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Low budget but interesting
Ellen_Addie15 September 2008
Subtlety is a very important thing in any good horror movie. Not only does subtlety reduce the ridiculous amount of "in-your-face-quality" that today's horror movies seem to love, which effectively makes then just plain old action movies, subtlety shows that a film has respect for its audience. It doesn't feel like it has to explain everything at every step of the way since it knows that an interested audience will be on the lookout for hints as to what is going on. That's what makes films like this enjoyable. In fact, that what makes any film enjoyable. It isn't just a barrage of images, but rather an engaging sequence of them. This sequence can be unchronologically organized or in any number of ways obscured to create suspense, but as long as it is engaging, the audience will be happy. There are numerous hints as to what is really going on and the final climatic twist is really a good one.
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Brotherhood of Blood is a good example of counter-cinematic art.
westonfreaky19 September 2008
Counter-cinema in its simplest definition is cinema that through its own cinematic practices, questions and subverts existing cinematic codes and conventions. Counter-cinema usually lies in independent film-making and often attempts to combine genres of film that would, on the surface seem to not go together. In "Brotherhood of Blood" the directors cleverly combines the 'vampire' genre and the 'mystery thrillers' sub-genre in an art-house context. Both genres are embodied by a certain mysticism. The curious thing about "Brotherhood of Blood" is that this film is the most realistic and human vampire film that I have seen. I suspect that this is because the film focuses on both worlds; that of the hunters and that of the vampires. Both worlds seem to offer something that the other wants, though humanity (not being human) seems to be the ultimate goal. What follows in the film are continual contrasts between both worlds, the one whose people live at night, and the other whose people live during the day. But there are strong parallels drawn between both groups. We see that they have more in common than they would admit. We must remember that each one of these vampires was at one point a human being. The film seems to be implying that even in the most extreme of transitions (from human to vampire), one cannot completely leave behind the rites that you previously cherished so deeply.
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Not the usual vampire movie
Ross1611 September 2008
I will not give away ANY plot details in this review. If you get even the inkling of what happens in the plot, it tends to make you "wait" through the entire movie for that particular twist or turn to happen. It is so much better to watch the movie all the way through the first time, plot unknown, to watch how it unfolds. That's what makes the film noir movies so great for watching and re watching. The first time you see it, you are caught up in how the mystery elements are linked together and unraveled. In subsequent watchings, you know what the end game is, and you now enjoy all the clues and hints that are laid out for you along the way. Where most movies can get boring after a viewing or two, I've seen many of my film noir movies quite a large number of times.

The beauty of Brotherhood Of Blood is the cast involved - Every one of these actors does a god job. There are so many quotes, so many specific lines of dialog, so many tiny eye movements and looks that just bring incredible depth to this story. Again, I don't want to give away the details of the plot for you to "watch for". Once you've seen the movie, there will undoubtedly be moments that stand out for you. You realize the context of the situation. It is a multi-layered adventure and each time you take a look, something else unfolds for you.
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GOOD - Not great - though unpredictable to the very end.
Harley6611 September 2008
The movie has a slow beginning but then gets better and better and has for this kind of low budget movie even some moving moments. Greatly crafted story, full of twists and turns. The acting is good. The look is low budget of course, but has some very interesting moments. Especially the scenes with Sid looks great.

It's a serious movie, but its so well made it's actually fun to watch. The way the movie unfolded and ended was enough to keep me interested throughout. The ending is a classic, even if you guess it a little before you are expected.

Besides its plot, Brotherhood has good performances to keep you entertained and some great dialogs. Definitely not the usual low budget stuff.
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Rough edges but very promising
Jasper7610 September 2008
Unlike most suspense thrillers,'brotherhood of blood' remains interesting even after multiple viewings. Its charm is not dependent on suspense alone.Its true force comes from the acting by the main leads and the narrative technique. Just when one story thread appears to be in the danger of going limp, there emerges another much tauter. The screenplay is such a deviously contrived maze that almost every character appears to be lost at one point or another.

Some people may complain about the contrived ending. But why ending alone? The whole plot is a contrivance. More important than the plausibility element, I think it's the entertainment angle that's really taken care of. And it's pretty cerebral at that.

One of the pleasures of this move is that it makes you care about some of the main characters. You don't see many low budget movies these days that make you feel that way.
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Small but fine movie
Sterling5211 September 2008
One of the most amazing things in the movie is the manipulation of time. The story is not so much told chronologically but jumps back and forth without getting lost, but to tighten up the story. What really happens becomes more and more clear until the very nice climax at the end.

