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The Curse of La Llorona offers some decently suspenseful set-pieces and has a family you care about at its center, but it's also a very familiar and formulaic Annabelle-adjacent entry in the Conjuring franchise.
New Orleans Times-Picayune
A solidly intense creepout. Granted, it doesn't do anything to rewrite the horror rulebook in any significant way. This won't be remembered as a horror classic by any stretch. "The Exorcist" it is not.
It’s technically impressive and faulty in equal measure, expunging most of the substance in favor of occasionally effective, but mostly cheap, scares.
An efficiently formulaic shocker.
It’s all so very by-the-books, undefined, carbon-copy Conjurverse refurbishment without a guiding voice, which makes for a disappointingly one-note watch that barely raises a hair. At least The Nun has personality – something The Curse of La Llorona’s waterlogged redundancy cannot boast.
It’s frustratingly simple, the dialogue over-explains everything and while there are a few solid moments of suspense, there’s too much dead air in-between.
There is no sense of dread or impending doom; instead it's just one jolt after another. It's like having someone jump out at you every five minutes, and about as much fun.
A ho-hum horror flick.
The dialogue starts at risible and descends from there.
The movie’s one saving grace — so to speak — is Raymond Cruz (Tuco from “Better Call Saul”) as a priest turned shaman. He, at least, injects a little wry humor into a film that otherwise bored me to tears.

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