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Round-Up: Uncanny Q&A with Lucy Griffiths, Emelie, One Eyed Girl Blu-ray / DVD, Vault Of The MacAbre II

Uncanny star Lucy Griffiths was kind enough to answer some questions for us, and the Q&A we conducted with her kicks off the round-up. Also: domestic acquisition news for Emelie, details for One Eyed Girl on Blu-ray / DVD, and Vault of the Macabre II video.

Uncanny: "Rlj Entertainment will be releasing Uncanny on November 3rd, 2015.

Mark Webber (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), David Clayton Rogers (Bloody Sunday), Lucy Griffiths (TV’s “True Blood”) and director Matthew Leutwyler are available for interviews on behalf of the film’s release.

For ten years, inventor David Kressen has lived in seclusion with his inventions, including Adam, a robot with incredible lifelike human qualities. When reporter Joy Andrews is given access to their unconventional facility, she is alternately repelled and attracted to the scientist and his creation. But as Adam exhibits an emergent behavior of anger and jealousy towards her, she finds
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'Ghost Brigades' Heads To Syfy

Syfy is launching another science-fiction series with its adaption of John Scalzi's "Ghost Brigades," which is based on his "Old Man's War" books. Wolfgang Petersen, who helmed such films as "Das Boot" and "Troy," is spearheading the project along with "Safe House" producer Scott Stuber; Jake Thornton and Ben Lustig ("The Thirst") will script. "Ghost Brigades" centers on John Perry, a 75-year-old soldier serving in a long-running war as mankind -- who can now transfer consciousness into younger bodies -- expands its influence into deep space. Perry quickly finds himself attracted to a mysterious woman while a conspiracy unfolds involving the Ghost Brigades, an elite military force. Universal Cable Productions, Radiant Productions and Bluegrass Films will produce the project. "Old ...
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'Suburgatory's' Jeremy Sisto loves his kids and 'The Deer Hunter'

On ABC's Wednesday sitcom "Suburgatory," which launched a new season in January, Jeremy Sisto plays George Altman, an architect and single father of a teen daughter (Jane Levy) who moves to the suburbs to give her a better life. He discovers life there is different, but whether it's better is a work in progress.

In real life, Sisto is a 39-year-old father of two: daughter Charlie and baby son Bastian. He got married to wife Addie a few months after his daughter was born, but Sisto has no regrets about taking the plunge.

"I love my family," he tells Zap2it. "I have a great wife. It took me a while to figure that out and commit, but now I'm really happy I did. She's a human being, and we're committed to each other. It's a nice thing. The kids are just amazing. It's a different level."

As to whether
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Tony Todd and Bai Ling Join The Profane Exhibit; More Details on the Segments

Anthology film The Profane Exhibit has been in the works for some time now, but things are moving along with casting news for the wrap-around along with more detailed descriptions of the various segments and quotes from a few directors. It's a lot of good stuff so prepare to be here awhile.

From the Press Release:

The producers of “The Profane Exhibit” are excited to announce that both Tony Todd (pictured) and Bai Ling have join the long-awaited horror anthology. They will be featured in the cast of "22 Rue des Martyrs," written by Ray Garton, which serves as the film's wrap-around segment.

David Bond and Manda Manuel are the architects of what is likely the most daring independent horror film project to date, both in concept and scope. Assembling an almost surreal collection of over 100 horror icons (directors, writers, actors, musicians, etc.), Bond's vision is to present the audience with
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Lacey Chabert Gets Teary Eyed in a New Still from The Lost Tree

The lovely Lacey Chabert whimpers uncontrollably in a new pic from Brian A. Metcalf's upcoming thriller 'The Lost Tree'. Nothing too scary here but its horses for courses so enjoy if you must. Head below to check out the new pic as well as a peek at the one-sheet which features star Thomas Ian Nicholas ('American Pie') next to 'the tree' which doesn't appear to be lost at all! Michael Madsen ('Reservoir Dogs'), Scott Grimes ('American Dad') and Clare Kramer ('The Thirst') also star. Metcalf helms from a script he wrote and is currently in post-production on the project but we're sure a release date announcement from Red Compass Media will follow soon....
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Thomas Ian Nicholas Looks for the The Lost Tree in New Teaser

As it has now moved into post-production we didn't expect it would be long before we'd be able to clap our eyes on the first teaser trailer from Brian A. Metcalf's new thriller 'The Lost Tree'. Metcalf himself introduces the new teaser from Red Compass Media which comes across more as a short music video rather than a dramatic horror teaser. 'The Lost Tree' stars Thomas Ian Nicholas ('American Pie'), Michael Madsen ('Reservoir Dogs'), Scott Grimes ('American Dad'), Clare Kramer ('The Thirst') and former 'Party of Five' star Lacey Chabert -below ('Mean Girls'). It features a massive chuck of the song Forever by Canadian electro-rock group The Birthday Massacre and you can check it out below....
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Thomas Ian Nicholas and Lacey Chabert Amongst The Lost Tree Casting

