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Good nubile chicks
szouopj14 December 2019
With legs to die for.

It is a sequel but not junk. Cholestrol free zone!
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Britney And Winnie Are My Faves Of Course
pijtfbz8 March 2020
But there is not a single Texas style fattie in this film.

All the girls are slim and attractive and have likable characters. I would also point out that the costumes are too conservative and are shorts instead of the traditional skirts. Welcome to modern America where tradition, human body and nature are abhorred and hated on.
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Finally! A Worthy Successor to the Original
Clay-Pigeon9 August 2006
If you have ill feelings about this movie because of its straight-to-video status then put those feelings aside and you'll be treated to a fun movie. This sequel succeeds where "Bring It On Again" miserably failed (and let me tell you, that movie failed BIG TIME!). Unlike the previous entry, this third installment gets everything right with a likable & appealing cast, killer dance routines, a terrific soundtrack, good story and better production values (most likely thanks to product tie-ins from Cingular, Teen People and Volks Wagon). While it doesn't top the original, it still comes close as a worthy companion. The film borrows the same basic premise as the original: pompous upper-class cheer squad (this time the Pacific Vista Pirates) vs urban middle-class cheer squad (Crenshaw Heights Warriors). But thanks to a new twist involving the former captain of the Pacific Vista team having to transfer to Crenshaw Heights and join their squad, the film focuses more on the racially diversified Crenshaw Heights Warriors and their point-of-view. Much credit is due to writer Alyson Fouse, a former writer for Chris Rock and Keenan Ivory Wayans, and director Steve Rash who both do an admirable job of going back to what made the first film so great without making it seem like they're trying to do the exact same movie over again. The cast, although made up of young unknowns, should also be complimented for bringing the right amount of spark and attitude to their characters so that you can't help but like them, no matter how stereotypical some of them may be. Which is more than can be said about the charmless, bland wannabes from the second film. Going through the DVD's bonus features, you'll be able to tell that the cast and filmmakers worked hard to make this movie live up to the original by having the cast go through rigorous training at cheerleader camp as well as hiring a variety of talented and innovative choreographers to come up with some unique and dazzling routines. So, put all prejudices aside, wash the awful taste of "Bring It On Again" out of your mouth, and give this fun addition to the franchise a shot.
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Decent remake of a decent original
Pistol11117 August 2006
First, I will say I enjoyed the first movie, thought it was well done and entertaining. The second movie, in my opinion, was pretty poor, it just tried too hard and didn't flow at all.

That being said, this film was definitely a step up from the second one, and actually an entertaining movie. The story begins with Britney (played by Hayden) as cheer captain in a wealthy, predominately white neighborhood. But when her father gets transferred, they move to a lower-class neighborhood, predominately black and Hispanic. Having trouble fitting in, she adapts as you would expect: cheer leading.

Now, the movie itself has a very different feel when compared to its previous two successors. This movie has more profanity and prejudice then the other films. The ladies in the film are also showing more skin and dancing more sexually than either of the first 2 movies. It seems that the movie is trying to appeal to the older male crowd a little more than before.

