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Not for everyone, but this movie is a lot of laughs
Pick076 February 2008
I have read a lot of negative reviews about this movie. I'd have to say that they are 100% correct. I have also read some reviews by people who absolutely loved it. They are also 100% correct. I tend to be more toward the second group, but I can definitely see both sides.

The plot makes no sense. The dialogue is at times very bad. However (a very big however), I think that this movie knows its audience and delivers to them a light-hearted "stoner" movie with some very funny moments (the shark voice-overs, for example). This is a Happy Madison movie. Yes, times have changed from Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore (two of the originals, no doubt). However, I think that many people go into these types of movies expecting something more "mainstream," such as Wedding Crashers or 40-Year-Old Virgin. The sure absurdity of the movie was enough for me. Much of the dialogue, albeit very goofy, has a certain improv feel to it, letting the actors play with the scenes.

To end this long "review," think of movies like Beerfest, Super Troopers, Grandma's Boy for a quick comparison. Does this movie win any awards? Absolutely not. Is it probably better on DVD? Perhaps. However, if these laugh-aloud "stoner" movies are your thing, then I think you'll enjoy this movie.
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Randomly hilarious.
brevan_08030 October 2008
Very uplifting, and randomly hilarious film. It's definitely not an A+ as far as the plot goes, (not uncommon in the comedy genre), however, the funny one liners, outstanding acting from Justin long (the guy who stared in accepted) who in this movie plays a brain dead stoner PERFECTLY, and the random humor, which requires an above average sense of humor, but which kept me laughing out loud the entire movie, are more than enough to classify this film as a "I'm really glad I watched that movie" :D . Heres a list of comedies I enjoyed. perhaps we have similar taste. Anchor man, Napolean Dynamite (kind-of), Billy Madison, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bio Dome, Knocked Up. etc.
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Stoned or sober stupidity rules and it's just plain funny....
merklekranz17 September 2008
"Strange Wilderness" has a very simplistic script, searching for "bigfoot" to save an "amazing animals" type television show from being canceled. There are some seriously funny bits strung together by a flimsy premise, but who cares? It's funny, and the ridiculous plot simply adds to the fun. If you enjoy movies like "Idiocracy" then "Strange Wilderness" is for you. What's not to like about a film that spoofs in a very clever way, every "Animal Kingdom" episode you can think of? If you go in expecting stupidity, simplemindedness, and some really funny parts, you will not be disappointed...... Recommended. - MERK
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inspired silliness
Buddy-5121 August 2008
"Strange Wilderness" is a good-natured, frequently hilarious takeoff on all those nature documentaries that play on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, and whose pedigree stretches all the way back to the granddaddy of them all, "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom." Peter and Fred are the producers of a wildlife series entitled "Strange Wilderness" that has been foundering in the ratings ever since Peter's father, a Steve Irwin-type naturist and the original host of the show, passed away, leaving his less-than-stellar son to carry on his legacy. The sheer scientific illiteracy of much of the commentary that Peter provides for his footage probably hasn't helped matters much in this regard. Now faced with the prospect of series cancellation, Peter and his crew of incompetent dweebs head off to the wilds of South America to file an exclusive report on the famed Bigfoot who has recently been spotted there.

Though adolescent in the extreme, "Strange Wilderness" turns out to be a zany, endearingly random and unflaggingly energetic little comedy whose likable cast is obviously dialed into what the movie makers are trying to do here. Steve Zahn, Allen Covert, Covert, Ernest Borgnine, Jeff Garlin, Kevin Heffernan, Justin Long and Harry Hamlin seem to be having the time of their lives here and their enjoyment rubs off on us as well.

Is it dumb? Of course it is. Is it lowbrow, inane and hopelessly juvenile? You betcha'. But unlike so many other films that fall into those categories, "Strange Wilderness" has a shrewd mind for parody and a liveliness of spirit that actually make the movie funny. Credit scenarist Peter Gaulke and co-author/director Fred Wolf (who first developed this concept as sketches on "Saturday Night Live") for some excellent joke-writing and pacing and for their willingness to pull out all the stops in their effort to get the laugh. In fact, the crew's ill-fated encounter with Bigfoot is alone worth the price of admission.
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I laughed really hard through quite a bit of it!
wen_d_j7 February 2007
If you liked Talladega Nights, you will definitely like this one. Very funny stoner movie.

