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Unrealized Potential
Siamois29 October 2007
I am not surprised by the polarized opinions regarding this movie, although I do think there is a lot of overreaction.

Shrooms is simply a decent little movie that seems promising when you first begin to watch it, thanks in great part to solid direction tricks. However, eventually it fails to deliver because of a very, very weak story and a failed attempt at defying genres.

When you first start to watch, the movie grabs your attention with what seems like good characters and the remote set is also well showcased. You get some threads of character development and the story flows quickly to introduce the mood thanks to a character recounting a legend and one character consuming mushrooms.

Unfortunately, it's at this point that the movie starts going in all directions. Many reviewers seem offended that the movie didn't deliver a given experience which seems to be due to their expectations that this movie would follow a specific formula. Be it a "classic horror tale" or a slasher flick or gore movie. While movie fans would be wise not to make so many assumptions, one must admit there was a failure here by director Breathnach to develop a coherent mood and story.

For instance, the character development in this movie leads absolutely nowhere. In fact, many movies which do *not* rely on effective character development other than as a side-dish actually fare better than Shrooms. Yet we can't help but think it was sorely needed here. As well, the movie flirts between psychological horror, action horror and supernatural horror without ever hitting the marks. One can blend ANY genres if it is done effectively. But a mediocre story is much better off sticking to a proved formula.

One other fault of this movie is its derivative nature, borrowing tricks from a great many flicks such as Deliverance, Blair Witch and too many slasher flicks to name.

Finally, I have no idea if the director attempted a "plot twist" or not but I could see the plot twist almost as the seed was planted. I kept hoping there would be more to it, that it would be misdirection of some kind or that it would be made more explicit but no. The ending offers flashbacks explaining what happened, as if the audience wouldn't be aware of that! So what about the good? Well, the direction is really tight and some scenes, particularly early on, are effective at offering tensed moments. Lindsey Haun is also convincing as Tara. The rest of the cast is really forgettable. None of them are noticeably weak with the exception of Robert Hoffman, who really looked like he didn't belong.

I am left wondering if the editing is at fault here. Was a decision made to cut 30, 45 minutes of this movie that might have made it a great film? I certainly think this is possible. Almost none of the scenes felt boring. It just felt like an incomplete experience. Existential horror turned into classic slasher/survival movie midway into production.

Director Paddy Breathnach, who is more familiar with edgy comedies, is a welcome breath of fresh air compared to the very boring, repetitive directors who focus on the horror genre. But the screenplay by Pearse Elliott is at fault here.
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These shrooms are laced...
ThrownMuse12 June 2008
I cannot remember the last time a horror movie irritated me to this degree...SHROOMS is about a group of American friends (who actually don't appear to like each other much) who go to Ireland for vacation. They're obviously spoiled brats because the only thing on their mind when they're in freakin' IRELAND is getting their hands on some magic mushrooms ASAP. They meet up with some Irish friend (who is obviously British faking a bad Irish accent) that the lead girl (played by the creepy little girl from JC's VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED--the rest of her face has now caught up with her forehead, thank goodness) is creaming over. They immediately go camping in the woods and searching for shrooms. VotD girl gnaws on a mushroom that the Irish-but-British guy specifically said not to eat because it's poisonous. Soon she starts flipping out and having flash-forwards about her friends dying. It's up to her to save her friends from the ominous backwoodsmen, the creepy black-hooded ghost that pops up between people legs and/or above their heads, and the obvious overused plot twists in the script.

It seems like every line of dialogue spoken by the obnoxious 20-somethings in this movie features the word "shrooms." And you thought JUNOisms were annoying! If you took a sip of your Irish coffee every time someone in this movie said "shrooms," you'd be dead before the first jump scare.

