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Transparent acting gradually builds up a story of a beautifully constructed moral dilemma
cruzlee23 August 2006
I am amazed by the realism in this work. Hardly surprising, because it is clearly inspired by and based upon the Baan Company affair. The story shows us how faith and business in a big Dutch company rooted in the bible-belt get entangled up to the point where tension gets too high and the shoulders of the ones carrying it collapse. Maybe dogmatic faith and business do not mix after all? Maybe this collapse is nothing but a logical consequence? It set me to think about that.

All the main characters play their parts very convincingly. Kees Prins' role in particular was a real surprise to me. I knew he is talented, but still he exceeded my expectations. However, Pierre Bokma's performance is possibly even better. Furthermore, acting by all the players in this movie is transparent as it should be; building up the story and tension without drawing attention.

I highly recommend this movie.
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fantastic movie about the Dutch bible-belt
jvdtop3 June 2006
Just saw this movie on TV and i think it's fabulous.It's about an IT-company which is founded and run by two brothers,living on the Veluwe, an area known in Holland as very strict in protestant religion(black stocking church is the nickname in Holland)Although the company tries to work with the strict biblical rules, the family finds it difficult to maintain these rules in big business.Based on a real-life scandal in Holland, the movie is very precise in showing the way these people live and try to explain everything through the bible. In one scene even the minister tells the people in church to go in peace and buy shares of the v. d.Laan company. Based on facts the film gives great insides in the way these people do there business and ,most of the time, get away with it.Acting is sublime!It's really the best Dutch movie i saw for quiet some time.
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Brilliant movie
Nonie6527 August 2006
A brilliant movie based on a true story with some fiction to get a great movie! Brilliant acting! The true story-part of this movie is of course the fall of the brothers Baan with their company Baan (in the movie the brothers Van Der Laan). For years the stock Baan was one of the great moneymakers and the two deeply religious brothers were even capable of reaching the Nasdaq. Kees Prins, Pierre Bokma, Monique Hendrickx and many others are very convincing in playing a strict religious family in the town Putten on the Veluwe. The fictional parts of this movie are as touching as a good movie should be! This movie is an absolute must for fans of European movies.
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Pretty good
KELDER-35 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
'De uitverkorene' is, for dutch standards, a pretty good movie. Although it is for me strange to believe that there are really very successful companies who are build upon strict religion, it wasn't to hard to imagine. The story is pretty good, and with the enron scandal also quite believable and actual.

Furthermore, the acting is really good, I especially liked the acting of the 2 'brothers', they really are convincing, and although they have their differences you can still easy see that they need and trust each other as family. The girl playing Marthe was also pretty good in her role.

((spoilers in this alinea)) There were also some downsides to this story, I found it hard to believe that a girl who was raised very religious would have sex with a men she had only just met a couple of times, and overall the pace of the movie doesn't seem to be equal all the time (which leaves you wondering how many time has passed since the previous scene). Also, I personally would have liked it if they would elaborate on how Steven exactly died, was it from the first hit of the car, or did Peter had to give it a few more tries.., I think that it would have been nice to know, since you could really feel that he wanted Steven to die in that scene, or at least leave the company.

But overall, a very enjoyable movie to watch.
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