The ending isn't really my taste, a bit on the repulsive side, but overall this movie is hysterically funny. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The comedic timing is perfect, really nicely done production quality overall, and the musical score is fantastic. Nicely paced, didn't really have any draggy parts. The movie is a really good "dood" comedy. I have been recommending it to my friends already. I might not fit the demographic the film is aimed at, but I loved the movie. I love funny stuff and this film split my gut several times. It's a good time.

The movie starts out with outtakes of genuine wildlife show legend, Bill Burrid, getting picked on by an ostrich, and knocked down by goats. I loved watching his show when I was a kid, so right off the bat, I was in love with the movie, curious about the story, and wanted to see where it was going to go.

The humor and dialogue push the envelope of stupidity, but actually has an intelligent edge. That's why it reminds me of Talladega Nights in terms of comedic dialogue style. The movie is silly, but not stupid. This film puts the "Fun" back in "Funny".

The film crew is just a bunch of misfits that get along great. They go in search of Bigfoot, in an attempt to keep it on the air. Murphy's Law is in full swing, in a very funny way throughout the film.

Target market is teen & 20-something males.
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Dumb comedy but not meant to be serious!
UniqueParticle16 July 2019
Steve Zahn is gold in comedy and horror! Lots of silly nonsense in this story but hey what's wrong with that occasionally? Ridiculous amount of crude stuff and immature behavior; love it hate, it that's all there is to it.
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Rent this, especially if you don't have a job or future. It will make you feel better.
jeffkovalik27 June 2008
This is the absolute worst - greatest movie I have ever seen. If you have nothing to do or just want to laugh at the most inappropriate and random things ever, rent this film. This movie makes no sense, has no script, completely defies all forms of logic and made my stomach hurt from laughter. If real animal T.V. shows were like the show in this movie, I would only watch the Discovery Channel. "Attacks by salmon on bears are much more rare" , "No matter how many sea lions are killed each year by sharks, it never seems like enough" and "Does your name ever get hard in the morning?" might be three of the funniest things I have ever heard. The actors basically just tried to see who could make the other actors and crew laugh more during filming. There was no script, just say whatever you want. It must be nice to be Adam Sandler's buddy. You can goof around, make crappy movies for your friends to laugh at and still get paid. What a life! This movie should get an Academy Award for being so horrible it becomes awesome. 10 out of 10!!!!!
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Don't take it too seriously, and you'll laugh your ass off
jornvanzwanenburg2 December 2015
Man, have I laughed my ass off, all the fourteen times I've seen it. Of course, there were some levitating substances involved, and that is exactly what this movie needs.

The movie doesn't take itself too seriously and you can clearly notice that by some sloppy camera moments, poor scene-cutting and actors who can barely hold it together during some of the most hilarious moments in the movie.

But this didn't bother me at all while seeing the movie, actually it contributed to the extremely high laugh-kick moments only a few comedies can really produce. It's great too see a young, out of his mind Jonah Hill and a even more out of his mind Justin Long messing around in the background while the seasoned bad-comedy actors Steve Zahn and Allen Covert carry the storyline and set-up the jokes. And of course Keven Heffernan, what a brilliant idiot.

All and all, go to a free-minded state or to Amsterdam and see the movie!
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Good Dumb Comedy
TheExpatriate70021 November 2011
Strange Wilderness is a good, if not particularly memorable, stoner comedy revolving around a young slacker (Steve Zahn) who inherits a wildlife television show from his father. Unfortunately, he and his stoner buddies manage to get the show canceled, and their only hope is to get footage of Bigfoot down in Ecuador.

Sound stupid? Well, it is, but it still manages to get a lot of laughs, even if they are not particularly original. Some of the highlights, such as a dentally challenged shark, are well known from YouTube, but there are still plenty of laughs to be had, including a scene involving a decidedly ferocious turkey. The whole thing is held together by Steve Zahn, whose charisma makes even many of the lamer jokes funny.