The only good thing about SHROOMS is the movie poster, which features a skull shaped out of SHROOMS in the moonlight. Cool!
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Slasher trying to be different
dschmeding24 September 2007
Shrooms basically is a Slasher Movie. 3 couples go to Ireland woods to collect magic mushrooms and trip out. Of course on their way they already meet some strange inhabitants of the woods and it doesn't take long until a creepy story is being told at the campfire which of course is more than just a story. So strange things happen, people start disappearing, silhouettes move through the woods and the creepy story starts to melt into reality. The idea of blurring the lines between reality and imagination is quite nice and works after the horror kicks in along with the effect of the mushrooms. Problem is that the pacing of the movie is damn slow and doesn't really pick up much till the end. So I often looked at my watch since it seemed and eternity. Shrooms is not a bad movie, it has some nice modern elements like the typical washed out colors, some nice tripping ideas like a speaking cow mixing in with the classic campfire story and haunted woods themes. Anyway its hard to be sucked into the movie... it tries to be hypnotic with the trippy visuals and permanent uncertainty of reality and imagination. But it just rides that horse too long and too slow... so when you get the ends twist you already might be too sleepy to care. If you want to see a trippy mix of Evil Dead, Blair Witch Project and High Tension go check it out, but don't expect too much action and gore.
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Cujo1089 May 2010
Six dopes go looking for magic mushrooms in the backwoods of Ireland. While tripping on the shrooms, they encounter someone determined to kill them off and must fight for survival.

Awful, awful film! It's a disjointed, achingly dull mess. It feels like there is nothing happening 90% of the time. Watch as the lead runs from a cloaked figure that's anything but scary, then repeat ad nauseum. The editing, intended to be trippy or not, is just pathetic. I hated the characters. They're bitchy and obnoxious to the extreme. Terrible dialogue too, a great example being when two of the girls talk to a third about what she sees in her boyfriend. There are attempts at humor, but they all fall flat. The kills, or lack thereof, are weak. With a film this poor in all other areas, good kills were it's only hope of being anything but a total waste. Alas, we don't get to see half of them, and the others are nothing to write home about. I can't forget the ending, which is just laughable. I haven't been this annoyed with a movie in quite some time.

While browsing the DVD section around the time this was released, I had the misfortune of deciding to grab it on an impulse buy. Bad move! I fought the urge to just throw it in the trash, but the urge eventually won out. This thing belongs in a landfill.
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standard slasher movie, with a twist
kevin_crighton23 November 2007
Shrooms boiled down to its basic level, is your standard slasher movie.

A group of young people head off into a forest in Ireland, to sample the magic mushrooms to get high. While there, they learn of a ghost story involving a local school for boys, run by monks, where young boys suffered horrible fates at the hands of the black-robed monks. Soon, the teens are being stalked in the wood by a black-robed figure...

The twist here is that because they have taken magic mushrooms, and are on a high from them, they can't quite be sure if it's all real or not....

It's that twist in the proceedings, that makes the difference here. Without it this would just be your basic, standard slasher movie. However, like most other slashers sadly it's not really scary. It does have a couple of jump shocks as things loom into view and such, but there's not really a scary atmosphere to the movie.

The cast do okay, although the characters are a bit clichéd. The script does it's job, but the director, Paddy Breathnach does well with the material.

However..... what saves the movie is the ending, which I liked. Not the most original it has to be said, but a good one.

It's nice to see a horror movie from Ireland for a change, even if most of the cast are American, although I wish they had made a better one. It's not the worst of the horror movies this year, but sadly it's not one of the better ones.
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Not bad, cliché, maybe predictable, but not bad.
Amthermandes13 June 2014
Shrooms is one of those movies you should already know everything about before even watching it, just based on the premise. A group of friends experiencing mushrooms trips in the wilderness, turns into a deadly fiasco indistinguishable from reality. A standard run-of-the-mill campy horror flick, complete with a horror movie starter-set cast; the smart and relatable lead female character, the annoying idiot jock, the goofball stoner, the b*tch, the outcast female, and the handsome nice guy (who also is occasionally, like in this case, the foreigner).

The movie has good, maybe even great moments. I especially like the 2 "locals," their characters aren't new to this genre, but they're fun and quite creepy and add an interesting flare to the movie. Some of the effects are well done, and the story is entertaining enough to keep you interested, and the very end gives the movie a nice touch.

However, the movie is riddled with clichés, the predictable jumps scares, and the gore effects aren't as good as they could have been. There's a part towards the end of the movie where they had so many chances to make to good, but it turned out rather boring.

