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Gay Of The Dead 10: November Son’s Brinke Stevens and Sacha Sacket.

For November Son (available on DVD April 14), the sequel to the gay thriller October Moon, writer/director Jason Paul Collum worked with both ends of the genre spectrum, the seasoned vet (Brinke Stevens) and the first-film newbie (Sacha Sacket).

Stevens, who reprises the role of “Nancy” in November Son, has over 100 acting credits. If you are a fan of the genre, you know Stevens even if you’ve never seen one of her films. By all accounts one of the nicest and most accommodating actresses to work with, Stevens weathered the “Girl in the Shower” storm of her early films and has come out the other side with nuanced performances in films like Mommy and October Moon. At an age when most B-movie queens fade into real estate careers, Stevens keeps racking up the roles, and she doesn’t have to take off her top to do it.

Sacket has
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