The film definitely has flaws. Many of the jokes, particularly in the first half, fall flat, and Jonah Hill does little with his character other than act stoned. Furthermore, many of the jokes are easy to predict in advance. Still, it's a great comedy for a boring afternoon.
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Absolutely hilarious movie!!!
maartenrijger30 July 2012
I became a member of IMDb because the rating for Strange Wilderniss is just way to low! This was the best movie I had seen all year! The movie is so funny.. it's so stupid but so great! Especially the part about the bears... watch it so i don't have to spoil it. If you like crazy humor.. watch it.. if you don't like this movie at all.. to my opinion you don't have humor yourself!

It's clear what the movie is about.. what makes it funny is funny actors.. great things they say about the animals.. you can't take anything serious!

I am going to search for more movies with these actors.. like Jack Black movies.. great.. hilarious!
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Strange Wilderness is inexplicable, it is an absolutely awful film but yet it is still somewhat funny and made me smile. Don't ask me why.
stewiefan20128 March 2008
There is only one plot line I can extract from my experience watching Strange Wilderness. It is mildly about a wilderness animal TV show hosted by a guy named Peter Gaulke (Steve Zahn). He and his demented crew (Allen Covert, Jonah Hill, Ashley Scott, Justin Long e.t.c.) find out that the ratings for their 3 A.M. show have dropped drastically. They have two weeks before their show gets the boot, and they have to find a way to keep it on the air. Peter's friend Milas (Ernest Borgnine...Making a quick cha-ching) suggests he knows where Bigfoot lives within the Andes wild, so the team decides to track the mysterious creature as a last hope to save the show. While on the road they run into one ludicrous obstacle after another, but keep going anyway. That really just about wraps it up in the "plot" department.

Strange Wilderness is an awful film in reality. The plot is thinner than a microscopic germ, the acting is either drug-induced or just absolutely atrocious with no real effort (I'm leaning towards drug-induced). The film itself is tastelessly shot in any possible way. They were in the wilderness for 90% of the film, they could have thrown in at least a few nice artsy shots of trees or something, but I guess that was a no-no. And don't even get me started on the continuity because there is virtually no continuity to critique. What other negative things can I say about Strange Wilderness. Oh that's right, how in the world could I forget this big detail, the filmmakers sure did. Strange Wilderness does not seem to have a script. Instead the actors seem to sit around after being told a basic outline of what to talk about. Then they just ad-lib away until the scene is over, and most of that screen time they don't follow that basic outline in any way imaginable. If there was any sort of script to this movie, I'm guessing Jack Daniels or Captain Morgan wrote it. Who knows maybe somebody dropped a lit joint on the screenplay and it went up in flames, and everyone around was too high to do a rewrite.

But Strange Wilderness was funny at times, there I said it. Despite all the horrendous effort that went into making this flimsy far-below-low-brow comedy, it was the actors having "high" and mighty fun that made the film watchable. Justin Long for instance is at his worst here as a one dimensional stoner, but he still manages to give us a few chuckles just because of how random and stupid he is acting on screen. There is one funny scene in which he has tattooed eyes on his eyelids, and the team wakes him up from sleeping and he scares all of them. Although the tattoos were magically gone in the next scene, I guess Justin Long must have found them in a box of cracker jacks and suggested it as a gag. Steve Zahn is a very talented actor with movies like Joy Ride, Rescue Dawn, and even You've Got Mail. But in Strange Wilderness he too is at his seemingly deliberate worst. As the host of a wilderness TV show his character Peter is bad, as is the show where you can actually hear Steve Zahn stutter and pause as he thinks of what to say next. The half-assed ad-libbing is hilarious. I've never seen a movie with as little effort as Strange Wilderness, and because everyone involved doesn't try to hide that fact we can actually laugh at the film.