Everything else is pretty standard, nothing special or particularly bad about the acting, directing, or screenplay.

In short, it's an average run-of-the-mill horror flick. If you're looking for something amazing, this isn't it, but if you're bored or are just a horror fan looking to enlarge your viewing collection, it's definitely worth a watch.

My favorite scene: The scene in the home of the two locals, I love the dialogue between them, very unsettling.
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Nice slasher
mario_c18 May 2008
SHROOMS is a nice Irish horror flick that in spite of not adding anything new to the genre is quite interesting and good. The plot is the same used many times before and there are a few clichés either but it is suspenseful enough to attract viewer's attention until the end. It's generally a slasher, but there's a nice mysterious and mystical ambiance too, created by the woods and the abandoned institution. In the end there's a twist, which I won't spoil, but I must say that this kind of twist is becoming a bit average and over-repeat, since I've seen it in some recent horror flicks. The main idea is good I must say but it's becoming a bit repetitive and unoriginal. All in all, I think it's a nice horror movie, so I score it 7/10.
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Flawed But Fun!
Mr_Saxon3 December 2007
If you're already high on magic mushrooms and experiencing vivid hallucinogenic images, are the ghosts you keep seeing really there? This is the appealing premise around which Shrooms builds its story and it's a good one.

When a group of American students camping in a remote part of Ireland (a strange choice of location really - once the main characters reach their destination they could be anywhere) begin indulging in the pleasures of shrooms only to start perishing, is it the work of local ghosts... or are they just seeing things? Firstly, I'd like to say that although this movie has flaws - the acting (with the exception of lead actress Lindsey Haun) is only adequate, the characters could have been better defined (you get the jock, the "Jay from Jay And Silent Bob" style stoner, the two bitchy girls and the pretty virgin) and the ending is highly derivative of another, better horror movie - there is still a lot to love about Shrooms.

The main reason that this movie worked for me is down to the direction of Paddy Breathnach. There is a real sense of dread and gloom in some of the scenes, and the way in which the main antagonist is filmed is done very well; whether he's jerkily moving through trees or rising out of murky water. The location is, in itself, a character - a place of shadows, threatening trees and gloomy ponds. Breathnach also manages to convincingly capture the feeling of being out of your head as the camera flickers, or fades in and out of focus as the effects of the mushrooms are felt. In my opinion the later parts of Shrooms successfully come across like a bad trip. There's also a wonderful sequence involving a talking cow that adds humour to the movie and I would have loved to have seen a few more sequences like that. I would go so far as to say that Breathach's direction reminds me of Eli Roth (whether that's a good thing or not is up to you) and that comparison is easier to make due to the similarities between this and Roth's "Cabin Fever" movie.

Having read some of the comments here on IMDb, I'm not sure why so many people are responding so negatively about Shrooms. Yes, it seems to draw from movies such as The Blair Witch Project and Silent Hill for inspiration but, at the end of the day, it entertained me throughout its entire running time. I'd definitely watch it again and would certainly recommend it to other fans of the horror genre.
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LDD_man8 May 2008
I saw the advert for "shrooms" and instantly wanted to see it so i rented a copy. I think the real clincher that will get this film an audience is the fact that it brings the drug element into a horror. I was hoping for a very trippy film that was so messed up you don't know whether to scream or rewind and rethink.

Unfortunately "Shrooms" goes for the premonition approach. After taking a bad shroom, Tera the main girl starts "seeing things". I just thought from that point on i'd seen it all before. I was right. Most of this film is simply people walking around, looking for something with a scared look on their face. The whole back story seems to be a relatively regurgatated camp fire tale that is used in most films "a bad house, kids are abused, one messed up kid left"- come on this just isn't scary.

Admittedly the ending is clever, but again not the most original.