Brian A. Metcalf's new drama horror 'The Lost Tree' is set to begin principal photography next month in La and it has gained a group of new cast members to lead the way. Michael Madsen ('Reservoir Dogs'), Lacey Chabert ('Mean Girls'), Scott Grimes ('American Dad'), Thomas Ian Nicholas ('American Pie') and Clare Kramer ('The Thirst') have all joined the project which is written and directed by Metcalf himself. Nicholas is set to play the lead role of Noah, whilst Madsen will play his father John....
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Choice cuts 39: The Theatre Bizarre's Jeremy Kasten

  • shocktillyoudrop
Last week, we kicked off our series of Choice Cuts episodes focusing on The Theatre Bizarre with writer-director-producer David Gregory.  Today, we present our interview with director Jeremy Kasten, the man responsible for the wraparound segments embedded in this anthology horror film.

Inside, you'll find our chat with Kasten, who previously helmed All Souls Day, The Thirst and The Wizard of Gore remake.  The director talks about working with Udo Kier, the challenges of his contribution to The Theatre Bizarre and his upcoming film The Dead Ones.

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Slave Trading on the Internet in Joe O'Brien's Endure

White slave trading moves to the internet in Joe O'Brien's Endure. From the cast list, some people will recognize Judd Nelson (Netherbeast Incorporated), Tom Arnold (The Haunting of Bryan Beckett), and Clare Kramer (The Thirst). The first trailer below for Endure shows each of these actors fighting each other for the location of a kidnapped girl. Have a look at the spoilerific reel inside and look for this recently completed production to show in 2011.

A partial synopsis for Endure here:

"A young woman has been abducted, tortured and tied to a tree in the middle of an isolated swamp in central Florida. The only person who knows her location is dead. Veteran detective Emory Lane is called from the bedside of his ailing wife to the site of a gruesome traffic accident on a remote highway late at night. Discovered inside the wreckage: a photograph of a young woman
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Exclusive Interview: Saw VI Director Kevin Greutert

Kevin Greutert is the antithesis of what the Saw franchise reflects. He's humble. Soft spoken. Harmless looking. What this bespectacled fella shares with the series is a knack for keeping secrets. Trying to get a spoiler out of this guy is like trying to get out of a Saw trap rigged by Amanda. It's goddamn impossible. Greutert knows how to play the game. Hell, he's been on the series as editor since the first film, now he's making his feature directorial debut with Saw VI . In between his Saw duties he'd go on to edit The Strangers , Room 6 , The Thirst and Repo! The Genetic Opera . I sat down with Greutert recently for a brief chat about his time in the director's chair. Was it an easy transition for you moving from editor to...
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Saw V gets its R; director comments

On Fangoria Radio recently, Saw V director David Hackl revealed that the latest sequel—which he promised will be the bloodiest of the bunch—has secured its R rating from the Motion Picture Association of America. Of the Saw V ruling, the MPAA edict states: “Rated R for sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture, language and brief nudity.”

“We took Saw V to the MPAA three times,” Hackl told us, “and we eventually got our R. But they were really cool about it. They are getting into the Saw films. We were surprised how far they let us go with it.”

The series’ former production designer will vacate the director’s chair for next October’s inevitable Saw VI, to be helmed instead by the franchise’s longtime editor Kevin Greutert (who also cut The Strangers, The Thirst, Room 6 and Repo! The Genetic Opera) from a script by
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Fright Exclusive Interview - Director Jeremy Kasten!

Just added! A Fright exclusive interview with The Wizard Of Gore director Jeremy Kasten! This month, Icons got the chance to speak with director Jeremy Kasten (The Attic Expeditions, The Thirst, All Souls Day) about his latest film The Wizard Of Gore, based upon the cult-classic 1970 Herschell Gordon Lewis movie of the same name. Jeremy's updated version boasts an impressive cast lead by Crispin Glover (in the role of Montag The Magnificent, reminiscent to Crispin's own stage performances), Kip Pardue, Bijou Phillips (Hostel: Part II, It's Alive), Joshua Miller (Near Dark, River's Edge), Brad Dourif (Rob Zombie's Halloween) and Jeffrey Combs (Re-animator). On the basis of the beautiful bloody opening 5 minute scene of Wizard Of Gore, which plays out to The Black Heart Procession song "The Old Kind Of Summer", we immediately knew that we had to talk to Jeremy. Click Here or on the frame below for one of our all-time favorite Icons chats!
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