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Queer As Folk cast - Then and Now: What the show's stars did next

A Russell T Davies TV project is always something to be excited about. From gifting us Queer as Folk to saving Doctor Who, he has given us a lot to be grateful for over the years. Hence why his various comeback series on Channel 4, E4 and online later this month are being greeted with such a sense of anticipation.

Cucumber, Banana and Tofu come 16 years after Davies shook up TV with Queer as Folk and his new shows look likely to be just as exciting, exploring the passions and pitfalls of 21st century gay life with a candid sense of humour.

But will it create as many stars as Davies's previous Channel 4 series? Here's what happened to the Queer As Folk stars after it ended in 2000.

Aidan Gillen (Stuart)

After playing the sexually rampant Stuart, Gillen landed a role in what many critics claim to be the "greatest
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David Gest turned down Britain’s Got Talent for Grease is the Word

David Gest has admitted that he made the biggest mistake of his career, when he turned down the chance to judge on Britain’s Got Talent.

The music producer – who was famously close friends with the late Michael Jackson – was offered a lucrative TV deal from Simon Cowell back in 2007 and opted to join the panel of flop TV show ‘Grease is the Word’ (alongside Sinitta and Brian Friedman) instead of the massive franchise that it Britain’s Got Talent.

He admits now that he made the “wrong” decision and chose the wrong show when Cowell gave him the choice.

He exclusively told Bang Showbiz: I did ‘Grease is the Word’ and ‘Soapstar Superstar’. Simon signed me on a very lucrative deal. He gave me a choice between ‘Grease is the Word’, which was four months or one week on a little show called ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. I picked the wrong one.
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X Factor 2010: Fyd’s Matthew Newton talks about homeless past

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X Factor hopeful Matthew Newton has revealed that he used to live on the streets but has now completely turned his life around.

The singer was featured on tonight’s show as part of boyband Fyd. They sang Plan B’s She Said for the panel and though Simon Cowell wasn’t convinced, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh were and the boys whizzed through to bootcamp.

However Matthew, who previously worked as a backing singer for Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry, has admitted that his life was not always so easy. He told The Daily Star:

“I left home when I was 17 and ended up sleeping rough in central London.

“It wasn’t my parents’ fault. I was just a bit of a difficult kid and left home one day because I didn’t want an academic career.

“At first I slept on different mates’ ­sofas but in the end
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Antony Cotton says Big Brother was “a very interesting social experiment”

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Coronation Street star Antony Cotton has been talking about the end of Channel 4′s Big Brother.

The show’s final airs this evening and unless another channel picks up the format, after tonight, Big Brother is no more.

Cotton who plays Sean Tulley on the ITV soap, said he thought Bb had been “a very interesting social experiment”.

“People said it’s not a social experiment – it’s a freakshow. But now you can look at it as a 10-year project,” he told The BBC.

“In that 10 years mobile phones and internet access have come on, the world has become a smaller place. In Orwellian terms Big Brother is always watching – it now is more true than ever.”

Sean went on to admit that he used to be an avid fan of the show saying:

“For the first time in about five years I’ve watched every single episode.
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Martine McCutcheon too busy for Strictly Come Dancing 2010?

Martine McCutcheon has claimed that she was asked to compete in Strictly Come Dancing this autumn, but says she may be too busy to take part.

The former Eastenders star is currently fronting an advertising campaign for Activia yogurt and told The Sun

“I have been asked if I would consider a Strictly Come Dancing special but I may be working so we will see.

“Maybe next year if not. I love it.”

However BBC sources say the actress will not be included in the lineup next month.

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Matthew Cutler and Jonathan Wilkes for Dancing On Ice 2011

Since being fired from Strictly Come Dancing, Matthew Cutler has managed to land a gig on another reality TV show. The 36 year old dancer has reportedly singed up to appear on ITV’s Dancing On Ice, not as a professional, but as a celebrity contestant.

Matthew, 36, who previously won Strictly with singer Alesha Dixon, was cut from the professional lineup of the show this year and instead offered a role in a dance troupe who would perform just once a week. He turned the offer down and instead opted to jump ship and move to ITV for a go at ice skating.

An insider told The Sun:

“Producers are really keen on Matthew, as signing him up would be two fingers to the BBC after they dropped him.

“His dance training will definitely give him an advantage and he could be seen as a front-runner from the off.

“Other contestants
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Michael Ball will judge on Dancing On Ice

Michael Ball will be acting as a judge on Dancing On Ice this Sunday night.

The West End singing star will be replacing Robin Cousins on the panel, as he acts as a commentator for the BBC on the Winter Olympics. Though he has only been signed for one night, Michael may also return to judge on next week’s show as well.

An insider told The Sun: “Even though Michael isn’t an ice dancer, he has had loads of theatre experience and will be judging the contestants on performance skills.”

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Dancing On Ice 2010: Hayley Tamaddon headbutts Daniel’s bum

Hayley Tamaddon has admitted that she almost lost a tooth during her Dancing On Ice rehearsals, after she head butted her partner’s bum.

