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Worst Film I've Seen in a LONG time
gingepie1 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Words cannot describe how awful this film is.

Imagine if you will, a hat full of random cgi-heavy action scenes. Spill them on the floor, and select the ones that turn upwards. Then edit them together so that they are almost coherent. This is WANTED.

In the first five minutes, you think that this will be a film to rival the Matrix, with CGI action that will blow you away as some guy (its never revealed who he is) leaps across from one building to the opposite one and kills five guys on a rooftop, before being killed in spectacular fashion.

Then the film begins.

A sad pathetic human starts moaning (for far too long) about how his life is crap. This occupies a lot of celluloid, and you start to think "where has the action gone". After some time passes (I forget how long) he joins a fraternity of assassins led by Morgan Freeman. Here he learns that his father (who has been absent all his life) was an assassin and can bend bullets round corners (a trait shared by both Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie, but its never explained why) and other cool looking stuff. So after some "training" (getting smacked in the face a lot and doing some knife training he never uses) he does a couple of (rather impossible) missions.

At this point you think "this isn't that bad", and you'd be right.

Its when Morgan Freeman reveals that the fraternity kill orders come from a bit of cloth on a loom, that things go downhill. Are we told why the loom wants to kill people? No. Maybe it's an evil loom.

Now I was expecting a "shadow organisation" that was controlling things and the main characters father was behind all that. No.

It turns out that Morgan Freeman has been lying about who the loom wants to kill and that it wanted to kill him (and every other member of the fraternity, again, never explained why) so Angelina Jolie kills all the fraternity members (who just happen to stand still long enough for one bullet to go through them all in a circle: considerate) and herself.

That leaving Freeman and Mcevoy (?) to battle it out (or not). In fact, the same sequence from the first bit just happens all over again.

It should be called Plot Wanted.

Just goes to show, cool looking trailers do not a good film make.
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Alan Chamberlain28 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Like so many modern Hollywood moves "wanted" looks and sounds great but is a poorly conceived and written and is ultimately not a good movie. It's another in a long list of movies that is technically excellent but uninspired and unfulfilling.

What killed the film for me was that it was utterly ridiculous from top to bottom. From the opening scene you think you are watching something like the "Matrix" but the movie never gets around to explaining how these assassins attain superpowers. If I could train hard for a few months getting the sh*t beat out of me and bathing in krispy kreme sugar and somehow develop superpowers to defy all know laws of physics, I would get started right away. It wants to look and feel like reality, but unlike comic book movies like "Ironman", it asks you to swallow way more implausible nonsense than you may be able to stomach. In fact, "Ironman" looks like a documentary compared to this noisy, overdone "rollercoaster". I did not know going in that the movie was based on a comic about superheroes and supervillians. They should have committed more to that...there effort to make the movie "real" just made it a sloppy mess.

So it's a fantasy film that I found difficult to get into. The action is well done, the effects look great, but its another case where you are lucky not to have an epileptic fit by the first hour from all the flash cutting and gimmicks. Half the movie is in bullet time.

And then of course there is the loom, which is just a retarded concept and in the face of everything else, I found myself rolling my eyes. If they had spent half the time they spent on effects working on the story, we would all have been better off.

James McAvoy does his best with what he's given and its his performance that keeps the movie from slipping even further into the abyss. Jolie is always great but not given much to do here but look sexy...
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As Dumb As It Gets
Ricky Spanish28 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The last line of this movie asks, "What the f-word have you done lately?" If you didn't immediately answer, "I just spent two hours watching a really dumb movie" then you must be an easily impressed video game enthusiast. Some interesting visuals aside, it's movies like this that give the term "comic book movie" a bad reputation. Unexplained gravity defying flipping cars, curving bullets and rat bombs just push the envelope too far in to the land of the absurd. The easily spotted plot turn does help but the rather uninspiring cartoon action just sinks it. Too many "WTF?" moments in both the action and the plot to enjoy this movie unless you really relate to a frustrated nobody stuck in a dead-end job and you want to fantasize about becoming an assassin. I can't figure out what was worse, the few Matrix type rip offs or the bizarre Rocky type killer training session? Also, how did they manage to make Angelina Jolie so unattractive? Not only does she look anorexic but add in the God awful tattoos and there is NOTHING sexually appealing about the character.

