priest. Weird things start to happen as we find out the girls have supernatural powers, while the girls begin to find out the school has a history.

The story focuses on a demon being summoned by the arrival of the five girls. It turns out the headmistress is the sister of a girl who was abducted to hell 5 years ago, and the school was reopened so she could enroll students to trade for the life of the sister. The demon gets free, of course, and jumps from body to body, killing all but one character.

The abrupt ending and the death of most of the characters were an unsatisfying resolution to what was a fairly entertaining movie. Like so many of these low-budget horror/exploitation films, we don't get a climax or ending good enough to make us care about the previous 85 minutes.

Given between the choice of recommending it or not, I would say it was worth watching once. There was a lot of silly dialog, poor acting, and amateurish effects, but it kept me interested for at least two thirds of the running time.
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Worst movie about witches I've ever seen!
aeonflux202520 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
the plot was the absolute worst! the fact that this movie plays like a religious warning against being a witch is sickening! went i say that i mean reading between the lines of this movie; the whole movie was set in a private catholic school and all of them died except one!!! which says to me that "if you're a witch your going to die because your evil". i probably haven't explained this movie very well but if it didn't infuriate me so much i could probably explain clearer.

and another thing that p****d me off about this movie was the fact that there supposed to be witches and have all these powers, why the hell didn't they uses them. during this entire movie i think a pathetic one scene was used were they actually used some form of power! IF YOU WERE EXPECTING A NEW HIP VERSION OF "THE CRAFT" THEN YOU WILL BE EXTREMELY Disappointed!!! and for the record the tag line is incredibly deceiving! the 2000 demon exists as one being that possesses each of them; and because there such a pathetic representation of a witch they each get taken over and die! AVOID THIS MOVIE AT ALL COSTS!
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Lost to time teen flick
KoolCatReviews21 August 2020
Seems like this movie has been forgotten mostly and barley any one has seen. Its not really memorable or original. However it does have Ron Pearlman in it. So maybe it's worth a watch for that. The dialogue is awful. But it's worth a laugh I would say. I can't hate it all that much, did I say it has Ron Pearlman in it already?
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5ive girls
jonathanruano15 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Writer-director Warren Sonoda's "5ive girls" has an intriguing premise. Five "bad" girls, led by Alex (Jennifer Millar) and the lesbian Mara (Jennifer Madley), are sent to a reformatory, where presumably they are going to be turned into good girls. But instead, they are subjected to bizarre and often sadistic treatment at the hands of head mistress Miss Pierce (Amy Lalonde). Along the way, they also learn Latin, discover a ghost and eventually realize that they are intended victims of a diabolical plot.

Sounds interesting, but the problem is that there is no pay off at the end. Watching all these twists and turns and the clues along the way, you would think the film's dark secret would be complex, shocking and intellectually satisfying. But it wasn't. The ending turned out to be a real cop out -- and a very boring one at that -- as the film went from being a mystery with fascinating possibilities to a simple action/horror flick with the familiar blood and gore and nudity.

This failing would not have been as important, if we actually sympathized with the five girls in this picture. Unfortunately, one is not really given a good reason to care whether they live or die. The script is probably to blame in part for our indifference, though the poor performances were an important reason too. Ron Perlman's Father Drake is probably the best thing in this picture, but sadly we do not see much of him. So the film ends up being dominated by actors who we could not care less about.

Finally, the violence does not seem justified in this picture. It seems to be there solely for shock value and perhaps reflects the director's futile hope that nudity, blood and gore will be confused with quality viewing. He is sorely mistaken.
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A great parody
htl-325 December 2007
This is the best parody ever. It has an alcoholic priest, lots of Hail Marys, short skirts, pentagrams, spanking with a cane, nude girls with tits and nipple showing, a secret floor, lots of blood, a mistaken demon that believes there are 2000 in a legion, whereas it is between 4200 and 5200 and not to forget girls kissing. No wet t-shirts though, but, hey- there are both bathing and toilet scenes.

What more could one desire? Special effects perhaps, you think - but there are: Flying demons, raising of the dead, healing, gore, demon puke, skeletons, ghosts....

