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An absolute AMAZING cast!
vincentdeporter2 March 2009
Well, I've read a lot of hatred for this musical. So I'll just totally DISAGREE with the sad sacks. This piece is fantastic! Not Biblically correct?... it's a MUSICAL, people! It's pure entertainment!

The cast is just one of the best I've seen. Val Kilmer is up to the task. He might not be the greatest singer, but his acting is flawless, and overall a great show. I'll take one actor/singer out of the lot, and give him a stand up ovation. I'm talking about Adam Lambert. His interpretation will give you goosebumps, and will make your eyes tear! The best moment for me is the song "Is anybody listening". Just wonderful! This said, it's ALL good.

I only wish I had the opportunity to see it live.
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Pretty good
the_Poppuns21 January 2007
At first I thought this is was going to be funny. Just the idea of Val Kilmer in a musical about the Ten Commandments made me wonder. But being a longtime fan of Mr. Kilmer's I knew he could sing so when I put it on and realized it was serious I went along with it. There is a really strong supporting cast of excellent singers although Val sounded a little weak, maybe nervous, I'm not sure. The music itself was fine. It had a Prince of Egypt sense to it. The songs were good to me. And calling it a Jesus Christ Superstar wannabe, as someone did, isn't fair because I personally think that's the best musical ever. So holding this up to such a high standard is unrealistic I think. It was produced by fashion designers which also made me wonder during the opening credits but it was nicely staged and the costumes were obviously beautiful but not too designer-y. I've read the other comments and I'm not sure what they were expecting. I've been to more than one Broadway musical and I never saw anything that looked like ILM had done the background effects.

Another thing I liked was that it was shot as a live musical performance. I had seen the DVD version of CATS and I didn't like the way they did it, on a sound stage therefore no audience. It's better this way. I think you need an audience. I just wish every musical was committed to DVD. Anyone who enjoys musical theatre should check it out.
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I was greatly surprised
magsleps1 February 2007
I was very excited to see that another Broadway musical had come out on DVD, but I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully, I was greatly surprised to see a wonderful story told in a musical way for a family to enjoy. Val Kilmer was a nice surprise in this role because he is such a strong actor. He is not a strong singer but never the less, I thought he did a great job. However, the supporting cast just blew me away. What a group of such strong and powerful singers. They were all magnificent in their roles. If you are looking for a movie to share with the entire family, this is definitely a good choice. Jesus Christ Superstar is one of my favorites that I watch over and over again. Now I have another musical that I can enjoy in the same way.
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There's Nothing Like Documentation
tvman-34 September 2013
I'm another one who saw the original production. Embarrassingly bad, though with one or two decent songs, as I recall. At one point, I thought I'd accidentally stumbled into a Chippendale's show. Kilmer can sing acceptably, but the songs are mostly, to say the least, thin and uninspired, and the choreography at times is just plain silly.

I later decided I had to buy a copy (used) of the DVD, just so when I tell people how bad this show was, I'll have proof. When watching the DVD, take note of the unenthusiastic, "polite" applause. And I'm figuring it was probably a conscious choice not to show the audience.

My wife wasn't able to join the rest of us to see the show, so I bought her a souvenir t-shirt, telling her that she got the better deal.
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Extremely surprised.
dustybe12 May 2007
I rented this movie from Blockbuster about a month ago, and still have yet to return it. I absolutely loved it. I am going to let Blockbuster charge me for it and just keep it. I've shown it to a lot of my friends, some like it some don't. All my friends are in their early to mid 20's. I've shown it to a couple older people and I find that they like it a lot. The songs are awesome. The Horns of Jericho is a great song. I agree that Val Kilmer doesn't have the best vocals but I think he is still pretty good. He probably wasn't the first choice to play Moses but they needed some star power. I saw a commerical for this musical movie at the movie theater and I thought it had to be a joke and was probably a rip on The Ten Conmandments but I was pleasantly surprised. Awesome movie. I hope they put more musicals on DVD soon.
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Terrible on stage...
markalleve2 April 2009
We saw it at the Kodak with a friend in the show. HORRIBLE! Val was reading "telepromters" at the back of the house. He didn't know his lyrics! Staging was awkward and weird! We only stayed for Act II because we had a friend in the show and there were others who would have "ratted us out" if we had left. I'm SO surprised it made it to DVD!! It was a mediocre piece of theater. So boring that the magnitude of the story was lost in the special effects and Val's lack-luster performance. I wanted it to be good and engaging, it was not. Our friend was fine in her small role - she should have had a larger role as she is super talented!
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Absolutely Loved It!!!
michellemuir-3379421 March 2017
I had never heard of this musical before but I was looking at Val Kilmer's Wikipedia page and I saw this I am thinking okay what is this so I start looking and I find it on you tube and man is it amazing!! I was shocked at how awe inspiring it was. The music was good but it had it's moments where the song didn't quite fit but all in all it was an amazing play. The characters were really good Val Kilmer rocked as Moses he really brought out the spirit of Moses in here and in Prince of Egypt. I respect all of the actors who sang and those who didn't. And for all of those people who don't like it well that's your opinion but that doesn't mean that you can rant and rave about it and say horrible things about it yeah maybe Val had to use teleprompters for his lines and singing but he still did a really good job.
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Complete Crap
dbking861 May 2007
This is the WORST musical ever made, for film or stage. First off it's COMPLETELY biblically inaccurate. The best voice is a random slave, who looks like he's actually Native American. THere is NO age progression on the queen of Egypt, or Moses' mother, in acting or in make- up save for her horrible wig that becomes gray. The choreography is atrocious, as is the set. Most of the interesting effects are done for the DVD, therefore i'm not sure what the audience even got to see at the Kodak theater.