Ridiculous, un-inspired action mixed with possibly the dumbest plot of any movie this century means Wanted is one to avoid at all cost.
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Can I get my money back?
tyler483728 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I was a bit apprehensive about this film from the previews and commercials, what with the bending bullets and all, but I figured with all of the action movies trying to outdo each other...maybe there would be a good story backing it. However, in the opening sequence, when a man leaps several hundred feet to slay some assassins on another rooftop before being aced out from miles away, I started to lose any hopes for a good movie. Then any further hopes were dashed when it was revealed that a magic god loom delivers a binary code that says who is to be killed (how the frat discovered binary and secondly, that the people named were to be killed is beyond me, maybe god/fate/whatever wrote to them in binary on the first sweater that was and told them to kill the named ever thereafter) This whole god/fate (fate being spelled out when the explosive rat truck hit the mill door) loom thing really blatantly pointed out the problems with dogmatic, irrational beliefs that can be found running rampant throughout our society; but speaking of that society, it's a shame to think that most people will be unable to find that point because it was buried behind quack gimics and special effects. This movie made Crank look like the Godfather. Aside from the absurd story backing why the frat was assassinating people, all of the stunts were merely an attempt to outdo movies like crank with time/space bending cg that makes anyone who has any inkling of what physics are want to cry. If the time-slowing gimics were cut from the movie, I think it would have maybe passed 30 minutes of film time. I could maybe understand the rapid heartbeat to be able to react quicker to things, modeled after a fight or flight type of response on crack or something, but the bullet bending thing got to be a little too ridiculous by the end where a bullet can be fired around a 20' circumference and have the same gun tossed to someone else before the bullet returns from its 360 degree trip to kill the shooter...I mean, really? I really wanted to walk out of the theater about 30 minutes into this film. There isn't enough room in this comment box to enable me to voice the downfalls of this film. However I feel as though I must include this side note on society as well. On top of whole fate and immovable beliefs tangent from above, the fact that movies like this can go over well in America is a great example of how dumbed down culture is making us...Oh let's make an action movie with a loom that dictates who should live and who should die...oh yea...and the assassins can bone physics with no rationale as to how...It truly made me sick. "What luck for rulers that men do not think." - Adolf Hitler. It's understandable how we get leaders like George W Bush when movies like this are not only accepted, but admired. Now if you will excuse me, I need to read my binary sweatshirt for what to eat tonight.
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Very weak!
raypdaley1822 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Suspend all disbelief. There's not a single element of realism in this movie & it's a very sad attempt to try & make a comic into a movie then failing badly as the source material clearly wasn't strong enough.

I'd normally class Morgan Freeman & Angelina Jolie as a good cast but sadly they've got awful roles. The script itself is truly dire, based on a comic I've never read or heard of ever.

Basically we're in a world of superhero assassins where their abilities are right out of The Matrix. The film borrows heavily from things like Bulletproof Monk (I don't actually think there's a single original idea in the whole movie) and viewers are expecting to suspend way too much belief.

The film has too much action (yes, you read that right! Too much!) and suffers in the same way Bad Boys 2 did, just having action scenes for the sake of it because there was no plot or script to follow so they'd just engineer an action sequence for no reason at all than seeing the hero or the other assassins use their magical powers.

We're following Wesley Gibson, a nobody who is dragged into the world of the assassins and trains to become one to kill the man who killed his father. Except thats not the case, the man he kills IS his father and the guy in charge of the assassins (Morgan Freeman in possibly his worst movie role ever) has started to create targets for his own profit.

The film is truly awful, ignore the plot because it's nonexistent. Enjoy looking at Fox (Angelina Jolie) until she decides to kill herself near the end of the film. Terrance Stamp is woefully underused & his character could have done much more.

If you can ignore the ridiculous special effects, CGI and over the top action sequences then you might get a bit of pleasure from watching this. Personally I hated it and if you've seen the trailers then you've seen the best bits of the movie as it really doesn't get any better than the trailer.
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Clunky script gives this action film no chance
nicbarber27 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I am a massive James McAvoy fan since his Shameless(UK) days, so was a bit iffy on how he would transfer to an action movie. Despite a fair performance from him (even if his American accent is hard to believe and turns back to his native Scottish every now and then), my friend who dragged me along apologised profusely once the film had finished. Here's some of my problems with the film.

1.) The Script. If the script was good, I'd be able to get over the lack a story line. It started poor, I was hoping for an upsurge, but it never came, making Jolie,McAvoy, Freeman (and the rest, including the guy from Hustle (UK) -what was his point?) just look daft.

2.) The first 20 mins, at least, is about how the main guy's life is crap. In the matrix, this lasted about 5 minutes before getting into the action.

3.) All McAvoy does in the 2nd 20 mins is scream!

4.) How much slow-motion does one director need? even the kissing scene? really!

5.) The Twist really is cringeworthy - you can tell that the script read: Cross- "Wesley, I'm your father!" Before they realised that George Lucas had already used that line, so they had to quick-change it to "You're my son!"

One redeeming feature - you get to see Morgan Freeman say 'Kill that Mother-F****r. I always knew he was Samuel L Jackson in disguise!

Action wise, it's good if a bit unbelievable, (but that's what films are for...) and the special effects are OK. Shame about the script...
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Remo Williams meets The Matrix?
philforeman1 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Everything about Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) points to how miserable he really is. He's at a dead end job, his girlfriend is sleeping around, he takes antidepressants and his boss is a pain in the ass. He wonders how his life could be different but he's stuck in a fantastic rut with no end in sight.

Little did he know his father had passed away leaving him to a secret fraternity of assassins and he'd be trained by a man named Sloan, (Morgan Freeman) who operates outside the confines of the law and independent of any of the world's governments. Fox takes him under his wing, tells him his anxiety problem is actually a gift of being able to speed your heart rate up releasing adrenaline and slowing down time. He also tells him his father was killed by a double crossing member of the brotherhood ironically named, Cross (Thomas Kretschmann).

This plot eventually forces Wesley and his mentor/trainer Fox (Angelina Jolie) to question the integrity of the brotherhood and Sloan's methods in a spectacular confrontation close to the end of the movie.