The potential this film had is wasted on what seems to be a boring storyline. Not much trippyness or edge of your seat tension, just another B-grade horror.
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acted well enough, but the story is pretty dire
movieman_kev13 September 2008
A group of five friends travel to Ireland during their school break vacation in order to do some shrooms in the wilderness along with their Irish friend/ mushroom guide. When Tara (Lindsey Haun) takes a particularly bad mushroom, she fills her mind with horrific visions of the past and of her friends' future. A future that will bring death and destruction. It's also a future that will hold boredom, and a wasted hour and a half for those who choose to watch this uninvolving, predictable, agonizingly slow horror flick. The acting is all right, but the scares are just sadly non-existent. Also the ending (which anyone with half a brain can figure out EARLY in the movie) is pretty much a direct rip-off of another modern horror film (no spoilers)

My Grade: D+
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Hallucinagenic Horror... Fun Stuff!
terrible210 December 2008
Director Paddy Breathnach brings us on a horrific "Trip" into the Irish wood, to experiment with magic mushrooms and terror. Well acted and executed "Shrooms" is an adventurous film with some profound humor and plenty of creepy backwoods moments throughout. However, being that the film revolves around hallucinations, one must constantly ask themselves if what is taking place is actually happening or just in the character's mind? That being said, I think the writing is strong enough to explore these complexities to great effect, although the story tends to appear a bit rushed towards the end. The characters are written to serve their individual purposes, which certainly helps to sell the drama and gives us a reason to care. The woodsmen are frighteningly realistic, and add to the terror factor of the unfolding story. The cinematography is top-notch and the special effects are admirable as we wander into places not normally visited with our sober psyche... About as much fun as you can imagine with low budget horror, "Shrooms" lives up to it's hype.
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load of rubbish
Hapydaze28 October 2007
I saw this movie tonight. Never have left comment here but feel compelled to warn you all before wasting your money in cinema - AVOID! I'm Irish and this film was made by Irish people, but never have I been so insulted by such deedley-i-isms, or laughed so hard at the completely rubbish and regurgitated story that they peddle here. Absolute load of tosh - stolen sequences from at least 10 different films, not the slightest bit scary or ironic. They were too cheap to spend any money on gore so decided to go for the 'unseen horror' option. The film actually got booed in the cinema as the end credits rolled, by not just me, but half the audience. Breathnach should be ashamed of himself, never show this film in Ireland again, and stay well away from the horror genre. Shame on Bord Scannan na hEireann for giving him the money, but it just goes to show what an old boys club the 'Irish Film Industry' actually is. *response to 'Johnofgod'* I do not work anywhere near the entertainment industry, and have as such no grudge to carry against anyone therein. In fact I'm a science student, and have no desire to pick up a movie camera. I am however a fan of cinema and horror movies and take offense when a 'popular' director picks a 'popular' genre and makes a total pigs ear out of it, when I then in turn am expected to shell out premium prices for someone else's vanity and back-clapping. I am quite certain also that the good money thrown after bad towards salaries, production and marketing on this one, could have funded 5 superior new hopefuls with the aim of in fact igniting a revival in the 'Industry' and saving the rest of us from the embarrassing drivel we got. I saw the film as the surprise film at the Horrorthon in the IFI, and certainly did not choose to see it as such. Given the surprise film from previous years, this one certainly was a surprise, and I'll be hard pressed to attend again next year. I don't know if you were there but certainly the boos I heard were not phantomised. I am entitled however to express my opinion of the film on this opinion page for the film, and given the other comments I do not think I am alone in my musings. Your unashamed vitriol towards my comments only serves to make me think that I have possibly hit a nerve with your own misgivings towards an 'industry' within which you are vaguely 'un/employed'.
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'Tis rubbish, to be sure.
BA_Harrison30 January 2008
Ireland may have given the world hurling, green beer, Graham Norton, and that funny dancing where the arms don't move, but it isn't exactly renowned for its horror movies. Shrooms, a psychological chiller from director Paddy Breathnach, is unlikely to change that fact.

A dreadful chiller set in the wilds of the 'Emerald Isle', Shrooms sees a group of teens run into a spot of bother when they experiment with hallucinogenic fungi: as they begin to trip out, they begin to check out. Is there any truth in the stories about murderous spirits that haunt the woods? Or is someone else responsible for their deaths?

