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MPAA Rated R for violence, language and some sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • A child walks in on two people having sex. It is from the child's point of view (no sensitive body parts are shown) . Sex is implied in other scenes.
  • It becomes obvious that Gardner and Nicky's aunt Maggie have been having an affair for some time.
  • Nicky sees his dad sneaking into Maggie's room at night.
  • While clothed, she rolls on top of Gardner and kisses him.
  • Nicky also catches them in the midst of some sex play with ping-pong paddles in the basement.
  • We see them both pressed up against each other and bent over a table while apparently fully dressed, and then catch a glimpse of their bare legs with their undergarments around their ankles
  • Nicky shown in a bathtub with his knees pulled up to his chest.

Violence & Gore

  • A man punches another man and breaks his glasses. He is shown with a bruise as a result.
  • A car is smashed head-on and we see the the aftermath in detail.
  • A man is shot twice off screen and dies. Blood is shown and we see his dead body just after.
  • An african-american family is harassed in their home by a mob outside that didn't want them living there. Items are thrown at their house and some of their belongings are lit on fire. Their home is trashed as a result.
  • A man gets hit over the head with a fire poker and dies. The body is dragged to the trunk of a car.
  • A woman is strangled to death off-screen.
  • There is constant speak of characters planning on harming or killing each other. This includes women and children.
  • There is a bloody fight involving two men that ends with a fatality. Blood is shown on both characters.
  • Early on, two thugs intentionally kill Rose with a chloroform-soaked rag.
  • They also manhandle other family members and tie them up with rope.
  • Gardner is beaten by one of them, repeatedly pounded in the face and left bloodied.
  • He goes through most of the film with his face bruised and his nose broken.
  • A man gasps and chokes after being fed coffee laced with lye
  • Gardner strikes the man with a fireplace poker, driving the pointed weapon into the man's eye (seen from a distance).
  • A man driving a VW Beetle is struck by a speeding vehicle, leaving him incredibly bloodied and hanging out of the crushed car.
  • Then the car's gas tank explodes in a huge eruption.
  • Another thug strangles Maggie to death and lunges after Nicky with a large kitchen knife.
  • Nick escapes when his Uncle Mitch fights the thug off (off-camera), leaving them both gushing blood and mortally wounded.
  • As the deaths and tensions mount, Gardner eventually threatens his own son with a graphically imagined bloody death.
  • The boy weeps and shakes in fear.
  • Someone else dies after eating food laced with ground-up prescription meds.
  • At the Mayers' house, things slowly progress over several nights from white crowds threatening and harassing the black family to a full out over-the-top riot.
  • Windows are smashed; a car is demolished and firebombed; and police forces barely restrain the huge crazed mob from lynching the frightened family.


  • 15 F words, 5 S words, a few B words, many racial slurs.
  • More than 15 f-words and a handful of s-words join several uses each of "d--n," "h---" and "a--."
  • God's and Jesus' names are misused four or five times (God is combined with "d--n" on two of those).
  • Crude references are made to male genitals.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Narcotics are used, people are shown smoking, people are shown having alcoholic drinks but not to excess. Characters are drugged against their will.
  • Violent robbers force Gardner to serve them drinks.
  • We also see Gardner imbibe on several occasions, too.
  • Maggie's brother, Mitch, swigs liquor from a flask.
  • The aforementioned thieves tie and render the Lodge family unconscious with chloroform.
  • We see several people smoke in the background of various scenes.
  • One character crushes prescription pills and mixes the powder with food in an attempt to murder someone else.
  • That person also puts lye in someone's coffee.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are many deaths, some brutally, and these are talked about as very matter-of-fact and in most cases have very little emotional effect on the characters orchestrating or committing these acts of violence. Women and children are either involved or bears witness to many of these acts.
  • An African-American family is threatened because of their race throughout the film. This is a constant theme and we see it get worse as a mob forms outside of their home and becomes violent towards them for multiple days.
  • We discover that Gardner has secretly plotted with hitmen to kill his wife and make it look like a robbery for an insurance scam.
  • Another person wants to blackmail Gardner for the same money.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • People are tied up and drugged, one dies because of it.
  • A bloody fight between two men involving a knife and a gun. Both are mortally wounded.
  • A man is given lye in his coffee. We see him choking and in much pain. He runs outside in agony.
  • A woman tries to kill a child by poisoning his milk and sandwich. He does not fall for it. Later, another character ingests the poisoned food. We later see him dead dead.

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