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A very good family movie
barrys8213 October 2007
This film was very good. A great family movie with the only purpose of entertaining people with that unique touch that only Disney can give. It has a very simple yet enjoyable story about a famous football player who's life is all about football, parties, women and his dog apparently a very good life but also a very lonely one when someday a girl appears at his door telling that he is her dad and there's where he must learn how to be a parent and at the same time to live. The cast is good. The Rock proves that he is more than an action hero, he also can do comedy in a very good way, the little girl Madison Pettis is so cute and his acting is great, she looks very natural. Roselyn Sanchez delivers a good supporting role as the girl's ballet teacher and Kyra Sedgwick although it was a short performance it was also very convincing. In conclusion, a very good family that you will enjoy
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A great family film
Smells_Like_Cheese19 October 2007
OK, I know that The Game Plan was very cheesy and extremely predictable, but who cares? What were people expecting? It's Disney, it's supposed to be this kind of a film. I saw The Game Plan with my friend yesterday and we both liked it, we got a few laughs from it and it was over all a well made movie. We were both very impressed with the little actress, Madison Pettis, who played The Rock's daughter, she was incredibly believable and didn't over do her role or was too cute that it made you sick. The script may not be Oscar material, but it was perfect for a family film and the story while it may not be the most original, still had it's funny and touching moments.

Joe is a quarterback on Boston's football team and they are about to go to the championships. His personal life is usual the same each night, party all night with his buds and party all night with the good looking women. But all that changes when there's a stranger at the door, a little girl who claims to be his daughter, her name is Peyton and that she's his daughter from a short marriage he had. With his expensive home and party life style, Joe may need to make some changes to his life, as hard as that may be. But he ends up gaining something more in the end, a loving daughter to call him "daddy".

Like I said, this is a Disney film, don't expect Oscar worthy material, it's just a fun little family flick. No one will ever get sick of the "big guy with muscles" trying to relate to the little one's, just look at Kindergarten Cop or The Pacifier, both films were good and have a lot of fans. Besides if someone can tell me the honest truth that they were not laughing at The Rock's allergic reaction to cinnamon and started speaking like Daffy Duck, they really must not have a funny bone in their body. The Game Plan is the perfect family film for the season, it's a cute film.

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Thoroughly enjoyable family fun
sdod230 September 2007
This was a thoroughly enjoyable family movie. Saw it with my wife and 10 year old son and we all had a great time. The Rock is improving as an actor and was quite funny, especially in the Ballet... The little girl was very cute. The humor was squeaky clean and the message was clear and sweet. Loved it. Kyra Sedwick was funny in places which I'm not used to seeing. The supporting cast of football players was well done. There isn't much football in the movie so it won't turn off non-athletes. I think the Rock's charm will continue to drive his career as he is able to always bring the charm while pulling off the tough male ego.
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Great Family Movie
sluggy300022 September 2007
We saw this tonight. It was wonderful. My husband took one look at all the little girls seated in the theater and said, "Did you choose the right movie?" But he laughed from start to finish, as did all the other men in the theater.

The story is about a selfish star quarterback who plays for the Boston Rebels NFL team. (Ah, if only it were so). He has a fabulous bachelor pad and a bulldog. He adores Elvis and has adopted his nickname, calling himself Joe "The King" Kingman. A wee eight year-old girl shows up on his doorstep and says she is his daughter. This throws him off balance to say the least.

The Rock plays the part very well. I heard a LOT of sniffles during emotional parts. The little girl who plays his daughter is adorable.

I highly recommend.
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Sweet Game Plan
jon.h.ochiai7 October 2007
In "The Game Plan" after being high-jacked to the mall by his 8 year-old daughter Peyton (adorable Madison Pettis) and her ballerina crew, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Superstar Quarterback Joe Kingman is held captive at a "Make Your Own Doll" shop. Roselyn Sanchez as Peyton's ballet instructor Monique arrives to the rescue. "The Rock", crammed in children's chair, is combing out the hair of the doll he made. "The Rock" humbly tells Monique, "Thanks for saving me…" Joe wistfully concedes that he is not at all good at this—being a Dad. Monique reminds him that women being better anyway, are better at this sort of thing. Then in a touching admission, she tells Joe that fathers are important in that they teach daughters courage, and "They make us brave." Director Andy Fickman's "The Game Plan" is surprisingly both touching and sweet. Sentimental is a given—if you have a problem with that, you need to crawl back under a rock, because the sunshine emerges shamelessly in "The Game Plan". "The Game Plan" works, because of The Rock's undeniable charm, and his natural chemistry with Madison Pettis.