With nasty desaturated colours, irritating performances from most of the cast (who over-act in a desperate attempt to show the world what they are capable of), frequently fuzzy visuals (used to try and simulate being whacked out of your gourd on drugs), blatant cribs from other horror films (The Blair Witch project and many an Asian ghost film), and virtually no gore or gratuitous nudity, could this mess be any more annoying?

Of course it could.

Rather than tell a straightforward scary story, Breathnach unwisely chooses to blur the line between what is reality and what is merely a figment of a drug-addled mind. In doing so, he confuses matters so much that the film ceases to be frightening. And let's not forgot about the talking cow, the daft plot device to rid the characters of their cell phones, the Jason Mewes/Jay lookalike, the inbred goat herders, and the extremely bad twist ending!!
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An okay film...nothing special sadly.
sg27909 December 2007
I'll give the writer's credit for coming up with an original setting...Ireland, haven't really seen that in a film before.

However, there are many faults with this film more than good. I'll start with the good first though -

GOOD Interesting editing techniques, which really does make the film quite eerie and jumpy at time. Also the story it is quite original about Magic Mushrooms or "Shrooms", which does make it interesting to watch as its a new concept.

BAD Following on from the story. As this is a farely original idea at times the narrative was being told too obviously. For example, the English man who goes along for the trip tells too much of the story and its too obvious. In order to create a realistic film you can get into, key parts of the story should be told gently but in this film its told in about the first few minutes of them arriving in the Forrest.

Another bad point is the acting. I don't know if its just me? but when you have American actors in an English setting i find there accents incredibly annoying and overpowering. Its the same when an English actors in American setting so I'm not descriminating... The screeching voices just were too irritating for me to feel attached to them.

Overall this is an OKAY film. Obviously every film has its faults this one just had too many. I would have liked to have seen a bit more gore possibly it was a little slow. The talking cow for me has to be the highlight of film

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A real sense of....boredom
funky_hamsta23 September 2007
I've seen hundreds of horror movies in my lifetime. This rates among one of the least entertaining or scary.

None of the characters were convincing or engaging, in fact I prayed for their deaths after about 15 minutes. The plot was nigh on skull-numbingly poor and the scares relied almost totally on sound effects and offered precious little on the visual front.

In its favour, the plot was not entirely predictable, but I was left not really caring what happened less than a third of the way through.

The thin pretext of a 'shroom'ing holiday could have quite easily been left out and all of the visions etc. could have been explained by a dodgy smell in the air...

Anyway, don't bother wasting your time with this one. Have a nice cup of tea instead and do something constructive...
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Great Style, Ruined By The Ol Cliché Ending
flyroundee10 June 2008
SHROOMS was a decent little indie flick, with excellent camera work (great use of wide shots), decent acting and a looming atmosphere. The only thing, is that anyone whos seen this type of film, and you'll know what I mean when watching, you'll have the ending figured out the second things start going wrong. Once you got that figured, you'll also find things move a little too slowly, considering you know the ending. The flashback or vision sequences (nothing like an actual shroom trip but) look cool, but soon begin to occur a little too often and begin to lack substance to move the story along. Maybe it was just me, but I was a little bored during the last 15-20 mins of the film, which should be the most intense in this type of film.

Over all, SHROOMS is at least worth checking out, but doesn't set any new standards, or leave you wanting to tell other people they gotta see it. Check it out if you like this genre, skip it if you can see an ending coming way too soon when its handed right to you.
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a worthy entry to the psychedelic slasher genre
mythago-320 November 2007
I watched this film last week. I enjoyed it; it was decent light entertainment for the suspend-your-disbelief "young people go out to the woods and are killed off one by one" slasher film genre. And I don't usually like that genre. This one adds the psychedelic element that the group eats mushrooms and drinks mushroom tea. The mix of whether things are real or not, especially the shimmering effects in the woods, are quite well done. The cinematography is what kept me watching through the weaker story moments. I'm not sure I like the violence meme the film's plot seems to attribute to a particular super-strength mushroom, but again this is fiction. You will have to suspend some of your disbelief in regards to the tripping elements - those in the know will know it is not quite like portrayed. And the visuals don't meet the wild, dark beauty of the last sequence in Blueberry/Renegade. That said, its worth watching and stands out for an indie horror film.

