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3 Mar. 2006
On Nick Potter's first day as an assistant district attorney, a fellow A.D.A. is gunned down.
17 Mar. 2006
Steele must charge a 14-year-old-boy who murdered his brother as an adult.
17 Mar. 2006
Finn (Julianne Nicholson) investigates the suspicious suicide of a 12-year-old girl whose mother said her daughter was dying of cancer, but her autopsy shows otherwise.
24 Mar. 2006
Billy Desmond (J. August Richards) is enlisted to prosecute a superstar rap producer charged with murder.
31 Mar. 2006
Finn (Julianne Nicholson) gets dragged into a tragic shaken baby case and the decision to pull life support from the infant.
7 Apr. 2006
Billy Desmond's routine shift at a psychiatric ward turns the system upside down. Brian Peluso's girlfriend pressures him.
11 Apr. 2006
True Love
Nick Potter is robbed and beaten at gunpoint after trying to get a witness to testify. Brian Peluso gets ready to move in with his girlfriend.
14 Apr. 2006
Potter takes on an easy case until a Parish Priest asks him to drop the case; Desmond networks with a exclusive group of upwardly mobile black men; Cabot and Rossi are at odds over a defendant in a rape case; and Finn gets caught up in a landlord/tenant dispute.
29 Apr. 2006
The Wall
Desmond and Steele face an uphill battle when they prosecute a case stemming from the death of a teen in a choking game.
10 May 2006
A respected female attorney kills her husband, and goes head-to-head against Jim Steele when she decides to defend herself in the courtroom.
12 May 2006
Jim tries to prosecute a rape case, but the plaintiff's father stands in the way. Nick takes over an easy drug case from Jessica, but bungles it.
19 May 2006
A club's bouncer is the prime suspect when a young woman is murdered after leaving an after-hours bar.
19 May 2006
Two suspects take the courtroom hostage, and try to negotiate their way out using members from the DA's office.


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