The acting is very good. Ken Forrey as captured and tortured vampire delivers a really funny performance. Sid Haig as old Vampire leader looks really cool with all his wrinkles.

So if you expect a lot of blood and gore in this movie you will be disappointed but if you are looking for an unusual movie maybe you should take a look.
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Brotherhood of memorable performances
Dario_Gino12 September 2008
The acting is very good. The primary and secondary actors performed their roles really good. Everybody is believable - not usual for a vampire movie. The editing and sets were not great, but the story is what draws you in. The plot is fascinating, a multi-layered story. The film alternates between scenes from the present and about one week prior. Some may find that unnerving, but it is very well written.

I recommend this film for anyone who likes mysteries or intelligent horror stories. I give it 7 stars and not 8 or 9 cause you see that it is very low budget and the first 10 minutes or so is slow and you really don't know what is happening. But when it picks up - it pulls you through with a big bang!
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Brotherhood of Blood
Scarecrow-883 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Roesch & Scheerer's Brotherhood of Blood is quite a claustrophobic little vampire film, mostly taking place within the congested confines of rooms within a warehouse as vampire Pashek(Sid Haig) fears his powerful brother Vlad Kossei(..for whom he burnt alive many years ago for this vampire's blood-thirst was so intense he wiped out villages in short order)has been resurrected by an artist perhaps having found his remains in a church in Transylvania. Being held captive is the artist's brother, Tom(William Snow)by Pashek's follower Fork(Wes Ramsey)and his vampire minions as they prepare for Vlad Kossei's arrival. A small vampire hunting unit, led by Keaton(Jason Connery)and Carrie(Victoria Pratt, another in the long line of female bad-asses, with a very athletic figure, often grimacing, dead-serious demeanor, with no fear at all as danger presents itself)find themselves almost nearly wiped out by Vlad Kossei it appears. Pashek mentions to Carrie, herself kidnapped by the vampire brood, that if Kossei is able to see his family line successfully killed off by another, the mighty vampire will become all powerful and invulnerable. Cult star Ken Foree has a lucrative role as vampire Stanis who is tortured by Keaton and Carrie in acknowledging who Kossei is and what he's up to.

Very low budget, and given some extra mythology, but overall still follows many of the same vampire customs(..vampire bite turns you into one of them, sunlight burns their flesh when introduced, they crave human blood for survival). Pashek admits that vampires and humans came together in unison to stop Vlad Kossei and that this would be the only way to stop him once again. Kossei's resurrection came thanks to his skull's fangs cutting a certain human's hand. The violence is often cleverly disguised by specific movements and set-ups of the camera with blood scattering throughout(..and the sound effect of flesh ripping), although there is a pretty nasty fanged tooth removed from Foree's mouth as hunters Carrie and Keaton have him bound to a table, starving him of blood, wishing to gather information as to who could wipe out their entire unit. I found the confinements of the action in small, singular locations rather tiring..the film is very dialogue driven, with Haig given ample screen time devoted to telling us about his people's history, specifically about Kossei and his reign of terror. Pratt, as I mentioned before, is a tough broad who is often on the winning side in battles with her enemies. Her character and vampire Fork had a relationship before he was turned into an undead bloodsucker. Pretty neat twist..many will probably see it coming, while others might find it quite a surprise.
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Interesting story.
Tucker_Keon10 September 2008
I was able to attend the advanced screening here in New York and must say I enjoyed myself. First of all the movie is cool. It has a great story line plus it is simple. There are no huge dramatical special effects because the dialog and the story line, in itself, hold there own. You are just thrown into the plot head-on and then given little chance to breathe as the movie takes you deep into a story so rich with characters. The cinematography was really nothing to write home about, pretty standard stuff for the most part. The score was unobtrusive. The story is what drives this film and makes it special. And the actors were well chosen to run with the story. This movie gets two thumbs up from me.
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Things aren't always what they seem
Rockford_69 September 2008
Sometimes a movie really surprises you, really blows you away for some reason. I saw "Brotherhood of Blood" not really expecting anything interesting. Well, I was wrong. Instead I got to see an exciting movie featuring outstanding acting and a plot twist that caught me by surprise.