Film critic Richard Roeper commented that The Rock has squandered the opportunity of being the next huge action star, with his recent roles. I don't think so. For one thing: Action star roles are not very interesting. The Rock is a smart guy, and he is choosing roles with career longevity in mind. The Rock's gift is light comedy. He is incredibly charming and has amazing comedic timing. Granted this comedy leverages the incongruity of his physicality and athleticism offset against cute little Peyton "P" and gorgeous Monique. The Rock is a strikingly handsome man, and standing 6'4" with the ripped body he is imposing. Note the great CGI work seamlessly covers his tribal tattoos. I am a huge fan of The Rock. Here in "The Game Plan" he is funny, charming, and charismatic. As cute and adorable as Madison Pettis is as P, The Rock is never over shadowed. His evolving relationship with Peyton is poignant and endearing. Pettis is stellar, not overplaying cute-- she just is. She also displays amazing restraint on the whole precociousness little girl deal. Although the audience is a little shaky on Peyton's real story, her mission to know her father (Joe) lands as genuine. Among the interview questions she asks trolling for the desired answer, "What is best thing that ever happened to you?" The initially selfish Joe says that it his limited collectors release of his athletic shoe. Wrong answer.

The Rock plays Joe Kingman, All-Pro Quarterback for the playoff bound Boston Rebels. He revels in his celebrity lifestyle. Joe is rich, good-looking, single, and lives with his bulldog Spike in his mega bachelor pad. His agent Stella (taut and hilarious Kyra Sedgwick) tells Joe, he is about to make "Tiger Woods money". He parties with supermodel Tatiana (good vapid Kate Nauta). He hangs with his player crew (hilarious Hayes MacArthur, Brian White, and Jamal Duff). Arrogant Joe mercilessly tells his wide receiver Sanders (solid and charming Morris Chestnut) that he needs to retrieve his "Man Card". That is the way Joe rolls. Joe is also a greatness poser. Joe is all "I am great. You're not." Joe's world immediately alters when little Peyton (Pettis) arrives at Joe's door, announcing that she is in fact his daughter. Peyton tells Joe that she is staying with him for 4 weeks while her mom is doing humanitarian work in Africa, and can not be reached by cell phone.

In recap, Joe is now a Dad, and leading his Rebels to the Super Bowl. Clearly he has a clue for only one of these responsibilities. Fortunately, Joe finds a dance school for little ballerina Peyton. To his utter disbelief the instructor Monique (beautiful and feisty Roselyn Sanchez) has no idea regarding Joe's celebrity. Monique soon enrolls Joe into his responsibility as a parent. The resulting aftermath is Joe's participation in a ballet production. There is a hysterical scene as Monique hands Joe his ballet tights. Joe dismisses, "Oh, no! I am a freakishly large man!" Will Joe knock it off, and surrender to his innate greatness becoming a leader for his team and a loving father for Peyton? No worries. Thankfully "The Game Plan" is a Disney Pictures movie. "The Game Plan" is also the rarity in contemporary times—a family movie that is smart, sentimental, sweet, and all heart. The Rock is awesome. In my older age I'll embrace cheesy and sentimental, when stories celebrate the very best in people. Take a chance on "The Game Plan".
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Cute movie, kinda corny
apboyles22 September 2007
Well, I got to see this tonight as a sneak preview. I went in excited because the trailer cracked me up and wasn't disappointed. It was cute. Some of the lines are corny but some of it was serious stuff. You get to see some emotion from Johnson. The beginning cracks you up, you see this guy basically in love with himself trying to make it to the big one of his football career when he has a little girl thrust upon him. He doesn't know what to do, how to handle her. I think that the background relationship with his father could have been fleshed out a little better,you only get a hint of it, but otherwise it was a good movie. Some of the parts are HILARIOUS!! The little girl in the movie has got definite attitude and it cracked me up. Overall it was a decent movie, a good one to see.
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Big on football; big on family
brettchatz-15 October 2007
Big Joe Kingman is living the all-American dream: he's a superstar quarterback and living large. His team loves him and big sponsorships are flowing thick and fast.