Steve Zahn, Justin Long, Jonah Hill, and even Ernest Borgnine were most likely all stoned in the making of this movie. This movie was probably shot for their own amusement and then somehow made its way into movie theaters. I don't know how they got that accomplished, but I guess the Happy Madison crew have their ways. The movie is very bad but I would prefer it any day of the week before I ever watched dreck like Epic Movie or Meet the Spartans again. At least this movie had a few fine actors having a stoned good time. In the end I give Strange Wilderness a 1.5 out of 4 because it is an awful film. But for a one time viewing it was a little amusing in a half-assed way.
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Very Funny
Franchise8613 February 2008
I don't know why people do not like this movie. This is a classic Adam Sandler esquire movie. I thought this movie would be OK but it far surpasses my expectations. My friend and I went to go see it for his birthday and both were very happy with the film. This movie contained many many funny moments. Jonah Hill's songs were funny and this was a laugh a minute film. While watching I thought they laughs might drop off but I was happily surprised and the laughs continued to the end of the film. It is a predictable ending to the movie but, it was still a great film and worth the $8.00 I paid. If you are a fan of the Happy Madison films you will also like this one.
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My IQ just dropped 10 points
brdjava443 February 2008
I loved Superbad and Accepted. Steven Zahn is normally hilarious. Yet, I can not believe I wasted almost 2 hours of my life on this movie! The only funny parts were the voice overs, much of which we had already seen on the trailers. I was tempted to get up and leave during the middle, OK, to be honest - the first 20 minutes, of this movie. I braved my way through the movie instead. If someone offered me $100 dollars to sit through this movie again, I would have to turn them down. Seriously, this was one of the worst movies I've ever sat through and I honestly think I have become more stupid by watching it. Please, save your money and your brain cells!
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Please read this review
iamgraph142 February 2008
I have never written a review on IMDb before, although I see many movies. However, after seeing this movie I was compelled to write a review in the hope that someone might see it before seeing this movie. The main review on the page seems to say that this movie is alright, or even funny. I don't exaggerate in the slightest when I say that it was the worst movie I have ever seen. As a cinema student for four years, I love and see thousands of movies, yet I'm not a snob. I liked Grandma's Boy a lot, even Dude Where's my Car had its Moments. In fact, as a 19 year old male I almost perfectly fit the target audience for this movie. But this movie, unlike others in its genre, was so awful I can't even begin to construct a thorough complaint. A day after seeing it I am still in awe of how bad it was. I was disappointed that Jonah Hill wasn't funnier, because SuperBad was amazing, but it wasn't his fault. I'm not sure that there were any writers for this movie, my best guess is that the actors got together and smoked a lot of pot before each set, and then improvised their lines (poorly) around a general plot line. The actors seem desperate for laughs, and sometimes the jokes were just gruesome. Unless you have smoked at least a bowl of marijuana, do yourself a favor and don't see this movie. Promote quality art, and don't send your money towards the makers of this film.
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6 nights later, and I am still mad
hdflood066 February 2008
I saw this movie last Friday night, and 6 nights later I still feel cheated out of the $15 my husband and I spent to see this. It was a shame that this film was as horrible as it was, considering the actors that were in it. Together, they have the potential chemistry to create an extremely funny film, but here it fell short To me it seemed that the entire movie was a compilation of outtakes, and if it wasn't that, then there was no script and they made up the lines as they went along. It was tasteless, unfunny and a waste of time. I hope that by reading this, I can save people money. The best part of the film was seeing the preview for Will Ferrel's new movie "Semi-Pro".
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Subpar at best and disappointing because of the great actors!
c_hafer2 February 2008
This movie extremely disappointed me! I remember watching the trailer months prior to its release, so I was pretty excited for it. I really enjoy most of the Happy Madison films, but this one was a complete bummer! I love Jonah Hill and Steve Zahn is just as good. Not to mention the cast of characters that usually appear in these films, specifically Allen Covert of Grandma's Boy. I really loved that movie, so I then put faith that this one would be somewhat comparable, but quite the contrary. I mean there was some funny and sometimes hilarious parts, but it was just a stretch. They tried way too hard for laughs and some of the time they did succeed, but fell short quite numerously! Jonah Hill's character got few lines, but when he did, they were fairly funny. I did enjoy Justin Long as he is coming into his own as an actor. Kevin Heffernan didn't get nearly enough funny lines or the proper camera time he deserved, I mean he's Farva for the love of god, the man is funny. With all this being said, wait for the DVD. Poor plot, great actors, but wrongly used their talents! Severely disappointed in this film.....I even went opening night I was so excited.....stupid film.....not even a stoner flick at best and trust me I love stoner flicks!
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Strange Wilderness is a good candidate for the worst movie of 2008
tavm4 February 2008
Steve Zahn, Jonah Hill, Justin Long, Jeff Garlin, Robert Patrick, Harry Hamlin, Joe Don Baker, and Ernest Borgnine. What do these actors have in common? They're all people I admire that have appeared in this, Strange Wilderness, perhaps the worst movie I have seen so far in the year 2008! Co-written and directed by SNL veteran Fred Wolf, this weird satire of a nature show behind-the-scenes has some grossly amusing ideas but very few of them pay off. Among some stuff that I liked: Host Zahn saying that bears were named after a "Chicago football team", his painful encounter with a turkey, another Zahn story about a fish and balls. Other than that, this was a mostly painfully unfunny movie that had me checking my watch three times. Not a good sign. So on that note, I don't recommend Strange Wilderness.
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Waste of my time
mikee11861 February 2008
This was, quite possibly, the worst movie I have ever seen. Actually, I didn't see the end of it because I left the theater, which is something I never do. Horrible acting, terrible plot, awful jokes. There is hardly anything funny about this movie. I found myself laughing at maybe 2 lines and that was it.