Now, the movie has been getting a lot of trash for being a straight to DVD sequel, but it really is not as bad as people would make it out to be. While it may not be as family-friendly as the original Bring It On, the third installment still is an entertaining movie to rent.
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The movie was hilarious
imtruelyblessed13 August 2006
At first I thought the movie wasn't going to be any good. For the same reason a lot of people had. It is a third sequel with none of the same people in it. But to my surprise it was really funny. The mix of urban street and high class attitudes was excellent. I thought the movie also showed both sides to the racial prejudice that we in the United States still face. They did not show a one side issue with upper class whites downgrading the minorities. They went on to show that the minority groups also have stereotypical attitudes about whites or people who live in the upper class of society. The ending was the best it had a dance challenged at the end that rocked the cheers were out of this world the audience were on their feet and filled the theater with laughter the whole movie. It was great, the kids love it. Get it when it comes out you will not be disappointed. Great family movie with parental guidance not for younger children but the preteens will enjoy
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much, much better than you'd expect. a genuinely fun sequel
mmyy25 December 2006
the writing in this script is excellent, almost as good as Clueless, except for the fact that it has to keep to a predictable "Cheerleader" story line, but the dialogue between the characters is sharp, crisp and witty. The direction is also excellent, the cheer/dance numbers are great and the cast, while not matching the teen star power of the original, bring a lot of energy and commitment to their roles. this is a very, very likable teen movie. The extras on the DVD are entertaining but it would have been nice to hear from some of the actors and the gag reel as usual on most DVDs is far from funny. but they did put in a lot about the dancing which is enjoyable.
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Bring it on: All or nothing....brings it all
F-Unit6 August 2006
So I loved Bring it On, then Bring it On again or 2...sucked now this movie rocked my world. Maybe good movies are hereditary and skip a generation...who knows, but All or Nothing is freaking amazing! don't judge, just watch. I am not a fan of Hayden but she proves herself in this movie breaking the boundaries of what I had her pinned for. There are great characters, some hilarious moments and everything a good bring it on film needs. Although it may lack the star power of the first movie these kids hold their own. With a fun soundtrack and some great dance moves everyone can learn something from this movie. If you want a grooving movie this one is for you!
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The captain of the posh PV cheer squad is forced to move to Crenshaw Heights, and ends up facing her old team in a cheer-off.
emz_67213 January 2007
This movie was really good. A bit racist, a bit rude but very funny, with a great storyline and a good cast. One problem- why do the teenagers look older than the adults? Mostly talking about Winnie- she looks about 30! But it really was a good film. I'd recommend it for all girls 12-17. Even if you don't like cheer-leading! Plus the IM language was cool. And the music was v. gd as well. The beginning worried me a bit cause I thought I might be in for another dodgy high-school-musical type thing, but it was just a dream! Phew! Winnie was just such a bitch, but I was surprised to find out she was the only one, most movies make the cheerleaders seem like nasty snobby girls, so this was a change. A great film, see it!
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Tired plot, stupid dialogue, bad movie.
TOMNEL24 December 2006
Stars: Hayden Pantierre.

There have been so many movies that have this exact same plot, and this one is just a poor rehashing of it. Populer white girl moves to ethnic school, doesn't fit in, soon becomes accepted. Originality is nonexistent in this, and neither are the laughs. It uses so many old poorly executed jokes it's annoying. I don't know why they think it's a good idea to make made for video sequels to mediocre films, but it isn't. With that said, the positives in this are that all the people in it are fairly competent actors and actresses.

My rating: * out of ****. PG-13 for Language and Sexual Humor.
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A Better Sequel Compared To The First One
Desertman8414 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The third installment of Bring It On is definitely a better sequel compared to the first one.No question about it.

This direct-to-video film about cheerleading tells the story of Britney Allen,who just moved in into a new high school after her father lost his job.She comes from a rich family and must adjust to a not-so-rich environment.One way to do it is to join the cheerleading squad of the new school but her membership will definitely be challenged as she captain of the squad.