There's only one little hiccup for the big man: an 8 year-old girl shows up on his doorstep one evening. The King's entire life is turned upside down within a month.

Joe discovers that this peppy little gal is none other than his daughter. Dad and daughter have to make up for lost time, often with hilarious results.

The Rock shows yet again why he is an all-American superstar: he's bright, brawny and full of talent. Madison Pettis does a sterling job as Peyton Kelly, his sassy little daughter.

The duo has brilliant on-screen chemistry and Disney has compiled a sure-fire family winner in The Game Plan.
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Reminds Me Of Classic Walt Disney Movies
Joekingfans24 September 2007
I was a child of the 1960s, and grew up seeing many of those classic Walt Disney films when originally released. After Walt Disney passed away, the Disney films decades later didn't seem to have that same feel to them. "The Game Plan" seems like one of those classic Disney films from the 60s, but up to date rather than in days gone by. I saw a Sneak Preview on Saturday. In "The Game Plan," Boston Quarterback Joe Kingman is quite surprised when he suddenly learns that he has a 6 year old daughter from a previous marriage. It is a story on how his life changes from the playboy lifestyle of perhaps the most eligible bachelor in the NFL to that of a high profile dad. It's a light hearted comedy. My call on "The Game Plan" is that it will be #1 at the Box Office this weekend. It's a good movie. Go see it.
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An awesome modern movie from Disney
Pilsung8920 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see this as a chaperone for kids on a camp day field trip. I must say it is one of Disney's best recent films. a lot of Disney's movies today are corny and boring, and not funny at all. This is a major exception. This a great family film the whole family will enjoy. The idea of a young girl being thrust upon a parent who doesn't even know about her is not original, but the setting is pretty cool in this film.

The acting is terrific. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is stepping out of his regular role for this movie. He plays a self-centered NFL quarterback who's dreams of being a champion are suddenly hampered by discovering he had a long lost daughter. Now he has to learn not to be so arrogant, and learn how to be a compassionate father. I think he did a wonderful job acting, and he was very funny. It proves that The Rock doesn't need fights, guns, and explosions for him to make an impact on the screen. Madison Pettis was simply cute and adorable as The Rock's daughter. She did an excellent job. She showed great emotion and timing for such a young actress. There were a few parts of the movie that were slightly dull, and few of the jokes weren't delivered very well, but those are a small part of this movie. A little cheesy? perhaps. A little corny at times? Probably. But that's actually a reason to like this humorous film. The whole theater was laughing many times, and the emotional scenes were indeed emotional. The Rock even did well in those scenes. With good acting, a good family plot, and good family fun humor, this makes a very good family film. I won't say it's a classic, but it's close. I give it a 9/10.
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DarkAngeloX30 September 2007
Personally, it was the trailers that made me want to see this movie from the start. Let's get serious, this was not supposed to be 'Shindler's List' or something. It's a comedy about a football player! If anyone expected anything more they were deluded from the start. "The Rock" was very decent in this role, but he wasn't supposed to be the superstar of the film, just the superstar of the team -- that a big difference. Pettis was amazing, as was Kyra Sedgwick. And the team...the team of knucklehead football players stole the show in every scene they were in. The comedy had its slapstick moments but for the most part it was heartfelt and warm. I took my 7 and 6 year old daughters to see and they loved it. Definitely a must-see family film and certainly a DVD buy!
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This was wonderful!~!
Roxburyfunny11 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Everyone knew the Rock could act but this was a major stretch that he handled amazingly. The cast was terrific and the chemistry between him and Madison was adorable. I think what I liked best was the story line. Disney actually branched out with something different and gave it a wonderful cast. There's a lot more to this then meets the eye so don't just judge it but the trailer or reviews go decide for yourself. It was a treat to sit there and watch this. It's one of those movies you look forward to seeing and it doesn't disappoint. The dog especially is one reason to see this because it's adorable and played a big role in a way. The music was great Elvis all the way and Yes the Rock can sing. Recommended for anyone who likes a great family movie!~!
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a change of pace for The Rock, though a better script would have been nice
Special-K885 November 2007
Joe Kingman is a talented but pompous pro quarterback and dedicated bachelor who has yet to win a championship throughout the course of his illustrious career. That's the least of his worries however when he's united with the precocious eight-year-old daughter he never knew he had, and is abruptly forced to embrace fatherhood. Will he see the error of his ways and learn to be a responsible parent? The Rock, showing a softer side here, is likable and engaging and the film is sure to attract its target audience, but there's too much formula and too few laughs for it to really set itself apart from the standard genre. Watchable, and easy to take, but obvious and undistinguished. **
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A movie you can watch it again and again !
one-766 December 2007
I didn't expected much from this movie but it did surprise me.