Hayley claims that Daniel Whiston’s bum is ‘rock hard’ and has left her with a sore nose and face

She told fans on Twitter: “We did a lift yesterday, and Dan threw me over his shoulder and I smashed my face into his rock hard bum cheek!

“I nearly lost a tooth and I’ve woken up with a bruised nose. It made my eyes water.”

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Dancing On Ice: Hayley Tamaddon says the boys are in the lead

Dancing On Ice contestant Hayley Tamaddon has revealed that there is no clear favourite to win the ITV series at this early stage but admits the boys are skating better than the girls.

The former Emmerdale actor told The Daily Star:

“Last year everyone thought from the beginning that Ray was the front-runner but this year it’s really difficult.

Gary Lucy is really good on the ice and Mikey Graham and Kieron Richardson are both really good. I think the boys are in front of the girls at the moment.”

Hayley also revealed that she would consider returning to the ITV soap that made her famous, saying:

“I have had to change my look, my weight, my hair, so that people can see the difference and see past Delilah.

“But if they asked me I would definitely consider going back.

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‘Dancing On Ice’ Sunday 10th January – Liveblog

Yes yes yes! The Only ice-dancing extravaganza to grace our screens starts right here – Dancing On Ice 2010 launches tonight!

There’s an amazing circus-themed intro to the show as Torvill and Dean appear in the midst of some colourful freaks (who are not the contestants) – there are trapeze acts, weird costumes, various twirling things and did I mention weird costumes? A spectacular visual feast to kick off the new series.

Phillip and Holly (looking gorgeous, naturally) chat to Torvill and Dean. Christopher talks about how good the contestants are, while Jayne tells us that they’re learning quickly. The contestants file out in fine order – Davro looks amused that he’s even there, I can’t work out why I don’t like Daniella Westbrook, and would people please stop describing Sinitta as a pop star? Davro’s pot belly looks like it may be a distinct disadvantage in this competition!
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Matthew Koon impressed Got To Dance judges

Salford teenager Matthew Koon wowed the judges when he auditioned for Sky 1’s Got To Dance earlier this year.

Koon started ballet classes when he was just two years old and at the age of nine, he was accepted to the Royal Ballet School’s Junior Associate programme.

Judge Ashley Banjo, of Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity, said: “He’s unbelievable, I love him. He inspires me.”

West End star Adam Garcia was also floored by Matthew’s performance, telling the crowd that his performance wasn’t just good for the competition, but was truly world class.

We loved Matthews audition and can’t wait to see it again this Sunday night!

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Hayley Tamaddon for Dancing On Ice 2010?

Former Emmerdale actress Hayley Tamaddon has reportedly signed up for next year’s series of Dancing On Ice.

Hayley played Delilah Dingle on the ITV soap and also starred in reality TV show, Soapstar Superstar.

A source told The Sun: “Hayley’s really excited. She is a really warm character and usually does well on these things.

“She has spoken to other Emmerdale stars who have taken part and they all encouraged her.”
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Ball & Jones Extend in Hairspray Thru 7/25, Planer & Rushworth Join 2/2

The producers of "Hairspray" are delighted to announce that Nigel Planer and Verity Rushworth are to join the cast of the multi-award winning musical, beginning on Monday 2 February. Nigel takes over the role of 'Wilbur Turnblad', husband of larger than life 'Edna' played by Michael Ball. Verity will play Penny Pingleton', best friend of ?Tracy Turnblad' played by Leanne Jones. Nigel Planer is one of the UK's most prolific comedy actors with credits including ?The Comic Strip Presents...', The Young Ones', ?Shine On Harvey Moon', Blackadder' and Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic'. His numerous West End credits include ?Chicago',The Rocky Horror Show' and Wicked'. Verity joined the cast of ?Emmerdale' in the role of Donna Windsor-Dingle at the age of 12, and has gone on to become one of the show's best loved characters. She leaves the programme onscreen at the end of January
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Fleeshman to pen tracks with Sir Elton

Richard Fleeshman is to pen tracks with childhood idol Sir Elton John. The former Coronation Street actor and Soapstar Superstar winner told the Manchester Evening News that Sir Elton has been "so supportive" of his career. Fleeshman, who supported Sir Elton on his summer arena tour, said: "We're going to be writing some songs together towards the end of this month. "It's really nice of him to do it and we're just going to see what happens. Sometimes (more)
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Ex-'Emmerdale' star inspired by weight jibes

Former Emmerdale star Hayley Tamaddon has admitted that she was inspired to lose weight after being taunted about her size on Soapstar Superstar. The actress, who played Delilah Dingle on the ITV1 soap, was shocked to receive criticism over her appearance from Soapstar judge Billy Sammeth when she competed in the 2007 contest. She later discovered that posters on an internet forum agreed with his comments. Tamaddon told Take 5 magazine: "People were saying, 'She's definitely not a size 10 - a 14 more like'. I was a size 10 then and all right, I was curvy. I watch the show back now and think how massive my boobs were. Now I've gone down a whole cup size. Those comments did upset me, but they gave me a kick up the bum." Hayley has lost a stone in weight since she (more)
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