As stated earlier,it is a better sequel Hayden Panettiere and Solange Knowles were able to carry the film with their performance as rivals and make it interesting to the viewer.While there is nothing original nor refreshing in the story nor is it as good as the first film,the performances of both actress made it at least an average film.
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Better Than The First Two
voya8624 August 2006
Bring It On All Or Nothing was one of the best movies that i have seen this year as pure entertainment and as a movie to watch with family This movie to me was better than the first two and it included a lot of new cheers and moves. It also showed more than just cheer-leading which is what made it better it showed the difference between your friends and who you think are your friends but really just want what you have. The storyline was terrific and so was the music. Solange played her role excellently and couldn't have been better. Rhianna was excellent as well and the video part at the end was excellent i can watch this movie over and over and over again. SO IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS MOVIE THAN YOU SHOULD IT IS GREAT!!!!!
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A very good " Bring It On"!
booboo_wray10 August 2006
I actually loved this bring it on! i watched it just 4 Robyn Fenty but when i was done watching it i was so happy at how well it was! this should of been in theaters. i cant believe it was straight-to-video! but this movie is definitely a buyer! i thought it was of the best movies i ever saw! i know! the acting was so believable and everything! i am going 2 buy this movie 4 sure. i kinda wished Rihanna was a cheerleader though! i can't wait 2 see bring it on 4! i am so happy this movie succeeded! really good bring it on! very happy! what a relief it was when i watched this movie! i thought it was going 2 be junk but it was not!
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A monumental crap pile
sarastro75 October 2006
The first two Bring It On movies were both quite good in their own ways. The first was fairly serious, the second was successfully satirical - and the third opted for the usual idiotic low-brow comedy that we always see in the utterly brainless teen movies that Hollywood has coming out of the woodwork. The entire point in this movie was that cheerleaders are total airheads who hardly know enough to carry on a common conversation, and that's the extent of this movie's comedy. Ha ha. Not.

There is no shred of cleverness in this movie, no theme, no subtext, nothing for anybody with half a brain to be entertained by (and sure enough, I could not sit through all of it). If you're the sort of person who're entertained by fart jokes, this movie is for you. Congratulations.

2 out of 10.
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So-So movie
victoriasxsecret11 May 2007
I'd say this was a so-so movie, worse than the first movie and better than the second movie.

The movie begins with Brittany's life as cheer captain. As her high school life is at it's peak she is forced to relocate to a neighborhood closer to her father's job. Throughout the movie there is slight racial tension, which I think that the movie could have done with out. And of course, much like the first two movies there's a sort of "forbidden love interest".

Overall, it's an entertaining movie, but I wouldn't expect for it to win any awards based on content.
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What I thought about the movie
cdsomervil11 August 2006
This movie to me was better than the other Bring It On movies. This was worth watching; not saying that the other ones wasn't worth watching I'm saying that the third one was the most interesting. I really like that movie. I wonder what they gonna do in the next movie. I hope they make it with little kids in it so that they can influence little kids to cheerleaders when they get in school. I wonder if most of the people in part three gonna be in part four. i hope they do because Solange will be a great coach for the little kids. I really enjoy watching that movie it was so exciting and interesting. I watched this movie over and over; this movie has not got boring yet. Nice movie.
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Best 'Bring it On' yet
jamegurl8 August 2006
I just got through watching this movie and thought it was absolutely fantastic. Although the others were cute and witty, this Bring it on, brought more to the screen. The dance routines were more 'challenging' and definitely not 'plastic' type material. I loved all the songs they brought into this movie. Rihanna is a fantastic singer and individual. I like the actresses also brought into it as well. They were very good and some kind of prissy, which was the basis of its appeal. I know they say, "The first of a trilogy is always a classic," but I think you can always have a new one. I think Bring it on: All or Nothing is a new classic. It would be a great movie for all those girls nights.
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Better than expected, lots of fun to watch
Bifrostedflake28 June 2008
The characters are likable, the script is great, the acting is brilliant and the finale holds up to the original. All in all, I had great fun watching this film.

I wasn't expecting it to be good, in fact I was expecting it to be quite poor, but I was pleasantly surprised. I think fans of the original will like the film very much and happily watch it alongside.

Expect to see quite a few movie references, but they don't feel forced, so a natural part of the dialogue. I would quite happily recommend this friends who were fans of the franchise or otherwise.