Typically movies of this kind rely upon blood, gore or left-field plot twists to get the job done. "Brotherhood of Blood" relies on an excellent script, good direction and wonderful acting from people who might not necessarily be household names. Look at this cast- Sid Haig, Kenn Foree, Victoria Pratt, Jason Connery. This is some serious acting talent to behold. They all are great, but in particular Victoria Pratt and Sid Haig deliver exceptional performances. There's a constant internal struggle for the hero, who does all she can to keep the difference between herself and the vampires, and the difference between what is right and what has to be done.
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How to maximise a low budget to great effect.
dereksbryan12 August 2009
I would recommend this DVD to anyone attending film school, or planning to make their own movies on very little. For a budget of $500K the talents of Victoria Pratt, Jason Connery and Coolio can be shown off to advantage by keeping down the number of locations and sets, minimising expensive FX and spending time (the least expensive component before the cameras start rolling) on sorting out the structure, characterisation and story of your script. Shoot direct on High Definition video, with rented quality lenses and then edit with a feel for rhythm and pace and you'll (maybe) produce something as good as this horror-flick. You get hints of the world around, of a greater story, but mostly it is a claustrophobic action picture that makes your pulse race as you fear what will happen to the heroine/hero next. A very good piece of work - don't expect every great film to be "Gone With The Wind" high drama or "Star Trek" spectacular.
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I gotta get that bastard!
lastliberal16 April 2009
I tend to be attracted to any movie featuring Sid Haig (The Devil's Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses). Add vampire to the theme and you have me hooked.

This isn't a traditional vampire tale, but more a film noir thriller where a group of vampire hunters is seeking the brother of a rich CEO (William Snow). The brother was bitten in Romania. Meanwhile, the vampires themselves are hunting the same brother to prevent the resurrection of "Vlad Bossei" a super-vampire who lived in the 12th century.

There film is definitely nonlinear as we jump from today, where Carrie (Pratt) is a captive of Pashek (Haig) and Fork (Wes Ramsey); to yesterday, where they are trying to get information out of Stanis (Ken Foree - Rob Zombie's Halloween, The Devil's Rejects); to last week to get the full story.

Victoria Pratt ("Mutant X", Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep) is the leader of the vampire hunters, and does a very good job in this film. I also enjoyed Wes Ramsey's performance.

The twist at the end screams sequel.
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A vampire movie that doesn't suck
JoeB13126 October 2008
Seriously, it seems that anyone with a bottle of catsup and a pair of wax fangs thinks he can make a vampire movie, which is why most of them are so bad.

This movie was better than most in terms of plot and storytelling. A group of vampire hunters is seeking the brother of a rich CEO who was bitten in Romania. Meanwhile, the vampires themselves are hunting the same brother to prevent the resurrection of "Vlad Bossei" a super-vampire who lived in the 12th century.

There are all sorts of twists, turns, double-takes, and some of them don't really make sense, but the movie is fun for what it is, and the actors actually look like they are trying.
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too complex for comfort
Crane_9415 September 2008
granted, this movie has a very clever ending. yet the other 90% of it simply left me scratching my head. not that i can never think while watching a movie, but a movie this convoluted needs a map or something. The unnecessary complexities in the plot are mostly red herrings designed merely to confuse. But the casting I like. There's at least some good actors who can pull it off.

Well, at least the young directors showed precocious talent: *brotherhood of blood* cost a mere $100,000 to make but looks like it cost 5-times that figure. It's nice to see directors make the most of meager resources.
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Pleasantly surprising
Mariano_Anderson18 September 2008
While most mysteries try to shock you too often with twists and even more twists, it turns out to be overkill. This film encompassed such ideas with flair, originality an an intelligent script.

That being said, there were parts of it that were pleasantly surprising. I was happy to see Victoria Pratt in this movie, because I think the is a good, if not merely decent, actress with actual emotion behind her lines, which is lacking in a lot of horror. Also, I felt that there was a decent amount of chemistry between her and the young vampire. Maybe not enough for an Emmy, but for a horror movie it was pleasantly surprising.
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good cast, bad movie
ronringhoffer25 December 2009
This movie stars Sid Haig & Ken Koree (Dawn of the Dead). The lead actress is very attractive and the outfits she wears is really the only thing that makes this movie even barely watchable. I watched this movie with several men and women who are big fans of horror movies and nobody liked it at all. I had to try and not fall asleep a few times. The main problem is that the movie is too talky, and almost all the scenes are shot in a small room. The sets are flimsy, and you can see the steel door and entire wall buckle when someone pounds on the wall.