I would say wait until it comes out on DVD to see it, but that would be a waste of money and time.

The thing is, I usually enjoy slapstick comedy movies similar to this. Unfortunately, this was far worse than anything I have ever seen.

I left the movie and went and watched something else because I couldn't stand to be in there any longer.
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The absolute WORST film I have ever seen.
mjs2754118 June 2008
I rented this movie the other night, because I thoroughly enjoyed Grandma's Boy and saw the trailer for this a few months back and thought it would be just as hilarious. I popped this in, and forty minutes later I had to turn it off because of how horribly un-funny and poorly made it is. The only part I laughed at was when Justin Long had the tattoos on his eyelids, and even that was in the trailer, so I had already seen it. The only word to describe the plot is ridiculous, and I don't mean that in the Superbad or Grandma's Boy sense of the word ridiculous. It may be the worst plot I've ever seen, read of, or heard, hands down. The movie could have been saved by some decent comedic performances from generally solid comedic actors (Jonah Hill, Steve Zahn, etc.), but every single one of them did such a poor job on this. I know it's silly for me to be reviewing this film, it's obviously just a fun little stoner film that these guys just put out there to make a few bucks, but I just want to make sure that no one else ever sees this movie again. Seriously, it's that bad. And this is coming from a guy who normally enjoys stupid comedies. I mean, I loved Hot Rod, and that's one of the stupidest plots that's ever been in a movie, but it was still hilarious. I'm very disappointed with everybody involved in the making of this movie, and will be wary about all of their works in the future. This is crap.
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Not funny and a waste of some good talent
TX_Metal_Maniac4 February 2008
Not funny. The only bright spots are Ashley Scott, Joe Don Baker, Blake Clark and Ernest Borgnine. It's disappointing seeing the talented Steve Zahn stuck in this film. The biggest problem is the script--it just isn't very funny. I heard very little laughing in the theater while I was watching this. The scrotum gag just seemed tired. The turkey bit was kind of funny, but at the same time really stupid. There is a Canadian film from around 1983 called "Screwballs" that had a much funnier scene with a bowling ball during a game of strip bowling. Come to think of it, "Screwballs" is a much funnier film than "Strange Wilderness" is from start to finish.
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Ughhhh... Just don't.
sparkle_fade955 February 2008
OK I am a huge fan of most of this groups work. That is the Apatow influenced cast members, but this movie literally hurt my head. There is the weakest plot ever, stoner jokes that are bland and wasted due to timing, and shameless comments about many different ethic groups. I liked grandma's boy, superbad was awesome, etc... but damn this was a waste of two hours of my life. Its been a long time since I could find nothing good to say about movie, I found good in 27 dresses from seeing the week before, but this was just a pathetic attempt to get the stoner youth of America to come out to the movies. And I can say that as one of these stoners, I should have stayed home and watched reruns on TV.