So far it's my favourite of the sequels (though I have yet to watch Bring it on again).
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dreadful film
otterman621 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
without a doubt, one of the most racially prejudiced films i've ever seen, with the prejudice being levelled against Hayden Panettiere as she has to move into a tough inner city school. She is constantly called "white girl" and other slurs based on her colour. Firstly would this be allowed the other way around if a black girl was the butt of all the abuse? and secondly the stereotyping of the ethnic kids from the inner city school is also a disgrace. The writers apparent desire to show they were "hip" also extended to missing the point that the inner city school win the cheerleading competition, not through talent but by intimidating their white opponents!! these overtones to the film took it away from it's expected direction of a harmless lighthearted comedy suitable for a family audience into a vehicle that does none of the participants any credit. Hayden Panettiere has star quality but I would be surprised if any of the rest of the class ever get much further. All in all a charmless film that was a waste of time.
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Ignore the First Sequel and Watch This One
liberalblossom159 March 2008
Britney (Hayden Penettierre) was on cloud nine - wealthy, pretty, popular and the newly crowned captain of her cheering squad. Then her world comes crashing down around her when her parents announce that they will be moving and she will be attending an inner city school. She is devastated and vows she will never cheer again until she joins the squad at her new school. Now she's forced to decide who she can trust, who her real friends are, and what guys deserve to be in her life.

In some ways this film is a reiteration of the first film, except that the wealthy white girl is thrown into the inner city school instead of competing against them. However the acting is well-done, especially from Hayden and Solange Knowles - Smith. There is a good amount of foreshadowing so the ending doesn't feel thrown together. The drama feels real on screen (even though it is actually unrealistic)and the characters are likable. The best thing about this film has to be the end routine - it brings everything together.

The things that annoyed me about this film: *the IM speak - it wasn't funny, it was annoying, and anyone who talked like that would be beaten up.

*how dumb Britney acted in the beginning - considering a C-average good, and telling her friends they're too fat.

*how Britney lets everyone walk all over her when she has so much attitude. How does that work?


This is a worthy direct-to-video sequel to the original. It's a fun film to watch with good performances and awesome dance moves. Do yourself a favor, skip the first sequel and give this one a watch if you liked the original, or just want an entertaining cheer leading movie.
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"Spirit Fingers. Everybody Does Spirit Fingers." --- Britney (Hayden Panettiere)
Robert_Hearth25 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"Bring It On: All or Nothing" (2006)

Directed By: Steve Rash

Starring: Hayden Panettiere, Solange Knowles-Smith, Gus Caar, Marcy Rylan, & Cindy Chiu

MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (for sexual humor and language)

The "Bring It On" series has never spawned deep, intellectual movies, but it has also never even attempted to do so. This series exists solely for the purpose of entertaining teens and, thus far, it has been quite successful. Yes, to some extent, the movies are silly and unbelievable, but they are highly effective in entertaining audiences and making people have a good time while watching a movie. The first film starred Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union and was quite a big hit (drawing in nearly $70 million domestically on a $30 million budget). It gave birth to the obligatory sequel, which went straight-to-video and was met with grunts and sneers from most fans of the original who were disappointed with the almost completely unknown cast and the lack of connections to the original. As soon as this sequel was released, there was hardly a doubt on anyone's mind that a third movie would be made and would, following the lead of the sequel, go straight to video. And here we are. The third film, entitled "Bring It On: All or Nothing", is a vast improvement on the first sequel, yet it still fails to completely produce the spark that ignited the original. It's still fun and original, but just not as good.

Britney Allen (Panettiere) has the perfect life at her posh high school. She is a senior, the new cheerleading captain, a shoe-in for Homecoming Queen, and she has the perfect boyfriend, Brad (Jake McDorman). But, weeks before Homecoming, her father loses his job and she is forced to move to Crenshaw Heights, a rough high school populated with tougher and more violent students. Britney proves herself to the overly-confident cheerleading captain, Camille (Knowles-Smith), and joins the squad. The team, the Crenshaw Heights Warriors, begin to prepare for a competition to perform on television with pop superstar Rihanna. However, they are not the only ones preparing. Her former squad, the Pacific Vista Pirates, is also gearing up, under the command of Britney's replacement, Winnie (Rylan), a snobbish and cruel cheerleader. As both squads make a mad dash for the goal, friendships will be tested and romances will crumble (and, possibly, form). But, only one squad can take home the grand prize. This is just the type of plot one should expect when a "Bring It On" film is announced. The plots are predictable, rather shallow, and always lead to some big face-off between two arch-rival squads. They are merely excuses to string together laughs, songs, and cheerleading performances. Just ignore the ultimately pointless plot and enjoy the entertainment it brings. That is the important thing when talking about "Bring It On: All or Nothing".