It is very funny , a lot of meanings and emotions, the kid is a fantastic actress,

she is really cute and adorable and the rock did a good job.

I'm sure you would like to watch it again, it is a good break,

it helped me to relax and forget about a lot of stress.

you don't expect a lot more from a funny family movie that everybody can enjoy,

it is well done so don't worry about the story and just have some good time.
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Pleasantly surprised
magicangelisa7 November 2007
Just came back from taking five kids to see this movie. The plan had been to send the kids in to watch a kids movie and for us adults to watch something else but this was the only movie on at that time, so we all watched it. Both my friend and I were pleasantly surprised that we quite enjoyed what we really thought would be an atrocious film. Story line is pretty basic, egotistical self-centered football superstar dealing with the fact that his marriage that ended eight years ago produced a child who takes it upon herself to come and stay with him (unbeknownst to her mother who thinks she is away on ballet camp) Footballer hero has to deal with the realities of parenthood in a hurry and does a damn fine job of it despite a few initial hiccups. Despite everybody thinking that the kid would be "a distraction" to his game, what proves to be the worst distraction is the possibility of losing her again, and in the end he chooses his daughters heart over a super big commercial deal. No, it wasn't mind-blowingly unpredictable or anything, but it was good family comedy with a touch of tear-jerky reality that made me wanna hug my kids when I came out from the cinema. If more people realized that their kids were the best thing that ever happened to them the the world would probably be a much nicer place to live. I'd give it 8/10 bedazzled stars!
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wow. great movie
dangazz30 September 2007
The Game plan was awesome. I hope that daughters and fathers will watch this movie. Lots of smiles. Laughter and tears. The movie reminded my how important a father and daughter relationships should be. Life is too short to let a relationship pass you by. With so many split families and mothers leaving the fathers, with out the children is very difficult. The acting in this movie was great and very true. The dancing and the football relationship was put together very well too. I would recommend this movie for all to see. I would watch it again. I went with my son but I would love to go with my daughter too. keep the hope alive dads. and keep that relationship with you daughters all their lives. Let them know how much you love them always.
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A Nutshell Review: The Game Plan
DICK STEEL31 October 2007
American football team Boston Rebels' star quarterback Joe Kingman (The Rock) has only two loves in his life - Football and Elvis Presley. Like all successful sports superstars at the top of their game, he's living the good life, with his swanky penthouse apartment fitted with the latest luxuries, a sportster that screams "Mo Jo(e)", and endless parties with beautiful women. But alas one fine day he finds little Peyton Kelly (Madison Pettis) at his doorstep, claiming to be his daughter, and thus putting the brakes in his fast life.

It's convenient to start weaving woeful family drama and comedy about the complete opposites being struck by Fate to live under the same roof. As the trailers would have suggested, everything comes off quite predictably, and at times you feel that such scenes where the young girl tosses Kingman's life upside down, to be a little too contrived, and mostly having fall flat at its attempts to be funny. When funny doesn't work, it switches gears to cute.

However, The Game Plan possesses a certain charm, helped in loads without a doubt by the charisma of Dwayne The Rock Johnson. WWE entertainers perform their craft perfectly in the wrestling ring, but extremely few have made the transition to the big screen almost seamlessly. Dwayne Johnson happens to be one of the lucky few, with his megawatt smile and very personable demeanour, bringing him across as the big buddy you would like to hang out with. And while we know he can do action - The Scorpion King, Rundown, Walking Tall and Doom, he has shown a range of his ability through dramas like Gridiron Gang, and comedy, with his extremely hilarious turn in Be Cool. In The Game Plan, he rolls all those into one without breaking a sweat, and this movie is almost single-handedly saved from the doldrums by resting itself on his broad muscular shoulders.