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Save your money and time.
bkzane2 February 2008
This movie was awful. I'm a big movie buff and a big fan of silly, fun, raunchy comedies. For example: Grandma's Boy. But this movie was stupid without any of the funny. It seems like no one even put any time into this script and just thought by assembling some funny actors they would make it work. WRONG! It was unbearable to sit through and my friend and I walked out about 50 minutes into it and neither of us have EVER done that before. I want my money and my 50 minutes back. Please please please do not see this movie. The fact that people could laugh at such poorly planned and executed jokes is beyond me. I mean there were one or two moments when it seemed like maybe this COULD be funny (see the nitrous scene in the bus), but as soon as you thought, "Hey maybe this movie could work.." The next scene came along and stunk up the place. Boo to everyone involved in this movie. I guess they were just looking for a paycheck. But why do we have to suffer? Boo indeed...
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I...Cannot...Believe it...
fat_nerd4 February 2008
Here is the setting: It's a dark and rainy night in downtown San Francisco, the wind howling, the rain begging for mercy while flying sideways, a usual winter setting. I figure, "Hey, you know AVPR looked like it had potential."

I exit the darkened theater, pondering what the two directors will do for work following this poor excuse for an adolescent's action movie orgasm. I made a pact that day with my friend, Mike, to never again fall prey to this trite waste of celluloid.

February soon approached, and I could barely contain myself for this awesome comedy with a pretty decent cast.

I'll skip to the end. This movie sucked. Hard. I'm talking unwelcome testicles of an elderly man. Even being baked out of my mind, I still couldn't help but reassure myself that the funny parts were going to start soon, that maybe some actor would be funny. I can count on one hand the segments that I laughed at. Even the character's weren't funny. Kevin Heffernen, who created the immaculate character of Rod Farva in Super Troopers, get's an F for this movie. But I don't blame him, I blame the stoned-junior-high-kid quality of the script. I kid you not, half the cast served ZERO purpose in this movie. I have never wanted to have a refund for a movie. EVER. Congratulations Strange Wilderness, you have become the new Club Dread.
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It really is that bad...
gwailo24710 February 2008
There are some funny moments, I maybe laughed about ten times. Steve Zahn is NOT funny, Jonah Hill is horrible, that fake accent is even worse. It looks like the cast was really stoned in most of the takes, and not in a good funny way either. I saw this movie for free otherwise I would be angry at the money I just wasted.

This is a case of good ingredients, but a horrible meal. But it shows a lack of effort more than anything else.

Main reason I am posting this is to warn people away. I went on IMDb before going, saw the cast, looked at some pictures, figured it would be funny. I am now coming back to say NOT FUNNY. Seriously. Watch Suberbad or Knocked Up again (or even for the 10th time) I guarantee you will laugh more.
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Do not waste your time!
peter_mcnichol5 February 2008
The only possible way this movie could be the least bit entertaining is if the viewer were on a powerful hallucinogen; the bright colours would prove stimulating. Perhaps if one were extremely drunk, but even that's pushing it.

Quite frankly, I didn't expect much at all from the previews, but the cinematic experience itself proved infinitely more awful than I could ever have imagined. You might think (as I did): "Oh, Steve Zahn and that fat guy from Superbad; it's gotta be at least worth the 90 minutes!". WRONG!

This movie is putrid filth from the beginning; not only is the plot severely lacking in any real content, but the production values are just absolute trash. It's essentially just another stupid movie about a bunch of idiots going a road trip and doing stupid things. The entire film is unoriginal in every respect and, literally, every remotely humorous instance in the film is included in the preview you've probably already seen.

You'd be better off going into a medically induced coma for 90 minutes; at least you won't remember it!
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