It seems as though a bunch of people who meant well and really liked musicals ( MAC makeup, Max Azairi(costumes), Travis Payne(choreography)) got together and attempted to make one of their own without even trying to learn how beforehand.

Lastly, every time the original Ramses king is on stage, he glows gold in a really odd way, especially from his crotch. whenever he came on stage my friend would scream "I LOVE GOOOLLDD" a la Austin Powers. Honestly i wanted to shoot myself the whole time. I collect horrible movies for entertainment value and this is definitely the crown jewel
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Saw this Live. Lambert was unknown
phillipcohen3 July 2019
This was a bit of a fiasco. But there was one singer that's voice was so unbelievable. I never forgot it. Years later I saw Lambert's work as he was becoming famous. I realized it was him in, The Ten Commandments. Just looked it up to check and it sure is. I don't think he has even begun to use all the talent he has.
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YankeesSuck4421 January 2007
This could very well be the worst piece of musical theater ever preserved on film. "Highlights" include the Egyptian who Moses stabs coming out to the scene with the knife visibly already in his belly, all the closeups of Kilmer's gut, a Hebrew apparently having a seizure as Miriam sings "Horns of Jericho", the song Horns of Jericho itself, as that story doesn't even happen until after Moses' death, and the fact that outside of Moses, Ramses, Joshua and Aaron no character's name is ever mentioned, leaving you to guess who is who. If you are looking for something genuinely terrible for a laugh definitely pick this one up.
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Not terrible, but not very good either.
dbborroughs18 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I remember when this show was announced several years ago, and all of the stops on the tour were laid out, I was wondering why any one would try to do a show like this when similar shows, Ben Hur and even Elton John's Aida met with mixed results. I also couldn't understand why they would have cast Val Kilmer in the lead. Then the tour collapsed and the show came out on DVD, and out of pure curiosity I got the disc and popped it in.

This large budgeted stage version of the biblical tale has Val Kilmer (who isn't bad) as Moses. You can tell they spent a chunk of change on the show with its fancy sets, nice costumes and lots of dancers. I wish I could report that other than looking good the show worked, but I can't. The music is mostly strung together power ballads which seem to have been delivered on a huge stage with just one or two people belting to the back wall. The songs are at best passable but the real sin is they all sound the same. Well most of them do. Its awful because it sounds like you're listening to the same song for two hours. It doesn't help that most of the cast seems to be trying to hard and seem to be trying to win over the American Idol judges, nor does it help that the game dancers are thwarted by a choreographer with no sense of style which making watching the action during the songs painful. Its an over sized production of what might have been a small scale show. I can't really recommend the show, but at the same time I don't think you'll pluck your eyes out of you see it. I've seen worse, which maybe why I don't completely dislike the show. I think the best I can say is if you must see it, don't pay for the "privilege"
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Adam Lambert Rocks! He should have been cast as Moses...
maitria8 June 2009
I gave this musical an 8 solely because Adam was in it. Had he not been casted, this would have gotten a 3 score. What were they thinking....Adam should have been Moses! Then, I would have given this musical ten stars. I just bought this DVD for the soul purpose of seeing Adam once again. I can't wait for his CD and hopefully he will do more musicals so we can all see him perform live....He is truly a great gift to the world and an inspiration to all to not give up on their dreams....

Thanks Adam... you are my number one American Idol! Maitri Joy San Francisco CA
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Watch this if you want to feel better about writing your own crappy musical
rslander-13 January 2007
This film/musical is absolutely atrocious. It's nothing but a long collection of drawn-out, uncreative, boring, canned songs with pretty much every cliché lyric in the book. Is it supposed to be a Jesus Christ Superstar wannabe, without the writing talent? The cheesy MIDI drums and Windows 95ish video transitions especially add to its "bad church production" feel. I wasn't expecting much going in, but I was completely stunned by the tremendous void of artistic or entertainment value. I swear I've seen class presentations by high-school kids with more creativity. Could this possibly be a serious effort? By professionals? And how in the world does someone with as big a name as Val Kilmer get wrapped into something so awful? Perhaps he owed somebody a favor? I don't get it. Absolutely disgusting.
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