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1 Jan. 2007
My Boyfriend's Jackson and There's Gonna Be Trouble
When Paulie The Papparrazzo gets a shot of Hannah and Jackson together, the world thinks Jackson is "Hannah's" new boyfriend.
7 Jan. 2007
We Are Family: Now Get Me Some Water!
Miley gets Jackson fired while trying to get him a raise ,then Inadvertently hires him as her assistant then fires him after he ruins her performance at teen pop awards then gets his old job back that oliver took by entering a tango contest with Rico
19 Jan. 2007
Schooly Bully
Miley gets picked on by the new girl who's nickname is The Cracker. Jackson and Robbie Stewart have their fishing trip snowed out and have to stay in a bug infested hotel. Roxy goes undercover as a new bully to try and put The Crackers terror to an end. Jackson and Robbie get stuck with the hotel manager and his ventriloquist dummy. Roxy gives Miley a new wardrobe so she can protect her at all times. Miley gets made into a salad before Lily can get the Principal. We find out why The Cracker is so mean because her real name is Henrietta Laverne. Jackson steals Miley's ...
9 Feb. 2007
The Idol Side of Me
There is a show called Singing With the Stars, and whoever wins, will sing with Hannah Montana. At school, Amber says that she could win. She then goes into the bathroom and Miley says that she would make sure that Amber didn't win. But then she hears a terrible voice coming from the bathroom and Miley said she WOULD make sure she got in because she wanted Amber to be humiliated on t.v. At lunch, Miley then calls Amber and says that she would be in Singing With the Stars and singing with Hannah Montana. Then Amber says it aloud that she is going to be singing with ...
2 Mar. 2007
Smells Like Teen Sellout
Hannah gets a perfume line but hates it. She hates it because it's made of raspberries and she feels sick when she smells raspberries. But she either has to decide to not sell the product and not lie to her fans saying that she hates it, or to sell the product and lie to her fans saying that "she loves it". She goes on a t.v. show after she decides she is gonna sell the product, but then gets caught and says she hates it. She then finally decides not to sell it.
30 Mar. 2007
Bad Moose Rising
Jackson is tired of having a little sister that always needs him to drive her around. So, for the day, Jackson and Miley make a bet that Miley can't handle the niece next door for a whole day.
23 Apr. 2007
Me and Rico Down by the School Yard
Rico learns Miley's secret so she offers to pretend to be his girlfriend just so Rico won't tell anybody that Miley is really Hannah Montana.
24 Apr. 2007
Cuffs Will Keep Us Together
After Lilly fails to receive or catch Miley's passes for flag football in gym, Miley and Lilly fight. In order for them to reconcile again, Oliver handcuffs Lilly and Miley together, wrist to wrist, and accidentally loses the key.
25 Apr. 2007
You Are So Sue-able to Me
Miley gives Lilly a makeover for a school dance which Matt Marshal is taking her to. After Matt stands her up, Lilly takes him to Teen Court.
26 Apr. 2007
Get Down, Study-udy-udy
In order for Hannah to go on a European tour, Miley has to ace her science class exam. So she creates a song and dance routine for her exam.
27 Apr. 2007
I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak
Miley wakes up with laryngitis. In order to preserve Hannah's career, she needs to be operated. While in bed, sleeping, Miley's mother (played by Brooke Shields) visits her and tells Miley that life and everything will be okay with friends and family by her side.
4 May 2007
You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party
Jackson and Miley get grounded for fighting and bickering over sharing Miley's bathroom because of an incident that happened earlier that morning.Leading them to miss their social events. With that being so, they force Lilly and Oliver to pretend to them so Robbie Ray will know that they are there. Their plans do not go the way they plan.
18 May 2007
My Best Friend's Boyfriend
Lily has a new boyfriend, Luke. Miley catches Lucas making out with another girl. Miley proves to Lily that Luke is cheating on her. Someone steals a pair of sunglasses and Rico installs a new security system to prevent any other thefts.
16 Jun. 2007
Take This Job and Love It
After the rehearsal for the Hannah Montana Presidential concert one of her back up dancers ask Hannah out on a date, which Roxy invites her self along. Hannah Montana performs for the President of the United States. After the concert Roxy saves the President from eating tainted sushi, which lily as Lola found out too late and as see runs to the bathroom to throw it back up. The President is impressed that he offers her a job she turns him down but takes the job after her and Miley get into a fight. While Jackson is trying to convince his girlfriend he is a motocross ...
24 Jun. 2007
Achey Jakey Heart: Part 1
Jake comes back from his movie shoot only to find that Miley is not interested in him anymore.
24 Jun. 2007
Achey Jakey Heart: Part 2
Miley realizes that Jake isn't the guy she thought he was, so she tries to make Jake break up with her. Meanwhile, Jackson and Oliver continue to make Rico jealous with their successful Cheezy Jerky business.
7 Jul. 2007
Sleepwalk This Way
When Miley's dad writes a new Hannah Montana song, not having a special guitar puts things off, so Miley looks for the song and isn't too happy when she finds it, causing her to sleepwalk and tell her dad what she thinks about the song. Also, Jackson tries to stop Miley from sleepwalking so that he can get his dad to agree to him throwing a huge house party.
13 Jul. 2007
When You Wish You Were the Star
Miley wishes she was Hannah all the time.
21 Jul. 2007
I Want You to Want Me... to Go to Florida
Miley's dad hurts his back and Miley wants to go to Florida so she can sing against her nasty popstar rival. What will she do to get there?
4 Aug. 2007
Everybody Was Best Friend Fighting
Hannah Montana is offered two tickets to a celebrity tennis tournament. So, who will she take? Lilly, or Oliver??? Lilly and Oliver both fight for Miley's attention.
4 Aug. 2007
Song Sung Bad
When Lilly records a song for her mom and sounds horrible, Miley and Robbie Ray doctor the recording. Thinking she is a great singer, Lilly challenges Amber to a sing off.
18 Aug. 2007
Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas
Miley is envious of her Dad spending time jamming with the Jonas Brothers. Jackson tries to break the World Pogo-stick record.
21 Sep. 2007
Don't Stop Til You Get the Phone
Miley wants her dad to buy her a Z-phone. When he doesn't, she and Lilly sell a picture of her to the tabloid to get money to buy a Z-phone. They try to get it back when they realizes that the photo accidentally reveals Miley's secret that she is Hannah because she is wearing a Miley necklace. They make a deal with the tabloid to go to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's hotel room to trade a embarrassing picture of "The Rock" to get the Hannah picture back. They proceed to give him lipstick, manicures, clip on earrings, eye shadow, and curlers before taking his picture with ...
19 Oct. 2007
That's What Friends Are For?
When Jake tells Miley he wants to keep their relationship platonic, Miley convinces herself that she is fine with it and won't be jealous. However, when she discovers that her biggest competitor, Mikayla, is going to be Jake's new co-star and love interest on his next film, Miley devises a plan to get Mikayla fired off the set. When the plan doesn't succeed, Miley must come to terms with how she wants to handle her new relationship with Jake.
9 Nov. 2007
Lilly's Mom Has Got It Goin' On
When Robby and Lilly's mom Heather make plans to go out on a date, Miley and Lilly get so excited, the're sure they'll hit it off and the two of them will become sisters, but all doesn't go as planned when Robby and Heather have a disagreement and the girls argue over whose parent is to blame.
7 Dec. 2007
I Will Always Loathe You
Mamaw and Aunt Dolly come to celebrate the winning of an International Music Award. The only trouble is that they can't stand each other; they've been fighting for years over Elvis.

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