Without giving away too much of the plot the theme of the movie appears to be in line with that of The Matrix in that it is a fantastical adventure for someone caught in what appears to be an inescapable reality of mundane existence. The fact that Wesley is barely living his life makes you want to cheer for this nerdy slob. He is in fact everyone who is sick and tired of their job, life, partner, and in many ways living in general.

Contrast is given when Wesley finds out he doesn't have common problems like anxiety and that he didn't need medication he needed to be trained how to use it to his advantage. Who wouldn't like to be someone like James Bond and a Thomas Anderson (Neo) all rolled up into one? It's only when he's made to be a fugitive by Sloan that Wesley embraces the lifestyle the Fraternity has to offer.

This film uses gritty acting along with a ton of eye candy to tell the story. Real time three dimensional effects speed and slow time forcing you to suspend all disbelief and buy in to the premise that a lowly desk jockey named Wesley could become one of the greatest assassins the world has ever known.
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Far-fetched, guns and blood
MAShead0727 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This film is saturated with absurdity, in an attempt to wow audiences with special effects they have already seen countless times in the likes of Die Hard and Bourne. Nothing new in this film, just a number of Hollywood cliché's, including the sob story told by a narrator in the third person, which ultimately turns out to be their own sob story, and even the Star Wars idea of the central character seeking to avenge their father's death, only for the villain to say "No, I am your father".

The rest of the plot comprises of special effects, absurdity (laughing AT not WITH the film), excessive blood and shooting and swearing and achieves nothing by doing so. James McAvoy totally lets himself down in this role- he was brilliant in "Last King of Scotland", but doesn't do himself justice as soon as he starts speaking in a pretty naff American accent. His character isn't that believable, and his excessive swearing makes him more unrealistic, instead of realistic. The rest of the cast, including veteran Morgan Freeman, are paper-thin characters, which also lets them down as actors. As the characters die, it is difficult to be upset as you barely know them or sympathise with them.

Although there were some interesting twists in the end, they fail to salvage a film that's only purpose was to try and lure people in with mindless violence, blood and bad language with very little substance. The script is also quite poor, like many modern action films. In my view, this is trying to outdo Goodfellas in violence, bad language and blood, but otherwise would fail miserably in competing on the scale of quality and credibility. A further demonstration of unoriginality in Hollywood film-making.
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WANTED: The Matrix with a great sense of humor.
uniiq18 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I am a huge fan of Mark Millar's Wanted. And so, when I entered the theater with a friend on an advance screening pass (comic book store owners are very nice people to befriend), fear gripped me. It HAS to suck...right? It's Hollywood...and a "loose" adaptation...

And so, once the credits rolled, and I was one of the many people laughing and clapping, the fear had long passed.

The films works. It provides the amazing opiate of style and dark humor, and in such massive quantities that both evoke the spirit of the source material and utterly ignore the latter 90% of the graphic novel. But that independent streak works for Wanted. You feel a sense of amused wonder and curiosity throughout, and all the plot twists that follow are different enough from the source to actually hold your attention without ever being prematurely obvious.

James McAvoy does an excellent job, and his wry, sarcastic narration sets the mood of the film perfectly. His evolution from pansy to Neo has a genuine and pleasantly arrogant feel to it, although the stereotypical Rocky-esquire training montage is used to speed things up a bit (what a tiresome tool). Basically, his version of a cinematic Neo is both smarter, more entertaining, and more intelligent.

Backing him up, more with sexy looks and an "I'm too cool for you; you're not Brad" attitude than anything, is Angelina Jolie. Her character screams Trinity. And loudly. Regardless, watching her on-screen is a pleasure. She's terribly likable, and extremely lethal throughout.

Morgan Freeman's Morpheus, called Sloan here, is played well, although the role is a bit beneath his skill as an actor. He makes it work though, playing the wizened and mature helper very well. More importantly, he delivers an excellent (and unexpected) line that rivals Samuel L. Jackson's memorable expression from Snakes on a Plane. That alone makes any price of admission worthwhile.

Any other character serves as nothing more than white noise, there to populate the world rather than intrigue.

The theme of Wanted is all about taking charge of your life and making your own choices, something that the very premise of the first hour of the film both adheres to and contradicts. Rather than analyze it here (and waste time arguing the pleasantly mad logic of a movie where bullets bend stylishly), I'll leave that to the people who inevitably will, assuming the bullet-fu and gore don't completely captivate them (and they should). Wanted IS violent, truly, and yet it doesn't strive to turn every frame into a gory, action-packed orgasm. The film handles it with grace and a style I sorely wish more action movies took into consideration.

As bullets curve, heads get punctured, hilarity ensues, and rats explode (peanut butter rocks, BTW), you'll smile besides yourself.

This really isn't a superhero comic adaptation...it's The Matrix with a great sense of humor.

Enjoy it.
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theoneeggy30 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie the other day, and I was actually quite excited. However, I was quickly turned from this opinion within the first 30 minutes of the movie. It got progressively worse until the ending, starting with the mass-murder/suicide and then the replay - revenge hit at the end of the movie. This ending was simply painful. Morgan Freeman is killing his career with movies like this. I appreciate the writers ability to adapt graphic novel to the big screen, but in all honesty this has to be the worst comic book or graphic novel movie ever. Save yourself the time and do something that will at least stimulate your brain: READ THE BOOK, forget the movie
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Ultra-brutal action posing as entertainment
lothd27 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Mindless action films abound and can be fun. This is not a mindless action film, but its "mind" caters to nerdy dreams of becoming a more-than-human being. Wouldn't we all like to suddenly have $3.5 million in our bank accounts, tell off our extremely annoying boss (is there any other kind?) and get trained as an ultra-assassin? Then just shoot everybody they tell you to or have a quick case of conscience, then shoot them - cool? Not.