"Bring It On: All or Nothing" suffers from one major problem and many minor problems. The major one is the overuse of racism and racial remarks. I understand that the biggest difference between these two squads is their race, but this was also true in the original film and, yet, there was a limited number of racial comments. It seemed as though every character was a racist snob. Another problem was the almost constant cheesy dialog. I found myself chuckling during the romantic scenes and laughing out loud during the arguments. Does the screenwriter really think this is how teens talk? Teens should be offended that this is the way they are being portrayed. The performances are okay—but nothing too special. Hayden Panettiere does a good job and definitely gives the best performance. She was just so lovable. Solange Knowles-Smith (a.k.a Beyonce's little sister) also does a good job, though I thought her character could have been developed a little more. She handles herself well, though. Gus Caar just didn't do it for me. The boy may have the ability to make girls swoon, but he doesn't handle the emotional notes as well as he should have. Marcy Rylan gave a comical performance as the villainess of the movie. She was convincing enough. Cindy Chiu was delightful.

This may eliminate some of my respectability as a movie critic, but I liked "Bring It On: All or Nothing". It wasn't smart, innovative, or original, but it was a fun movie that kept me entertained. I found myself laughing and simply having a good time. Did I know what was going to happen? Sure. Did the movie overload on cheesy dialog? Definitely. But, when the credits rolled, I didn't feel as though I had wasted my time or money, because, if nothing else, it was enjoyable. You will gain nothing of any value from this movie, except for what you gain while watching it. It's a film that doesn't stay with you after it ends. This review is very hard to conclude, as I have no strong feelings about this movie whatsoever. It's a movie so pointless and harmless that writing four paragraphs telling you why you should see it is almost just as pointless. I say this because, if you were a fan of the first two films, then you will no doubt see this regardless of what I say and, if you hated the first two films, then you most certainly will not be seeing this. My point of this review is not to sway you people, but to sway those who have not seen the first two or enjoyed them, but don't particularly remember them. To these people, I say, "See it". It's a light watch, filled with fresh faces and plenty of laughs. There is no harm in having a little fun.

Final Thought: Fun and entertaining, "Bring It On: All or Nothing" Is Pointless…Though Completely Harmless.

