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Sex & Nudity

    • Overall less nudity than a typical Troma film -
    A man (Jeff) wakes up with two women in bed, they are topless. He jumps out and his buttocks are exposed (his butt double is credited in the end credits). His friend (Henry) is masturbating in the corner (no nudity). A woman walks around in a miniskirt and low cut top. A girls breasts shake as she mixes up chocolate syrup. A woman dreams about being raped (no nudity). Shots from spring break feature hundreds of bikini clad woman, some of whom take their tops off. A man (Chris) fantasies about being given a bubble bath from two topless women (supposed to be Svlena and Katia, but faces never seen). Girls bathe each other in a hot tub. No nudity. A man grabs his crotch. Two women (Svlena and Katia) seduce a man (Henry) on a webcam. They grab his genitals and ask if he's ever raped a woman. Several flashbacks of Jeff having sex with a passed out Jen, no nudity. A close up as a woman (supposed to be Katia, but no face seen) pulls down her top. Three women, the back up band for Ricky, are topless. It's implied that Ricky is anally violated. He runs out showing his bare rear. Veronica is forced to undress, breasts shown.

Violence & Gore

  • Some young hogs are killed.
  • Svlena and Katia slap Henry's face several times.
  • Two guys scuffle. Several people are shot, including one shot in the eye. One person is stabbed. Another woman's neck is broken.


  • Over 140 f-words, over 15 s-words, a few h--l, d--n, b---h, b-----d, c---. Some sexual dialog. Some obscene gestures. Some slang terms for anatomy.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Chris uses drugs.
  • Jeff drinks and drives. Chris drinks in a hot tub. A drunk Santa holds a bottle.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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