One scene is ripped straight from "The Matrix" series of films and the overall feeling is overwhelmingly Matrix/Terminator. Perhaps it's overoptimistic to look for something new in a movie of this type, but there's hardly anything original. This is not a film the world needs now - or ever.
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Dark Humor and Non-Stop Action, Fun Summer Film
brando64729 December 2008
I know there is a lot of hate going around for this movie (though it oddly manages to maintain a decent rating despite the nay-saying...) but I would really urge people to watch this movie before letting the opinions of others affect their views on it. Sure, the movie takes some liberties with plot and, obviously, physics, but it makes for a fun action/popcorn movie. It is, after all, just a movie. After seeing this film, I would say it was one of the most fun action films of 2008. It's got plenty of violence and stylized action with a dose of sexuality and a decent plot...Wesley Gibson is a miserable account manager with a dead-end life until he is approached by the beautiful Fox, who informs him that his father was a master assassin who had been murdered days before. Gibson is recruited into an assassin's guild known as the Fraternity to hunt down and kill his father's murderer.

The quirk with the Fraternity is that it's assassin's have the special ability to raise their heart rate above 400 bpm, pumping incredible amounts of adrenaline into their system and giving them superhuman reaction speed...basically "bullet-time". So you can expect a lot of over-the-top stunts, including the ability to curve bullet paths. Why there has been a lot of complaints about this aspect of the movie, I don't know. It's not really over-used and it adds a cool element to the movie. The film has PLENTY of action throughout, though most of my favorite scenes were during the course of Wesley's training with the Fraternity. The film also has a "twist" ending, though it isn't difficult to see the truth coming.

For a popcorn flick, the film boasts a great cast. Morgan Freeman is Sloan, the overseer of the Fraternity, and it's the first time I've seen him in such a role. He did seem a little awkward with some of the rougher dialogue towards the end of the film (though I guess it's to be expected...I never expected to hear Freeman spouting "Kill THIS motherf***a" in a film). Angelina Jolie is wonderfully sexy as Fox, though I'm biased to the point where I'd love Jolie in just about ANY role. Rounding out the primary cast is James McAvoy as Wesley Gibson; I had not seen any of McAvoy's previous work but I loved his work in this movie. He is perfectly suited to play both the meek, anxiety-ridden account manager and the elite killer he becomes. He does a great job inducing the element of dark humor into the film with his great delivery.

While I've read quite a few complaints about this film, I can't understand why. It's a guilty-pleasure action film and it's not to meant to be taken completely seriously. It's just a MOVIE and a fun one to boot. When you watch this film, just sit back, disengage your brain, and enjoy the non-stop action and fun characters.
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Top Easy Watching Action Movie
Andy Croft22 March 2009
This is a very easy to watch action packed movie. It delved into your imagination and as long as you are not expecting a true to life action drama you should love it. I am not normally struck on the matrix style movies but I really liked this film. The story is not be taken too seriously, just go with the flow of the film and watch the stunts and special effects. Putting Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman in the movie had to be a good move with the box office bucks. But the ace card for this movie in my opinion is James McAvoy who plays the geeky guy who turns into a top assassin. At first I did not recognize James McAvoy from his previous roles like " The last King of Scotland " and ' Wimbledon ". When I did realize it was the same actor I understood what a fab actor he truly is. He portrays his character with absolute ease. His transition in his role from the start of the movie to his ending character is class. James I am a true fan !! The movie is a good watch if you are into this type of movie.
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WANTED! A Competent Movie Please
DelBongo25 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Hollywood's apparent fascination with Russian 'Nightwatch' helmer Timur Bekmambetov should (good box office notwithstanding) be efficiently assassinated by this stupid, boring, derivative, inept and mean-spirited mess.

James McAvoy plays Neo (sorry, Wesley) a shmucky everyman who, whilst shopping for his anxiety meds at a local pharmacy, bumps into Angelina Jolie a.k.a Trinity (or Fox, if you prefer) who joins him for a pointless special effects sequence en route to an introduction with Morpheus, played by Morgan Freeman, and who, for argument's sake, we'll refer to by the name he's given in the film: Sloane.

You get the idea. This is, put simply, the pauper's Matrix. It wouldn't make for particularly interesting reading for me to recount just how many similarities there are between the two films (it'd fill several hundred pages of double-sided A4, for a start) but the overall difference in tone is mildly fascinating.

It wasn't hard to empathize with Neo in the earlier film; the Wachowski brothers clearly relished and nurtured the sense of wonder and excitement of his journey, making the film's stratospherical success easy to understand. In Wanted, after taking a plot-unbalancing length of time to establish McAvoy as an ordinary joe who is, "...a loser. Just like you..." (a sentiment that the film keeps repeating) it then turns him, after his lengthy 'training' sessions (which amount to nothing more than him being repeatedly beaten, and no, I am not making this up) into an arrogant, belligerent a**hole.