Gridiron Gang had American Football elements in it, though The Rock now crosses from being the coach to the star player. He's the action sports hero with trademark moves (every respectable star would have one of those), the arrogant himbo who let success go into his head, and through the movie, we see a transformation to sensitive dad. What you don't see The Rock do, is best kept under wraps as probably THE BEST SCENE in this movie, which you have to watch to bear witness. Talk about extreme flexibility! Some credit of course has to go to his co-stars in making the movie more palatable to a wider audience outside the fan base, though most of them, like Kyra Sedgwick as the bimbo, and Roselyn Sanchez as the hot latino instructor, are more caricatures without much personality injected, as expected. Madison Pettis shines in her role as the precocious kid, but sometimes she pouts too much and comes across more irritating than cute, though still managing to hold her own opposite Johnson. There are some heartwarming scenes between her and The Rock, and you'll probably be trying to hold back that teardrop.

This is still a star vehicle for Dwayne Johnson, and I hope that he will not ditch his action roles for drama or comedy, given a distinct lack of action movie stars that I humbly think he can fill. We all know how Arnie fared when he dabbled with comedy before going back to his Terminator roots, or Vin Diesel for that matter when he traded stunts for the milk bottle in The Pacifier. Filled with plenty of Elvis songs (director Andy Fickman is reportedly a fan) that you can hear Johnson serenade with, there are enjoyable moments in The Game Plan, and its predictable Zacherie sweet messages on family, determination and the likes, will no doubt make this movie achieve a decent box office success here.

As a fan, I can't wait for his debut in Get Smart, and crossing my fingers he'll be casted in the much rumored production of Shazam! as The Big Red Cheese!
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Great movie
kyshelton413 October 2007
Great movie! My children loved it and I thought it was very entertaining as well. This movie offers a little bit of everything, comedy, sports, a bulldog, ballet, a small love plot,and a happy ending. It is not as predictable as you would think. Although there is not much football playing in this movie. References are made to football and there are a lot of locker room scenes, but not much playing time. The whole time you are watching the movie you might think you have it figured out, but you probably don't. Enjoyable for adults and kids. If you liked Daddy Day Care this movie is better. I have a new found respect for the Rock and the little girl is adorable.
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Plan on being thoroughly entertained and touched, one of Disney's best works ever
inkblot1131 December 2007
Joe Kingman (The Rock, Dwayne Johnson) is a hotshot quarterback for the Boston Rebels. He is a great player, in truth, but he is pretty darn self-centered and has never acquired a championship ring. He lives and breathes football, mostly, but loves Elvis and women, too. One day, at his ultimate bachelor pad, a pre-teen girl shows up at his door, telling him that she is his daughter, Peyton. She provides the proof, so there is no denying the connection. As Peyton must stay for a month, Joe resigns himself to looking after her. However, he has much to learn about bedtimes, ballet, bubble baths, and more. Yet, surprisingly, he forms a strong bond with his daughter. Will it last? This is one of Disney best efforts, ever, absolutely. It is funny, touching, and relevant, all at the same time. Johnson is wonderful as the full-of-himself footballer who must learn some of life's most important lessons very quickly. Madison Pettis, playing Peyton, is also quite nice, with Kyra Sedgwick, Morris Chestnut, Roselyn Sanchez and others backing them up with humor and skill. The script is amazing, alternating between high humor and sweetness, and never faltering on its way to a nice ending. As for the costumes, scenery, and cinematography, they are terrific, making for a film that looks most lovely. If you are in search of a great family film, do make a personal game plan to show this movie to your loved ones very soon. It will bring down the house and give everyone a much-needed reason to feel good about life again. More than that, it may teach those closest to us some important lessons about loving each other every day, no matter what the situation. Oh, and look out for the darling credits, where everyone sings along with Elvis' "Burning Love"!
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One Of My Many Favorites
happygirlisdabomb27 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Joe Kingman was living the average life of a star football player until 8 year old Payton Kelly shows up at his door insisting that she is his daughter. After some remembering he realizes this could easily be possible and accepts the challenge of taking care of her while her mom is away.At first it does not go so well. Finally Joe Gives in to Payton and signs her up for a ballet program where they meet Monique who helps Joe to figure out how to take care of Payton. When Joe and Payton get in a fight and Payton accidentally eats her allergen Joe realizes he needs to get her to the hospital quickly. When they find out she is OK Paytons Mother's Sister shows up, who Payton had said was dead, and tells Joe that Payton was not supposed to be there and her mother had died. She takes Payton back right before Joes championship game and he gets injured. When he is resiting in the locker room Payton shows up and tells him she missed him and her aunt decides she should stay with Joe. Joe returns to the game and they win. this is not everything but it is a pretty detailed review