I did not realize that Jason Connery (son of the legend Sean Connery) was in the movie until after I watched it. He is one of the good guys, the only one with a British accent. He is pretty good in this but he is not in it very much. Sid Haig is pretty creepy and Ken Foree is fun, but the movie really blows. I was shocked to see that this movie had an average of 5.0 on a 10.0 scale on IMDb. I don't know what the other people were thinking of when they saw this. The movie has the feel of one of the really low budget Full Moon Charles Band movies shot in Romania. Charles Band made a bunch of excellent movies, but this resembles one of his quickie made turkeys.

I have met Sid Haig and Ken Foree at several horror conventions and they are lots of fun and nice guys. I really like them both and am glad to see that they are still in demand. They both are a big credit to the horror genre. Unfortunately, this movie is really bad and has very little to offer. The lead actress looks sexy and is a good actress. She struts around in tight sleeveless tee shirts, showing off her nice body. If you are looking for a good horror movie, pass on this and look for something else.
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Low budget Vampire horror that tries to be clever.
poolandrews17 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Brotherhood of Blood starts near Brazov which is near Romania three weeks ago as an American building restorer named Christopher Clayton (Darrin James) & his photographer brother Tom (William Snow) rummage around an old Church there. Jump to Los Angeles Yesterday Morning where a Vampire hunter named Carrie Reiger (Victoria Pratt) contacts Tom to enquire about his brother Chris who has developed symptoms of Vampirism while in hospital although he seems reluctant to say anything, while out staking Vampires several hunters have noticed a strange recurring symbol used by the Vampires for some reason to either attract or repel evil. Digging deeper Carrie realises that Chris & Tom found something in that old Romanian Church, something ancient & evil that threatens both the Vampire & human race of immense power. The only way to stop this great evil is for Vampires & humans to work together but can an alliance be formed in time before the ancient prophecy is fulfilled?

Written & directed by Michael Roesch & Peter Scheerer this low budget indie Vampire film tries to be a clever horror reworking of the seminal classic The Usual Suspects (1995) with it's interchanging time lines & the mysterious ultra bad guy Vlad Kossei whose identity & the way it is revealed is very similar to The Usual Suspects, in fact I'm not trying to boast or anything but I guessed the twist ending fairly early on & all in all thought it was quite predictable. The script which takes itself very seriously is passable for what it is (not much), it tries to big the mysterious Vlad Kossei character up so when his identity is revealed it's meant to have some great meaning but did anyone else think that during the final shot of Vlad Kossei walking towards the camera he looked like a dead ringer for Arnold Schwarzenegger from The Terminator (1984)? At just over 80 odd minutes long so at least it's fairly short, although I found the story predictable & dull if you haven't seen The Usual Suspects or have any intelligence then it may surprise you although that's doubtful. The character's are forgettable, no-one is that likable or particularly stands out & why didn't that Vampire played by Ken Foree not tell Carrie & her people what he knew straight away rather than wait, get tortured & let the big bad Vlad Kossei complete his plan?

Obviously filmed on a low budget Brotherhood of Blood doesn't look the best with cheap sets, locations & effects work. The lack of budget probably meant there wasn't any money for CGI computer effects work which is a sort of blessing actually although the lack of budget means there's no money for any other type of effects work. There really isn't a lot of blood or gore here at all, a Vampire has it's finger cut off & it's fangs ripped out, there are a couple of Vampire stakings & some blood splatter but nothing else. I guess the makers wanted to rely on it's story but having ripped the whole tone & feel from The Usual Suspects without being anywhere near as good I found it hard to like Brotherhood of Blood.

Filmed in Los Angeles in California on a supposed budget of about $500,000 Brotherhood of Blood is pretty rough round the edges & looks low budget. The acting is OK, Jason Connery happens to be the son of former James Bond actor Sean Connery while genre regulars Sid Haig & Ken Foree have small roles as Vampires.

Brotherhood of Blood is a low budget indie Vampire horror film that tries to be clever but anyone with any intelligence or has already seen The usual Suspects will not be impressed by it's twist. A lack of blood, nudity & action doesn't help either.
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Brotherhood of dull.
rxfore16 May 2013
You ever watch a movie and you keep waiting for something to happen that made sense? You ever watch a movie with horrible dialogue and horrible acting, hoping at some point it would get better?

This is one of those movies and, it never gets better. Not all acting is going to be great and not all dialogue is perfect, however in this film, it never got even close to mediocre.

