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  • A compilation of erotic films intended to illuminate the points where art meets sexuality.

  • Shorts by eight directors examine the boundary between Eros and porn. A feral man masturbates with the aid of a whirling crankshaft; a sunbathing woman phones a doctor for a playful house call; a man with a quartz penis goes through lovemaking, castration, cannibalism, and restoration; a mouth and tongue, close up, lick viscous liquids of different colors and consistency; we watch a grainy film of a lesbian threesome, their eyes and genitalia crudely scratched out; a director interviews ten men, choosing one who picks among six actresses for a porn shoot; ink wash drawings become animated scenes of copulation; last, while an infant cries, a strobe illuminates adults at play.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Destricted is an art-based film where seven directors, including controversial director Larry Clark (Kids), explore modernistic views of sex, sexuality, and pornography in modern film. The film features seven short films all of which are explicit in nature.

    Balkan Erotic Epic (Marina Abramovic): The first of the films features an observation of old Balkan Rituals. The movie's narration describes various sexual actions that members of the Balkan culture performed. Among these actions is the exposure of the female genitalia into the rain to increase fertility. Other act includes a Balkan man drilling three holes into a small wooden bridge and simulating intercourse with all three holes in an attempt to cure impotency. Other act portrays multiple men lying nude on the ground simulating intercourse with small holes in the soil in an attempt to help fertilize the ground before planting their annual crops.

    Hoist (Matthew Barney): This movie begins with an unknown image. It is long and slug-like to the eye. It is also covered in leaves, dirt, and other debris. After some time the images begins to move and it becomes apparent that it is a penis and it is growing erect. There appears on the screen a large machine called a deforester. It is then showed that there is a seat fastened to the underside of the machine. A wax coating is found around the driveshaft (located directly above the seat). The man from the beginning of the scene is seen nude in the seat rubbing his erect penis against the wax-coated drive shaft. There is a large gourd shaped plant hanging from the man's anus. This scene continues until the man ejaculates. His seamen is then spread across the wax located on the driveshaft.

    Sync (Marco Brambilla): In the shortest of the short film collections, Brambilla presents a collage of pornography scenes from a large amount of various movies. These scenes are cut in a way where it can be perceived that one action is happening, thought multiple scenes are being flashed. The film is set to a drum only soundtrack that is as rapid moving as the images on the screen.

    Impaled (Larry Clark): The scene opens with a young man sitting on the coach. There are questions being asked to the young man by another man behind the camera (it can be assumed to be Clark). The young man continues to answer questions about his penis size, sex life, and the effect of pornography in his sexual mentality. Throughout the interview, multiple other males take his place answering the same questions. The scene then cuts to a close-up of a penis. The interview of the males (shown one at a time) are interchanged as all of them strip nude in front of the camera. Questions are then asked about if they are comfortable with their penis size, their greatest sexual fantasies, and personal grooming. It is quickly revealed through the questioning that all the males are highly influenced in thinking that the images portrayed by pornography is what should be expected in their sex life. It then becomes evident that what is being watched is an interview for a pornography movie. A young man from the group is chosen to be the actor. He is then present when Clark interviews for the female part. Several pornography stars are brought in and asked questions. They are asked about their childhood, their first time, and their sexual limits. The man indicates that he has a fantasy for older women and for anal sex. The women are then asked to strip down and asked more questions. At the end of this interview process, the young man chooses an older actress who was willing to have anal sex with him. She re-enters the room after being cast on her hands and knees. The footage is greatly unedited and no special effects are used. She performs oral sex on him and they have intercourse (both vaginal and anal). The man ejaculates and the film ends with the cleaning of the woman's anus and the man's penis.

    We Fuck Alone (Gaspar Noe): We Fuck Alone holds a warning that a strobing effect is used and should not be viewed by individuals with medical conditions. The strobing effect last throughout. It portrays a young woman in midst of a masturbation session. She is watching a pornography film on the television as she lies on the couch. She begins slow and works her way up to more forceful motions. She eventually simulates oral sex using her large stuffed teddy bear. She shoves the bear into her exposed crotch. She climaxes. This scene is shared with a similar male masturbation scene. There is a young man with a look that can be best described as in the fashion on a neo-nazi. The young man is watching the same pornography movie (which is made to make the transitions between the two scenes). After masturbating for some time, he takes a blow-up doll and beings to simulate oral sex. After spending time simulating both oral and vaginal sex with the dolls he reveals a gun. He holds the gun up to the dolls head with violently simulating oral sex. The scene ends with his ejaculation.

    House Call (Richard Prince): House Call takes a scene from an older 70's pornography film and replaces the soundtrack to it. It appears as if the movie is being played on an older television with the camera hovering directly in front of the screen. A voluptuous blonde woman lies in bed and a doctor appears. In the midst of the check-up, the doctor and patient begins to have sexual relations. This last until the film's end.

    Death Valley (Sam Taylor-Wood): Perhaps the most simple of the seven films, there is appears to be an empty and vast valley located in an unknown location. The camera never moves, but only zooms in and out. A young man appears walking into the middle of the open range. He begins to remove his pants and masturbate. The scene ends with the ending of his masturbation session.

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