I Loved this movie so much and i cant wait for it to come out on DVD i saw it in theaters three times and i cant wait to see it again the cast does an excellent job as far as I'm concerned i loved how they added the romantic thing between Joe and Monique along with the father daughter relationship of Joe and Payton over all this is one of my many favorite movies and its one thats tied for first
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This is a wonderful movie! Family Approved for sure!
carolinagirlunc26 October 2007
THis is just a wonderful movie! Touches all about life. I would highly recommend seeing this movie. There are just not a lot of true family movies out today. This one I can say THANK YOU for making such a great movie. I am not one to buy a lot of movies, but when we got out of the movie, we agreed this one will be put on the to purchase list when it is released! THE Rock is just great! Madison is just so cute, funny. All the cast are wonderful in this movie.....can't leave out anyone of them. Go see for yourself and get your pre movie errands complete, ie.. popcorn, drinks, bathroom runs LOL kids love em. You don't want to miss any of this show! J <><
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Cute, Fun, Great Movie
tereenab0130 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I took my little cousin to see this movie yesterday and absolutely loved it. It was great to see The Rock playing in a soft roll and actually being able to see his acting abilities. I went into this movie thinking I was going to fall asleep, but I ended up laughing the entire time. Also I cried during the end when Peyton decides to go home, and I cried again when she came back. It was great when he gave up 25 million dollars just to say he was taking his daughter home. It shows he had completely transformed. I don't usually buy movies on DVD, but I will defiantly consider buying this one. The only reason why I didn't give it a ten was because it took a while to explain what was actually going on and if you weren't paying attention, you would definitely be confused. But overall, GREAT MOVIE!
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Great family film
woolwardc29 September 2007
This was a very entertaining and funny movie, I taught the Rock and Madison Pettis had great chemistry and there was nonstop fun. If you don't see this movie you are missing great family entertainment at a time when wholesome family values are at an all time low.Go see this movie and you will feel that this movie is going to be a Disney classic, I cannot believe that anyone would give this movie less than a 9. I hope to see Madison Pettis in more movies ,she is a cute adorable little girl and has such a great persona on the screen. The Rock is such a huge figure and he did a great job in this family film and showed how loves can change anyone to become a less selfish person.
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A Vanilla Movie
keiichi7330 September 2007
Taking a hard-boiled action movie star out of his element has long been a favorite premise of Hollywood. This is usually accomplished by taking said star, and then teaming them up with either a cute child or animal. The Game Plan has learned its lessons well, as it teams up its star, wrestler turned actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, with both a cute child and an animal. What the movie has not learned is how to present any ideas or anything new to go with it. This isn't just by the book film-making, this is a Frankenstein's Monster built of the clichés handed down over the years.

As is usually the case in these kind of films, the lead character begins the film as a self-obsessed material neat freak. The Rock's character, Joe "The King" Kingman lives up to our expectations. He's the star quarterback on a fictional football team called the Boston Rebels. Joe's world of fast living and material possessions is turned upside down with the arrival of an overly precocious 8-year-old girl named Peyton (Madison Pettis). She looks like the child acting agency just dropped her off at his doorstep, as her line delivery and manner of speaking are just too cute and scripted, but she claims to be Joe's daughter from a previous brief relationship with a woman almost 10 years ago. An illegitimate daughter is never a good thing for a celebrity, especially since his hard-nosed agent (Kyra Sedgwick) is trying to get him endorsement deals to help boost his career. With Peyton's mom away in Africa, Joe has to learn how to be a father for the first time in his life.

The Game Plan is total film-making by numbers that plays entirely by our expectations. There's no build up or pay off, it just keeps on doing what it knows it's supposed to. We know that eventually little Peyton is going to make a mess in the bathtub when she tries to make a bubble bath, and puts too much of the liquid in. We get the required shot of Joe jumping into the overflowing bubble bath, and having him come out covered with the soapy substance head-to-foot, but it doesn't go anywhere. Another example - Peyton is a ballerina, and starts to attend a local school. The class is taught by a lovely young woman named Monique (Roselyn Sanchez), whom Joe is instantly smitten with. He starts hanging around the class to be close to her, and sooner or later, he's being talked into dancing with the rest of the girls. This leads to the inevitable sequence where we will see him dressed in tights, and performing in front of an audience. And yet, we do not laugh, because the movie does not do anything beyond that simple idea.