On a related note, has anyone seen "The Tripper" directed by David Arquette? Also a decent psychedelic slasher movie. Maybe a bit more effective because of its satire.
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:The Bottom Line About This Film:
ConnorHK24 November 2007
i'd personally give this film 5.7/10.

This film is not a fantastic film, I'm sure by viewing most of the other "reviews" you can tell. But basically THE BOTTOM LINE IS this film is fantastic to watch if you're a teen (14-17?) sat at home with your mates, smoking some weed. otherwise the slightly bland acting and story line engulfs the fact that its a film about KIDS IN THE WOODS TAKING SHROOMS!, i mean come on, it has to be watched at least once doesn't it?

Not a great plot, but the fact that it's a bit of a crazy film could make up for it if you are in the right state of mind. I wouldn't recommend watching this film if your looking for a serious type of "oh my god I've defecated my pants" film.
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Blair Witch meets High Tension
mr-rob-c17 August 2015
high tension is one horror film that i like, also blair witch was not bad, so this is a mix of it. what is not fair...the film is not so bad as its rated, it is like some others underrated, and some other really really crap is higher rated then this, so give it a chance, its a nice way of passing the time, it it is written right ,-) ??? in Germany we said try it out, it is worth i think it is not a homemade film, acting is okay... and even if it is predictable ... all in all it is a solid horror film

like always...sorry for my English

greetings from cologne
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Decent enough Irish horror
Tweekums11 December 2019
Five American students travel to Ireland where they meet up with friend Jake. They have one intention; to go into the woods, find liberty cap (aka magic) mushrooms and then get high. As they get to the site they encounter a pair of strange locals but don't pay them much attention. They split up and starting picking the mushrooms then Jake finds a similar looking but potentially deadly mushroom; he explains to the person he is with that if one survives they have almost magical properties... at least that is what myth suggests. Somewhat inevitably one of the group, Tara, picks and eats one of these mushrooms. She survives but soon starts having strange visions. These aren't helped by Jake telling a disturbing story about an abandoned young offenders institution in the area. That night Tara has a premonition about one of the boys being murdered; they search for him, consume mushrooms and soon things are getting bad for them... it looks like Tara's deadly premonitions are going to come true.

This isn't a great film but nor is it close to being terrible. The early scenes introduce the characters and explain why they are heading to a remote part of Ireland. Once there things proceed nicely with Tara eating the dangerous mushroom and Jake telling the story that puts everybody on edge. When things start getting nasty there are plenty of scares and it often isn't obvious whether we are watching real events or the effects of the mushrooms. The woodland setting is suitably atmospheric; one can easily imaging it would be easy to get lost there even under normal circumstances. As the group gets picked off there is a good mystery about who is really going it. When the truth is revealed it isn't too obvious but I suspect most viewers will have considered that possibility. The cast do a solid enough job making us believe in their characters... even though some of the characters a really just there for bad things to happen to them. Only Tara and Jake are particularly memorably. Overall not a must see but worth a watch if you enjoy the genre... of course my enjoyment may have been helped by the fact that I found the DVD in the '20p bin'!
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Great concept and nicely done, but not that scary.
herminator6410 February 2008
I watched this movie tonight with a friend and we both enjoyed it, but we weren't as frightened as we would like. I like the concept as it is easy to make some scares out in the woods, and while the characters are drugged by mushrooms its hard to know if its real or not. It was nicely done without any major flaws, but it just dint get that scary.

I cant understand how people can give it a 1 out of 10. in my reference 1 would be an amateur movie with bad acting, bad filming and bad quality, but shrooms is nothing of this. Shroom is actually nicely filmed and has good acting. I just cant put word on that little extra that would make it more scary, because everything seems correctly done.

