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MPAA Rated PG-13 for language

Sex & Nudity

  • A married man is shown fondling another woman in his office. It is implied that they might be having some kind of sex, although they are fully clothed, and they are soon interrupted by a child with his nanny. The same man flirts with his child's nanny in a later scene, grabbing her behind briefly. She rejects his advances.
  • While at a bar with a friend, a girl who works as a nanny is asked by some guys if she "gets it on" with the father in the family. They make a comment that she should be "in a porno."
  • A child pulls a young woman's pants down about halfway, revealing her underwear. A young man shows up at the door and sees her bent down with her underwear showing.
  • A young woman passionately kisses a young man and throws herself up against him against his apartment door before going inside, implying sex. No nudity or sex shown.
  • A woman falls down and lands on top of a man walking by her, knocking him down, and the woman says, "get off, you pervert" and gets up.

Violence & Gore

  • A husband and wife get into a few screaming matches, although they never actually hit each other.
  • A little boy gets very sick with the flu and throws up on Scarlott Johansonn's lap. You see some of it as stands up.
  • After being fired from her nannying job, a girl gets angry, goes to their house when they are not there, knocks things over, lets her dog pee on their carpet, and makes a video of herself talking about what horrible parents they are.
  • In the opening scene, we see an image of a woman sticking her finger down her throat and kneeling over a toilet. We don't actually see her vomiting, but it's implied, and the toilet can be heard flushing afterward.


  • One use of the word G-dd-mn
  • Some mild obscenities, including shit, damn, bitch, and hell.
  • Includes infrequent use of the word "fuck" in both English and German, and "shit" in French.
  • A young boy says that he has to "make a doodie" - in other words, go to the bathroom. He says this twice.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Annie goes to the bar with her friend a few times when they are not working. They drink casually, although neither of them get really drunk. They do, however, come in contact with some guys who are intoxicated and behave erratically as a result.
  • Mr. X smokes cigars and drinks.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There aren't really any frightening or intense scenes. There are a few heated arguments between husband and wife, and a child gets sick briefly at one point, but that's about it.
  • Mr. and Mrs. X's emotional negligence toward their son may be a bit disturbing to some viewers.

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