The film plays takes a switch for mawkish sentimentality in its final half hour. This leads to one of the most curious scenes in the movie. While Joe, Peyton, and Monique are eating at a restaurant, Peyton suddenly grows ill. She has a food allergy to nuts, and Joe must rush to the hospital. What's odd about this moment is that it treats her allergy with the utmost seriousness. And yet, earlier in the film, it plays up Joe's food allergy to cinnamon for laughs. What are we to make of this? Some food allergies are a crisis, while others are hilarious? This movie doesn't understand allergies, just like it doesn't understand a lot of things. Joe's football team doesn't even seem like a real team. Heck, they don't even seem to have a coach for most of the film, until he suddenly appears on the sidelines during the big game climax.

There have been a lot of professional wrestlers trying their hand at movies these days, John Cena and Steve Austin being two recent examples. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is so far the only one who actually seems to be attempting a real acting career, instead of playing it safe. I've always found him to be surprisingly charismatic as an actor, and he's no different here. He's just trapped in an unworthy character and screenplay. He goes through the usual character arc of selfish millionaire to caring dad, but the movie gives him no motivation to do so. Young Madison Pettis makes her big screen debut after a couple years acting on various children's programs, and she doesn't quite seem ready for the big time yet. She's too calculating and perfect in her performance, almost like she's trying too hard. I'm not writing her off, as she at least shows some signs she knows what she's doing. I just think she needs to not come across so artificial in her performance.

The Game Plan is what I like to call "a vanilla movie". It doesn't offend, but it's so plain and ordinary that you have to wonder why anyone bothered in the first place. The movie is so afraid to step out of the line of expectations, almost as if it thinks our heads will explode if it goes the slightest bit off course, or gives us something to care or (Heaven forbid) think about. How predictable is this movie? When the final scene faded out, I stayed in my seat, because I just had a feeling there was going to be a sequence with the characters singing along to the closing music during the end credits. Sure enough, as soon as the credits started to roll, there was The Rock (and eventually the entire cast and even the crew) singing along to an Elvis song.
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I could indeed smell what the Rock was cooking...and it smelled great!
HellsBattleMoose29 September 2007
I saw this movie last night with my older sister and her two daughters. I have had a keen interest in everything the Rock has been doing in terms of Hollywood, and I think he has finally showed us that he is more then a bucolic muscle head with the ability to raise his eye brow in a funny way. Johnson has come a long way from his train wreck appearance in The Scorpion King, and I believe has now established himself as one of the better commodities sitting in Hollywood today. For me, I believe he really started to break free in the Rundown, and just continued to get better and better from Walking Tall, DOOM, and Gridiron Gang as well as his hysterical portrayal in Be Cool. The Game Plan allows Johnson to display his complete array of acting skills with a script that is actually surprisingly well written. The movie is very cute, and I think guys could see this without feeling that their masculinity is being threatened for seeing a "chick flick", but it would definitely be something to take the kids to. The humour is light-hearted, and constant at that. I was absolutely roaring with laughter through the entire movie. But it allows generates several very heart wrenching scenes in which I actually found myself wiping a tear or two away. All in all, this is Johnson's best showing yet, and in my opinion, one of the best movie's of the year. I fully recommend this movie to anyone and I'll be happy to see it again and own it when it comes out.
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Film changed a lot
alok_khanna2 October 2007
I have been a Rock fan since WWF/WWE. His ability to entertain people was outstanding. Then he entered movies and did some decent to good movies (except DOOM).He did amazing in Gridiron Gang where we really felt his feelings for the youth locked up, for his mother and for the pride he took in his job to make the boys learn that their way is a wrong way and ends up in a coffin or grave or ashes.

Then came The Game Plan. I knew it was gonna be okayish good cause well action star in a Disney flick. But I was wrong. It wasn't okayish good it was EXCELLENTY good. The movie didn't over do anything. The Rock was cocky as Joe Kingman and again he showed us his feelings when the girl (madison) entered his life and slowly changed it. First he lived for himself but after that he became his daughters as his daughter became his hope and guide. And all this was proved well.

Yes somethings were kind of rushed like what happens between Joe and Paytons ballet teacher? But all in all this movie is worth it. And Rock if you do such good movies then my guarantee that sky is the limit.
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