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A muscular sequel to To's riveting 2005 gangster picture "Election."
The A.V. Club
Like the best crime stories, this one isn't about how the bad guys live, it's about how WE live.
More elegantly plotted and streamlined than the first film.
In To's movies no one is innocent, and the social corruption has reached down to the soul. He orchestrates action scenes with an elegance that suggests Scorsese.
The Hollywood Reporter
It's not all violence and brutality. To allows his morbid sense of humor to shine through. There are moments of absurd hilarity that don't necessarily lighten the mood so much as bring it down to earth. The performances are strong all around.
Distinguished by intelligence, wit and violence but is lightly wounded by some ill-fitting moments.
Village Voice
To's take on the plight of the modern gangste is inspired.
New York Post
Nobody familiar with To will be surprised by the way he presents stylish violence in innovative and humorous ways.
Plenty of films owe a debt to "The Godfather," but it's rare to see inspiration used as successfully as it is here.
Chicago Reader
As in the first movie, To deftly references the "Godfather" trilogy, examining the moral equivocation and shifting alliances among various syndicate members.

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