I'm guessing this movie rose out of the vampire genre that was so popular.....Maybe it still is.....and thus, was made, without much thought.

This movie reminded me of "It's ALive" from the 70s. The acting and dialogue were that bad......The only difference was the fake baby in "It's Alive" added campy humor.

The one plus.....The lead actress was pleasant to look at.
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Big Teeth Vampires
loomis78-815-98903418 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Vampire hunter Carrie Rieger (Pratt) and a small group of helpers infiltrates an industrial building in quest of killing Pashek (Haig) the head of a group of ancient vampires. Two brothers have brought back a long dead Vampire that threatens both Humans and Vampires. All though the story has ambition and tries hard, this movie proves to be unsuccessful due to its limit of budget and some campy performances. Add no jump scares and some cheesy blood and Brotherhood sinks pretty quickly under its own weight. The film makers choose to tell the story cutting back between flashbacks and current time which adds nothing but distraction to the proceedings. The vampire teeth used in this movie are huge and ridiculous looking and are only one step up from those hillbilly teeth you buy in the 25 cent machines at the store.
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A few good ideas, but overall pretentious and dull...
Coventry4 January 2009
The horror genre's extreme boost in popularity since the year 2000 has resulted in quite a couple of annoying trends. There's the numerous amount of pointless remakes, naturally, but also a nearly immeasurable increase in straight-to-video and intolerably cheap & cheesy B-movies released by brand new and supposedly specialized production companies. These days literally everyone thinks they can put together a horror movie, regardless of how inexperienced or untalented they are, and that's the reason why nowadays the lowest shelves in video stores are full of crap nobody ever heard of. "Brotherhood of Blood" seemed to fit into this description perfectly well and at first I wasn't even planning on ever checking it out. The writers/directors duo Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer previously just did some random jobs on films directed by Uwe Boll - not the best reference to mention on your curriculum vitae to begin with - and then promptly came up with their own scenario. Also, vampire movies have been a dried out source for years. But since the first reviews I encountered were hugely positive and since I'm still a big fan of former horror icons Sid Haig and Ken Foree, I decided to give the rental copy a chance anyway. "Brotherhood of Blood" is definitely better than first anticipated but, in the end, nonetheless remains a disappointing and unmemorable film. The script is definitely better written and more original than most nowadays B-movies, but the main problem actually becomes that it is too ambitious (on the verge of pretentious, actually) and wannabe convoluted for its own good.

There are certainly some ingenious elements to find here. Carrie Rieger works for a professional agency of vampire hunters and, at the moment, she's occupied with the protection of a wealthy businessman named Thomas, whose brother is likely to become the reincarnation of the most feared vampire of all times; Vlad Kossei. Even the local vampire syndicate – led by Sid Haig – is after Thomas, as Vlad Kossei is feared by the other vampires as well as by humans. For whatever reason, the duo of directors opted for a rather confusing narrative structure. The action continuously jumps back and forth between the events that happened three weeks earlier, last night and today. Three weeks ago, Thomas' brother got infected with Vlad's blood in Romania, last night Carrie and her team were torturing a random vampire (Ken Foree) in order to obtain information and today they're all trapped and imprisoned in the vampires' underground lair. The muddled narration adds very little value to the film and actually raises incoherence and a pretentious atmosphere. A lot more surprising, especially considering the bloody stills on the back of the DVD, is the relatively large amount of boring parts and pointless moments. Multiple scenes just show Victoria Pratt prowling through dark catacombs or trying to get out of chains. Then when you finally expect the film to really break loose, it ends with the biggest cliffhanger I've seen in years. They better make a sequel now, or else … The acting performances are above average, but still I feel those acclaimed names could do better. I wonder if father Sean watches all that junk his son Jason Connery appears in.
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Possibly a cast/crew of 300+ ?
mrorange-2010 September 2008
The only way that this film could possibly rank an 8 with 300+ votes would be if the crew and cast consisted of that many or more people and they cast their votes. The film had several flaws 1. It was put into production 2. Someone whom was just fresh from the 8th grade wrote the script. 3. Someone had leverage over Haige,(Gambling debts ?)as he has made some blah films in the past but this one would be considered a career ender....if you had a legitimate career to begin with 4. It tried it's best to gather the worse group of actors for any film to date. 5. This movie made Disaster Movie seem Oscar material

It's just that the overall feel,performance level and cinematography of this film was so below par that I cannot find any "good" thing about this film.