The film pukes its cards on the table most succinctly with its final line of dialogue. After narrating his character's transformation for us over a sequence featuring yet another bloody, slow-motion head shot, McAvoy turns to the camera and says, "What the f**k have you done lately?" which, I'm happy to report, resulted in a smattering of mild applause at the screening I attended; not for the dialogue, but for the truly estimable chap who screamed "F**K OFF!!!" at the screen as the credits began to roll.

All of this wouldn't matter if the film was any good at all, but it ain't. The action sequences are murky and unimaginative. The actors are given absolutely nothing to do; Morgan Freeman, in particular, appears to be barely alive during his few brief scenes. Its derivative, its stupid, its condescending and its boring. Boy... is it boring!

This is the best approximation of a turkey that you're gonna see before Thanksgiving. Chow down at your own risk.
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Not a bit of substance...but, who cares?
c_p_c8 December 2008
Putting it bluntly, 'WANTED' was a rather formulaic and predictable outing. A loserly, office shut-in with the help of a hot babe learns about his past and is suddenly thrust into the world of assassination, a world of flipping cars, extreme gun fights, and mind-altering stunts, thus shedding every bit of his shy, weak self. This we've all seen before.

Where 'WANTED' stands apart from any other action film I've seen is in its style. The director has upped the ante on how the action is portrayed. Gone are any sort of boundaries. This is a world where people can flawlessly flip cars over others and land perfectly upright on the other side, where people can shoot from miles away hitting nothing but their target, where people can put such a curve on bullets that they hit multiple targets standing on different planes all with one shot. If people can really do this, perhaps I'm living the same existence as Wesley, and I'm missing out. The film's major selling point is its style and its worth a viewing simply for that.

The A-List cast delivers solid performances, but the script they are given - with the exception of the last line uttered in the film - is mostly generic. James McAvoy is sympathetic and relatable as the guy who is overwhelmingly bored with his life but doesn't know how to change it - something many people understand. His transformation into tough guy is effortless and convincing. Angelina Jolie is Fox - a name quite fitting as Jolie looks fantastic; however, we've seen this character on her before. Still, she does it well. Freeman, as usual, injects intelligence into his role, playing the solemn leader of The Fraternity.

However, for all the edgy extreme events the film contains, the film is hurt by some pieces that are just plain odd and are never fully explained. For one, The Fraternity gets their targets from a secret code that is woven into tapestries by The Loom of Fate. Sounding like something from a Monty Python sketch, it is never revealed who - if anyone - controls the loom or where it derives its powers. Names are simply revealed through code and the members of The Fraternity don't ask questions. The members of The Fraternity are fully human, but seemingly invincible thanks to some sort of special wax bath devised to heal wounds very quickly. It's the film's easy out that allows them to deliver the goods on all the high-octane action they desire. Lastly, the film turns a very predictable corner that many will see coming from miles away.

When the film ends you will realize how simple it is and how ridiculous it is about 75% of the time, but you won't care. The film makes up for every flaw by smearing the screen with mind-bending stunts, unique filmography, and breathtaking visuals - yes, Ms. Jolie is one of them. It will be painfully obvious that all the simple plot details were just the framework and the real substance of the film lies not in its intricate story, but in the execution of its stunts and action. 7/10.
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To The Extreme
whlrguy20 June 2008
I just got back from an advanced screening of Wanted. I have to admit not being a fan of the Director, Tim Bekmambetov. Somewhat disappointed in his Russian Films Nightwatch and Daywatch. However, in his American directorial he delivers!! An abundance of profanities and over the top action sequences that are beyond xtreme fill the screen in a dizzying array of visual adrenaline. Holding you in a tight breathtaking grip with its interesting visual techniques, humor and acting. James McAvoy (the sweet faun from the Chronicles of Narnia) plays the loser we all know, Wesley Gibbon. The guy, who just trudges through life allowing himself to be walked upon, humiliated and has no desire to escape it, except in a bottle of anti-anxiety meds. Enter a beautiful Woman, Fox (Angelie Jolie), a mysterious wise man Sloan (Morgan Freeman) and his life instantly changes from Billing Reports to Gratuitous Violence, Mastering Weaponry Skills, and Assassination. Believe me when I say what the Matrix introduced, Wanted has mastered. The director is a skilled artist at using the camera in conveying visual emotions of Wesley like I have never seen before, wait I take that back, seen it in NightWatch. I definitely recommend this deliberately humorous, action packed, violent, profane, to-the-extreme film to be seen on the big screen - check this one out!!
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Oh, dear God.
okayristin30 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A little bit of a spoiler... In all honesty, I was expecting something...decent. I've seen a lot of movies lately, and I wasn't exactly looking for anything to blow me away, so I went in with low expectations.

Where do I begin?

I felt like the entire movie was just an excuse for violence. To call this an "action/thriller" is quite the stretch...I would have gone with "comedy/gore".

The music was a bit more serious than the actual plot could back up, and I walked out thinking "wait, what was his name? where'd he come from?".

At first, it was alright, I understood, they lost me 10 minutes into the movie, picked me back up, then lost me again when he went body surfing on his father?