Oh, boy. But do not pay more than 12 Euros!
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Not even an average movie
kazuya99725 January 2007
I watched this movie just right now and I enjoyed the beginning. It just took my attention but after about 30 minutes I was totally bored. I will not describe the movie, because I don't want to spoil the effect. I considered to give the lowest mark which is 1, but after short consideration I have given 3. If someone is very bored and has nothing to do then can watch this 5ive girls movie. I suggest to watch instead something different, because there are really much more interesting movies then this one. After 45 minutes I was wondering when it's going to be finished. After 58 minutes I started to skip forward. To the end I have been skipping forward by 3 seconds so that I saw all the movie but in the short form. I'm happy I could finish it faster otherwise I would died bored. I gave mark 3 because of ladies. They are nice, have short skirts and show legs to draw some attention. Don't expect much during watching it. That's my opinion.
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Well worth a look.
nb222 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Not the most original of concepts but made very watchable by seven of the most beautiful young actress ever captured in a single movie! Unusually for this genre, there is virtually no nudity and not much gore but these young actors are sexy as hell and they can all act. Jennifer Miller is stunning to look at and photographs really well while Amy Lalonde is beautiful and extremely sexy. Krysta Carter has looks that could stop the world. Every one of them showed real talent in their contrasting styles. School uniforms and Amy giving Jennifer an almighty spanking with skirt raised! Owch!! Looked quite real, followed by Jennifer on her tummy and the excellent Jordan Madley using her healing hand to make Jen's sore bottom better and the marks go away.Great fun!
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Watchable B Movie
Pairic6 March 2020
5ive Girls: You've seen it before: delinquent girls sent to a boot camp style school, turns out they all have psychic powers. In this film Ron Perlman is a priest who has turned to drink after a pupil was taken by a demon back in the days when the boot camp was an exclusive school. The new headmistress rehires him, little does he know that she intends to use the five new girls in a demonic ritual. Some good jump scares and scenes of horror, impalement by crucifix, stabbings, telekinetic displays, possession. Watchable B Movie Horror. Written and directed by Warren P. Sonoda. 5.5/10.
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Not the worst movie ever!!
panosdns9 January 2018
"Five girls" is about a girl who vanishes in a catholic boarding school by evil forces..five years later , the school is reopened and five unwanted girls who have supernatural powers are left there by their families..soon strange things will start happening and they will discover that their strict headmistress has a big secret..

Even though we have some very good actors here and the plot keeps you there to see what will happen , the movie has plot holes and sometimes poor dialogue , including the ending which was a little dull and leaves you questioning. It has poor effects and music that doesn't fit to the whole movie. Also it is supposed to be a supernatural horror movie but the horror is nowhere in "Five girls".
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Good Story, but disappointing
capike-114 January 2007
Here again, another movie that presents false facts about the religion of Wicca and it's symbol the pentagram. I liked the story in general and ordered it on Pay-Per-View after viewing the trailer. The pentagram is an ancient symbol used by Pythegorans to symbolize mathematical perfections and is used traditionally as a symbol of protection with the five points symbolizing the ancient spiritual elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit. In this movie, as in many movies, the pentagram is once again used as a demonic symbol. Also, in this movie, a so-called Wiccan girl claims that Wiccans use the blood of an animal sacrifice in some way. Another abuse by Hollywood in reference to a religion that champions animal rights and protection. All anyone with half a brain has to do is "google" the word Wicca and tons of accurate information can be found about it.

Regardless of the misinformation, I enjoyed the movie. I would have liked for more people to live at the end of it. Seems more movies are being made with girls kissing. The girl kiss has really become popular over the last ten years. Perhaps that is because it's a reflection of how girls really are. There are a lot of bisexual girls today. If Hollywood can get it right on bisexuality, why can't they get it right on Wicca. Wicca is after all, the world's fastest growing religion.
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5ive Girls (+ )'s and ( -)'s totally loved it
ladyloveless4 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
(advanced apologizes for spelling and grammar - I'm aware that I am unskilled currently in the area of writing properly.) This movie was very "read between the lines" in my opinion. It may have points that don't add up to the viewer because those scenes would have wasted time. For example, the head mistress was aware of Alex's telekinesis from the beginning when she smirked at Alex after knocking over the blood samples. (+) I believe that the writer may have wanted to do more with the powers of the girls but at the same time thought it was perfect that it was unclear and not used throughout all the characters. If they are supposed to be teenagers that are disposable by their parents why would a viewer automatically assume they'd know everything about themselves, especially at a time they are being patronized and held against their will. (-) I think they should of broke out sooner yet sometimes that isn't the first reaction that everyone has nor does it advance a plot in all situations. (+) HOT GIRLS (wait) HOT TALENTED ACTRESSES! (+/-) That the demon doesn't go after the girls he needs as the cost of his freedom, the demon went after the weakest will'd in order. In a way it isn't clear yet in another it is. Hence "BE CAREFUL WITH HOPE ITS A TRICK THE DEVIL WILL PLAY". The demon killed all those who had the most hope. Alex gave up on hope after being stabbed, hence "SOMEONE TAKES SOMETHING FROM YOU, YOU TAKE IT RIGHT BACK." (-) Connie's possession was something my mind couldn't break down. (+) quick and to the point (-) that the girls aren't questioning why their is only five of them there (-) unclear why legion has came for the girl in the beginnings soul, especially when she was the strongest faithed in the movie - yet was also used as a patty to the "bad guys" in the movie (was it the strength of their hope that conjured such evil, was it their evil that poisoned her soul that made god test her faith, was she used to test the fathers fate, the priests fate, the sisters fate, and was it her that the girls with powers hoped to save?) (+) In all its a light hearted horror flick that has a fantastic cast of actresses who I hope pull some more roles and includes three acclaimed actors/actress which were stern. I of coarse loved it and will vote a full 10 because "I AM"
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