I give it a 7 out f 10.
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Fails in every respect
wellthatswhatithinkanyway25 November 2007
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

Some American friends, girls and boys, take a trip over to Ireland for a camping trip in which they will take magic mushrooms. One girl throws caution to the wind and swallows a large variety that she has been warned give her a much wilder trip than normal. When she hears a tale about a young man in a young offender's institute who was driven into a psychopathic killer, she starts to freak out and when dead bodies start showing up, she's in a desperate race for her life...but is it real or just a 'trip?'

There's nothing big about knocking what is obviously a small, independent Irish production with not a lot of money involved in it, so rest assured I'm not knocking it along those lines. And a film needed to be made about the subject of magic mushrooms. But this really does have nothing going for it.

At no point is it ever scary at all, with loud, startling jump scare scenes that get on the nerves more than they scare. The characters are typically obnoxious, bland American teenagers with awful performances from the cast involved to drive them along. It all judders along until arriving at an ending that makes no sense at all. And it's one of those films that's so bad it makes 84 minutes seem like an eternity.

For a more absorbing tale on the perils of hallucinogenics, 1967's The Trip is much more worth seeking out. *
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A good effort, but it doesn't work very well
Seagalogist25 November 2007
Kudos to a great director for having a go at such a genre. The Director of I WENT DOWN and MAN ABOUT DOG, both great Irish movies, now tries to scare the Irish movie-goers with this horror effort. In my opinion It just doesn't work well. The film doesn't get it's point across. I mean while watching it I thought 'is this all a trip from the shrooms or is it reality, or is is a ghost after them or an actual killer after them!?'. Confusing enough? Then try get this through you head - The teenagers come from America for the world-renowned Shroom Season (being irish I don't know how I missed this in all my years here!), and a girl falls down...then sees shrooms and decides to eat one (WHY?). Oh and as usual, there is one well informed English guy who is a shroom expert! So the premise of this film is flawed.

What's good about this movie is the beautiful cinematography and the scary story attached which spawns the killers! Now the main killer is a hooded figure who is quite scary, a bit like the child-catcher in chitty bang bang. Very scary! Then there are the characters I dubbed 'bag boy' and 'beast'. I couldn't figure out who they were meant to be or what but they were damn sinister! Overall, a good effort, but it falls down in many areas. Very funny, but unintentionally so at times! For horror fans only!
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SamJamie17 September 2021
American senior Tara and her college friends hit Ireland to meet with citizen and friend Jake, and go tenting in forests enclosing a long-disused children's house. While accumulating mushrooms for later consumption, Tara eats a death bell mushroom (Galerina) and experiences a seizure after which she encounters dream-like dazes in which she begins having forewarnings of future events.

"Shrooms" is a movie I'm particularly partial to, mostly because it was the first horror film I ever watched, so it was rather efficient in terms of scares. Viewing it again now I recognize many flaws with the film, but whilst still finding it an enjoyable viewing experience. The film's strong point is the excellent cinematography, the film has a trippy, dirty vibe throughout the whole film and it works dramatically in terms of establishing a disturbing environment. In terms of story/plot, the film falls short. It becomes predictable with the premonition/vision plotline as we see every plot twist coming, and the ending is rather disappointing and confusing.

I think fans of the horror genre will appreciate the horror elements as it's presented in a relatively fresh, scary, and disturbing package. But if you aren't a horror fan, I don't think you wont get much out of it.
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sarahalub22 December 2007
'thats what we call the indigenous people'....

says the "Irish" boy with the remarkably uncanny east London accent, whilst in observation of the local Irish folk picking up roadkill for racist much? anyways despite the shockingly unauthentic accents, (well just the Irish ones that is), and the massive (and that is an understatement) clichés, all thrown at me full force within the first EIGHT MINUTES (ladies and gentlemen we have a winner), I proceeded no further in my investigation of this 'film' (and it was an investigation...I didn't fathom that a film by the name of "shrooms" would be in any way a thought provoking or groundbreaking affair).

Usually a movie like this would be seen out of sheer entertainment in a 'so bad its good' vein of things.

this was actually so bad...that it was switched off (precisely eight minutes later). The blonde virgin, stoner king of 'shrooms', and jock stereotypes made me yawn with despair. As for the Irish boy (clearly originally from Romford), don't even get me started.

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