Overall Rating: 6/10 (B)
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Adapting to a New School
Uriah431 November 2018
As a senior at an upscale high school named Pacific Vista, "Britney" (Hayden Pantierre) has just about everything a young woman could want as she is not only the head cheerleader but she is also dating the star quarterback as well. Unfortunately, when her father loses his job she is then forced to relocate to a lower-income part of town and attend an inner-city school named Crenshaw Heights. To that end, her new high school doesn't come close to having the prestige or the resources she has taken for granted. And to make matters even worse, the head cheerleader of her new high school named "Camille" (Solange Knowles Smith) takes an immediate dislike to her and because of that Britney is left without any friends and utterly alone. But when she learns that the cheerleading team is in desperate need of another member, she decides to demonstrate just how talented she is to everybody on the team. Sure enough, immediately after her performance they come to the realization that with her incredible talent and experience they have an honest chance of winning a local contest which could benefit both their program and their school. But before that can happen they first have to convince her to join the team which has treated her so badly. And if that wasn't difficult enough they will also have to defeat the best cheerleading team in the area-Pacific Vista. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that I thought that this film had a bit more depth and humor than its predecessor "Bring It On Again". Likewise, having a couple of attractive actresses like Cindy Chiu (as "Amber") and the aforementioned Hayden Pantierre certainly didn't hurt either. Be that as it may, while this movie clearly wasn't a great comedy by any mean, I enjoyed it for the most part and I have rated it accordingly. Average.
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Where are the adults?
Sylviastel22 April 2010
I knew Hayden who played Brittany when she was on Guiding Light where she played Lizzie Spaulding. She's grown up and moved on but she'll always be Lizzie to me. In this performance, she takes a rich girl who is moved to the wrong side of the tracks known as Crenshaw Heights from Pacific Vista. She was head cheerleader and popular at her old school. In her new school, she's alone and ostracized for being the white girl. Anyway, she gets on the cheer-leading squad of her new school but tries to hide that information from her old friends. I have to say that Hayden and Marcy Rylan who played Winnie Harper in the film were worth watching. You see Marcy Rylan recently played Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light until it ended. Kind of ironic, anyway I felt the film was okay and had a story in it. My only problem is that there were no adults like parents or much about teachers in the film or a coach. Where is the adult supervision during activities?
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kerissachan17 August 2006
There was a lot of hype of this movie and the commercials made it seem like it would be great. Sadly, like Bring It On 2, Bring It On 3 shamed glory of the original Bring It On. There is shameless stereotyping throughout the film. The lines given to the actors were humiliating for all the races involved in the film. The performance of Hayden Panattiere was sub-par both in terms of acting and cheerleading. There were several scenes in which I literally cringed because I was embarrassed for the cast because the scene (lines, plot, etc) were just so stupid. My recommendation to the makers of any future Bring It On films is that you should hire good cheerleaders and teach them to act because the "acting" of the cast was horrendous and their lack of cheerleading ability made them completely useless to the film. Only great character: Kirresha.
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inadequate research done
dcrosso20 January 2008
OK as a old cheerleader and coach all of these movies portray cheerleading to be something it is not. They all make a mockery of the sport..yes i said sport. These movies are one reason that cheerleaders have to push so hard in some states to be considered athletes. Despite what the movie makes you think there is no weight limit on a high school team, and mainly on the upper level teams the weight limit is only for the flyer (the person up at the top). also you are not able to step on or near the mat/floor when other teams are competing ( as in the scene when the "battle") they are not allowed to wear glitter unless they are an all-star team ( a team that competes against a score card per say),your hair must be put up, you can not change/add to your team at/ during the competition, and the uniforms are illegal they are too short and reveling, as well as a good 1/2 of the stunts that they preform are illegal to do on a high school team and even in a upper level team unless once again you are an all star team on top of that they make most of the cheerleaders ( mainly the captions) to look like they are always mean. and they make they make the cheerleaders look well like almost every movie except the first. the writers did not research this topic as well as they should have. They should have put more time into the planning. do they not realize that ACTUAL cheerleaders would watch this? and do they not realize that little girls who want to be cheerleaders will also watch this, and if this is what America is being shown as cheerleading it is a sad world we live in. It is a exausting, dedicated,and very technical sport. all the sequels are sad, and it is horrific that this is what they chose to portray cheerleading as a complete joke. it is a sport and it should be portrayed that way.
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Fun TV flick, with something for just about everyone
xredgarnetx27 May 2007
I hate to admit it, but BRING IT ON 3 is closer to the spirit of the original than the first sequel, which was pretty awful even when not compared to the sparkling original. A young cheerleading captain (Hayden P.) at a largely all-white, affluent high school transfers to an urban high school when her father loses his job and the family is forced to move. She runs smack dab into a heady dose of reverse racism, and it takes a bit to get that school's cheerleading squad to accept her. She also has to face off against her previous team. The spirit is sassy, and Hayden P. is a decent actress, although she has a way to go before she can be compared to Kirtsen Dunst from the original. Some great cheerleading moves. A worthwhile TV movie for youngsters of all ages. Watch Hayden P. She could be the next Kirtsen Dunst -- or Lindsay Lohan (hiccup!).
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