I liked the twist (although I had the turning of the characters pegged from the beginning), all in all, seriously...waste of money.

I was disappointed with IMDb users when I saw such a high rating.
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Torture Porn Lite - from Butcher Shop Hollywood
Zaphod B. Goode20 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I left this film shaking my head in disgust at the worthless, corrupt and ethically-bankrupt sewer that Hollywood has become. I knew I was going to a violent action film, I knew its story was about assassins, and I am neither religious nor squeamish about screen violence when it serves a good story - but I did not agree to have my face rubbed in corpses of little old ladies impaled on meat hooks and used as firing range targets; in geysers of blood, bone, brains and random gore spurting in extreme close-up and slo-mo from the craniums of Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie and 48 for 50 minor others, then repeated in reverse.

Hollywood is sick. It is so devoid of able writers that it's reduced to serving up buckets of gratuitous, graphic gore and human atrocities sufficient to nauseate Josef Mengele, so as to fill that gaping void where a coherent story and, more importantly, a civilized code of ethics, ought to be.

In yet another of Hollywood's weird adolescent-type cries for help, this film is yet another packed with gratuitous, Beavis & Butthead-caliber profanity between every fourth or fifth word of dialog. It's that thing where teenagers think that grown-up-type "bad words" will impress all observers into "ooohs" and "aaaahs" and thereby obscure desperately-concealed deficiencies of character. Or maybe these "writers" assume their presumptive audience will be just as juvenile as they. Rather pathetic in any case, now epidemic in Hollyweird. Again, I am specifically *not* a WCTU-type religious fundamentalist - but it doesn't take much mental effort to understand the contempt for humanity and the impotent frustration with life that are implicit to gratuitous profanity. To hear actors of the caliber of Morgan Freeman agreeing to deliver that pathetic tripe is just painful.

On the plus side, there were some excellent action sequences and enjoyable spectacle - the train derailment sequence and the car chases managed to be original, even balletic. None of the action in this film was plausible in context of basic physics, of course, but the film managed to suspend disbelief adequately to compensate.

Unfortunately, along with the wall-to-wall human butchery and pottymouth dialog, the story never rose above lame and sloppy. The intrigue of a "secret order" was quickly abandoned as a mere detail of setting; the "Loom of Fate" apparently ran itself, since no explanation was given as to who or what set it in motion; the actors almost to a one were mere foils for extravagant and, again, atrocious visuals.

I won't even bother to go into the contemptible "Sling Blade" ethic of "Murder is A-OK if you have a good reason." Suffice it to stand as a stark reminder of where Hollywood's proctological worldview has inevitably taken it.

Bottom line: "Wanted" is a film that left me feeling in equal parts annoyance, disappointment, and an overpowering desire to go home and wash.
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Hey wait a minute, what HAVE I done lately?
Michael DeZubiria24 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I wasn't excited to see Wanted. I'm back in America for the summer and I was going to the movies with a friend, and she has what can only be called an unhealthy obsession with Angelina Jolie, so of course this was at the top of the list of movies to see. Personally I don't understand a lot of the hype about her as an actor, but I have to admit she looks good with a gun so I decided to check out the movie.

In perusing some of the reviews on the IMDb, it seems that people either loved it or hated it. I liked it a lot, although you have to understand that it's what I call an over-the-top action movie, where everything is taken to the extreme (see "Shoot 'Em Up"). With movies like this the goal is spectacle, not realism. Hence all of these piddly complaints about the physics involved in bending bullets are rendered meaningless.

Why would you complain about realistic stunts when cars can flip through the air with precision and then accelerate off the side of a bus? Or when super-assassins can throw bullet curveballs? Is it not obvious what that this is not exactly cinema verite? I have to agree that some of the plot devices are a little witless (a magic loom that weaves fate? Come on...), but the action is outstanding to say the least. Angelina has clearly been working on her war face, every time she fired her gun and showed that grimace I could only imagine her in her cavernous mansion practicing for hours on end in front of a mirror, but especially in comparison to a lot of the garbage sent to theaters these days, the entertainment is high.

The movie is loud, fast, and explosive, but not exactly a cognitive workout. It's great as an hour and a half of action entertainment, and it's also fun to pick out the scenes that feed off of other films, the most obvious to me being Office Space, one of my favorite comedies.

I have only recently become aware of James McAvoy, after seeing The Last King of Scotland and Atonement (which, in a single shot, features, by McAvoy, one of the finest pieces of acting I've ever seen in a movie - see my Atonement review...), and while he doesn't exactly knock my socks off here with his performance, he's perfect for the role and pulls off a disillusioned blue-collar American perfectly. Add him to the list of British actors so talented that many moviegoers didn't even know he was British.

To a greater extent than McAvoy, obviously, the great Morgan Freeman is also clearly just having a good time here. The material is distantly below his talents, as it is for McAvoy, but at the same time, I see no reason why actors of his caliber shouldn't do a movie like this every once in a while. Shoot 'Em Up, as well, is also distantly below the talents of Clive Owen, but MAN he was good in it! Angelina Jolie, however, fits right in here, because this is the kind of movie that she is best in. I am thrilled, by the way, to have read that she has been ordered to gain weight for her next role, partly so she will be attractive again, and partly so she won't faint on set, like she did while making this movie.