I love B movies, old B's,new B's, and this movie would have to be one of the very few D movies I have ever heard of or seen.

If you truly wish to appreciate other terrible movies,watch this one.
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Brotherhood of Blood is like a Bucket of Sh*t!!!
bigdarvick8 February 2009
Whoever was giving this flick anything short of a Golden Turkey award, must be a cast member, or somehow involved in this terribly made "direct to DVD" mega bomb. Sometimes, people involved in making a movie such as this mess, will go on IMDb and load it up with fake favorable reviews such as they've done here. Read stuff like "Art house Horror" or "Brotherhood of Blood is a good example of counter-cinematic art." Oh, man...I laughed so hard when I read that!! If Ed Wood were around, he would've loved it.

Special effects: There weren't any.

Make up: Over sized fangs that made it difficult for the "actors" to talk.

In Brotherhood of Blood, from the opening scene-- to the final frame, was nothing more than a grossly amateurish, poorly written, acted, directed, edited, miked, shot movie. I bet even the catered food they had on set was day old MacDonald's. I'm thinking that Sid Haig isn't getting too much work lately, so he's doing a "Bela Lugosi" by appearing in anything that comes his way. Next, we'll see him in a high school version of "Cats."

Everyone involved in making this movie should chip in, take out a billboard on Sunset Blvd and apologize to anyone who took the time to actually watch Brotherhood--it's that bad!! Once again, the budget was blown on good DVD cover art and not the movie itself. Sort of like a restaurant that spends it's money on decor and not the kitchen. I was suckered in---I'll give them that. I rented it. But, let this be a warning to anyone that is considering this movie, it will guarantee to disappoint you (unless of course you were in the movie.) I hope Ghost House Pictures takes a cue from what has happened to Full Moon--with that company's disastrous descent into the most pathetically made movies of all time. There presently is no category for Full Moon to even be described in anymore.
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My Review
joemamaohio11 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
There is a war raging in the world of the undead. Vampires Pashek (Sid Haig) and Stanis (Ken Foree) know that the ultimate evil is about to be reborn. The last time they stopped this evil, they forged an unlikely alliance with the humans.

This time, however, the humans are less agreeable, especially vampire hunter Carrie (Victoria Pratt), whose boyfriend was turned into a vampire. She must unite with the vampires to stop this ultimate evil, before its too late.

The greatest thing about this film is the reunion between Haig and Foree, two of horror movie's most fantastic talents. Other than that, the movie his highly lacking. It feels like you're watching the middle half of a trilogy, with no real beginning or ending. If they do another film, I think it would improve my impression on it, but I don't see it happening.
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slow and deathly dull
movieman_kev15 November 2008
I must admit upfront that seeing that sometime cohorts of Uwe Boll (Micheal Roesch & Peter Scheerer) wrote and directed this film did fill me with some dread, but I also resigned myself to watching all of the films in the "Ghost House Underground" set, so with great reluctance & extremely low expectations I popped it into the DVD player. It turns out that lowering my expectations was the right move on my part as the film was dreadfully bad and I started to even feel sorry for Sid Haig and Ken Foree, two horror film icons who truly deserve better. More of a character piece than a vampire tale, but all the characters are bland and lifeless (no pun intended) Maybe it's time someone put a stake in the vampire sub-genre as it's done.

My Grade: D

DVD Extras: a short 5 minute behind the scenes featurette; interviews with actors Victoria Pratt, Sid Haig, & Ken Foree; storyboard to screen comparison; trailer for this movie; and trailers for "Dance of the Dead", "No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker", "the Substitute", "Dark Floors", "Trackman" "Room 205", & "the last House in the Woods"
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A better cast that the movie deserves...
Emomovieluver30 April 2009
I first heard about this movie upon seeing a cast and crew panel promoting it at a Fangoria Weekend of Horror convention. With a cast including the likes of horror vets Foree, Haig, Bond-son and bangin' hard body Pratt, I so wanted to like this movie yet honestly, I fell asleep three times in the first hour and I started watching it at 8 in the evening. It's still surprising it was able to garner such a genre friendly cast despite it's "shot-on-a-camcorder" look and the sometimes white washed out and shadowy blackened lighting and what's with all of those amateurish close up shots. No complaints about seeing Pratt up close but I can't really tolerate full facial framed shots of some of the older actors (no offense) plus the storyline was confusingly dull during the expository sequences which made up way too much of the film. Sorry to say but not one of the better flicks released by Raimi's Ghost House Underground.
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