At any rate, I won't say to ignore all of the bad press about the movie, because it's true that a lot of people won't like it, but it seems a perfect example of a movie that, if you go in with the right state of mind, it can be great fun. The cleverness of the highly choreographed stunts, for me, often outweighed my lack of belief. Enjoy!
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What's wrong with those comments?!
szymonpc@yahoo.com3 January 2009
I guess this is my first moment I want to comment on the movie. The reason for that is all those negative comments.

People don't like the idea of a man making a giant leap across buildings, about the "plot of the world" and the ridicule in the movie.

But at the same time I guess they DID like Trinity's jump in Matrix, destiny (sadame) in any Japanese movie or comedy of Mr and Mrs Smith.

COME ON PEOPLE! This is NOT James Bond, Bourne or Die Hard. This is exactly the opposite. This movie in my opinion simply tries to make fun of all those movies. It's all a sarcastic view of today's action movies. Just like the bullets - bent to the fullest. For me it's more of an action comedy. The ideas are so stupid that it's funny. Why? Because it was fit in the action movie. I mean come on - the loom, the bullets, the healing stearine, the rats... How can you ever compare it to any action movie that tries to be serious? This is not trying to do that.

That's why I liked this movie - for its intelligent sarcasm and probably because of all the negative comments from people that expected a "mature action movie" and didn't understand the movie.
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Wanted is unwanted
eccohawk5 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Wanted is a nonstop tour de force of preposterous scene after preposterous scene. What you get is something you would expect from a comic book movie. The only problem is, if you have't read the comic book, every far-fetched, ridiculous plot point and scene seems just that: far-fetched and ridiculous.

So what about the action scenes? The preview made it look great, right? If you like beautifully crafted action scenes, then you are in for a rock and roll time... for about 25 percent of the movie, if that. Whenever an action scene pops up, it does something exciting and fun to watch and then suddenly disappears in an instant, leaving us with our narrator and central character, Wesley, droning on and on for the next 20 or so minutes.

And what else do we get with him? Aside from a poor Chicago accent, we get a very boring, unsympathetic character who is able to accept his fate without any real believable scrutiny and somehow miraculously learns to become the best assassin ever in a matter of about two weeks or so. And don't get me started on how all of these amazing assassins all throughout the film drop like flies one after another, while none of them can compete with our hero, Wesley, who just picked up the job a short while ago. But I suppose I should concede something. I mean Wesley does have his amazing 400 heartrate that gives him adrenaline instead of a heart attack.

But wait, there's more! We also have the wonderful privilege of his incessant whining about his pathetic life; it is a style of narration extremely reminiscent of Edward Norton's character in Flight Club. I'll paraphrase for you, "I am a loser who buys IKEA furniture and who wades through life without meaning. You are a loser too. You and I are just alike. Keep watching me in all my loserness and I will keep pointing out to you in every other scene that you are a loser too." Despite not actually being a loser, I found this to be quite aggravating. I didn't pay ten bucks for a movie to be told over and over again that I am doing nothing with my life. Does Hollywood, or at least the film's writers/director really believe that because someone is at a movie that they are as big of a loser as our little character Wesley here? And the last line of the film simply sealed that annoyance for me.

But it wasn't all bad. If you like Angelina Jolie, she looks just as good in this as she has in previous shoot 'em up thrillers. Moreover, you even get to see her partially naked, so who can argue with that, right? And what about all of those awesome action scenes I mentioned? On the rare occasion they actually popped up, I admit they were indeed fun and entertaining, albeit unbelievable.

Unfortunately, I found myself in disbelief at all of the phenomenal feats they were accomplishing throughout the feature during said action scenes. Our main character, as well as others, has the unique ability to pump out an over 400 heartrate, giving them nasty abilities like jumping tall buildings in a single bound and slowing down time and most of all the uncanny ability to curve the angle of bullets as they are fired.

Now I am not one without an ability to suspend disbelief. Shooting wings off the fly? Sure. Curving a bullet as its fired so it can slightly bend around an object and hit something behind it? Sure, why not? But when it comes right down to it when you have a single bullet fired from a gun and it curves around a 360 degree angle blowing through 9 different skulls of the most prominent assassins in the world and the bullet flies in a perfect circle killing everyone with no ducking or anything? Sorry. Angelina who fired this bullet is just human. And bullets just don't do that.

And in the end, or more specifically about halfway through the preposterousness that is this film, all I wanted was for one of those bullets to fire off, curve its way through the movie screen, and just end the torture.
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Open your minds
poyntblank6410 July 2008
If you watch this movie with a closed mind you might not care for it.

Just take it as it is and it is very good. The special effects are excellent and action is non-stopped. There are plenty of jaw-dropping moments in this movie.

Chances are that most of the stunts are highly unlikely, but you're watching a movie, purpose to entertain. It's like watching a superhero movie, no spiders don't make men that shoot webs, or rage that turns someone into a superhuman green giant, but they do entertain.

I was very entertained. If you like action, check this movie out and you will not be disappointed.
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Mindless, Boring Action
ronnay_barkay5 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Very poor movie. Even if you forgive the plot which is like something written by a person whose brain was seriously damaged in a bad accident.. Thats exactly what this movie is. A bad accident. It starts off fairly promising though. I deliberately didn't read any reviews or anything about it because I like to be pleasantly surprised by a movie which I have no pre-conceptions of.

It all goes wrong when the main character is in a drug-store getting his panic-attack pills and Angelina Jolie suddenly appears beside him and starts telling him his father is an assassin and he just died, then all hell breaks loose and so begins the painfully over-the-top chase scene which eventually leads to more ridiculous scenes such as a bath full of wax which is meant to heal all his wounds in a day, and a magic loom that magically spells out secret binary messages in the stitching of people they must assassinate. Of course what we're not told is which side of the piece of cloth we should look at, at which stich we should start reading from, and when we do get a person's name, how do we know who to kill if there happens to be more than one person with that name.

I am usually able to suspend my disbelief during a movie, and thus enjoy and be entertained by it. But with this movie I just couldn't, and if your I.Q. is above 50, you won't either.
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Wanted is the worst movie I've seen this year!
tvjohnson73 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
My wife and I have become used to really good movies with great plots and the occasional bit of "action" WITHOUT the raunchy language and porn.We should have read more about this mess before we attended. The plot was almost non-existent, the actors went through the motions like robots and the language was strictly adolescent. It shows a great lack of writing talent to be limited by one four-letter word that has to come out of every character's mouth in EVERY scene.

We walked out in disgust, will tell our friends and family to skip this trash and certainly hope the sequel doesn't happen.

Why Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie appeared in this trash is the biggest mystery. Evidently money is more important than decency. They were the only reason we attended in the first place. We plan to let them know how we feel.
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Why, why, why.
towards-the-within30 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'll start this with saying that I can't usually be bothered to write a movie review. No matter how good, or bad a movie is? There's far better people than me when putting down their thoughts that so often match my thoughts. However, I'll make an exception with Wanted.

--This post will contain spoilers, not sure how to hide them--

Walking into the theater, I was more or less certain of what to expect. A bunch of superhuman beings kicking each other's asses. Even though I enjoy cultural and classic movies, I'm not the type that'll go with 'unrealistic, duhh.Am not watching this, this is kiddy stuff'. On the contrary, I dig superhero films. I like unrealistic movies. So, I'll start with my likes for this movie.


-Great special FX. They didn't waste any resources. They tried to make it as impressive and they succeeded. It was far better matrix quality in some scenes.

-The main hero was very nice in his role. He fit the role like a glove, he was convincing. One could 'bond' with him and feel for him at certain stages.

-Action, Action, Action. The movie's like a fast rolercoaster that doesn't stop for a moment. From moment one, to the end. Chases, shoot outs, more chases, training. It doesn't give the audience a breather, and the audience is happy for it.

-Overall, enjoyable in its strong points.

Here comes the sad list of dislikes though....


-Jolie. I like her. I think she's sexy. I think she was seriously mis-casted. She was trying too hard to put the bad girl look on, which just...Didn't click for me in this movie. Sorry.

-Plot Holes : This is my favorite part of it all, really. As I said, I don't mind non-realistic bits, or flying cars, or curved bullets. But, let's break down the movie to a reasonable level.

1.'A thousand years ago, a band of assassins was created. to read names, and kill people'

Fair enough. In the situation though that only one person reads names. His name could come up, and well...oh wait. It actually happened.

Tip: When you got a machine, passing around death sentences, best to have more than a single person at the 'reading committee'

2.'You are his son. You're the only one he wouldn't harm'

So the master assassin has a son. That he knows about. That all his assassin friends know about. That he's ready to die for. Why not just capture his son, and tell the guy 'Come in, or we kill him'. Seems to me he was ready to die for his son. Oh wait. He did.

And if he knew his son was his Achilles' heel. Why did he wait to the end to tell him. Why didn't he just........give him a call?

3.'Kill him'

Never ceases to surprise. When the death order is passed on the star. Everyone's shooting at him, trying to kill him,with him surviving it. And of course, when he reaches what I'd like to call the 'dialogue area', in our case a circular room? No one tries to shoot him anymore for some reason. Did anyone hear a 'cease fire'? Beats me.

4.He lied to you. My father is innocent' 'Is this true?' 'etc. etc.'

The big climactic fight. So, let's take maths and statistics into account for this one.

One room. One star. One end-boss. 12 bad guys.

The boss clearly states to all 12, that he's lied. Once more, beats me why. He could've answered as 'No, I am not lying. shoot him'. End of story. Our hero had no proof, no evidence, whatsoever.

Instead, he admits lying. And then tells all the rest that their 'own names had come up'.

The sad part, is that all 12 believe him.

The nice part, is that Jolie's character serves as proof of the golden world rule.

'In a group of morons, their leader outbest the rest'

5.'The End Scene'

So, we go to the end scene. And Sloan decides (once more, escapes me why as he could do so earlier and in a much more convenient manner), to kill our hero.

For being the guy who taught everyone everything they know. I find it kind of sad that he actually had to step two steps behind the poor guy, to try and kill him.

Serves him right. Gets assassinated by a bullet from 10 miles or so away.

Conclusion : You don't have to give an action movie a plot, to make it a nice action movie. If you bother with one, do put some effort in it please. It's hard to make all characters seem like geniuses, of course. But don't make them look so damned retarded. :)
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