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Robin Givens alone--repeat, alone--makes "Little Hercules in 3-D" worth seeing.
brooksduane5421 October 2011
"Little Hercules in 3-D" is, to be blunt about it, ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. The premise--young Hercules comes to Earth from Mt. Olympus and is befriended by a black kid and his mother--is not only fully unbelievable but downright juvenile, the performances--with literally one exception, which will ultimately be gotten into--range from grandstanding (Hulk Hogan as young Herc's father) to flat-out horrid (Judd Nelson as an official at the school said black kid and young Herc attend), and the script would not cut the mustard even as an episode of a Saturday- morning live-action series. However, as mentioned, there is one, and only one exception, as far as the acting is concerned, and that alone-- alone--is the drawing card. That exception is, namely, Robin Givens as the black youth's mother. As Dana, she offers her usual amounts of sprightly charm, high-gloss sexiness, and glittering intelligence. When she's standing with Nelson's high-school official and dealing with Herc's dad, we envy Nelson for having such a qualitative ally. When Dana squares off against young Herc's scheming mother (when the latter asks Dana what her game is, the former replies: "Trying to stop you--one mother to another"), we feel young Herc should be wholly grateful to have such an appealing advocate. Really and truly, when Robin Givens is on-screen during "Little Hercules in 3-D," a sow's ear becomes not only a silk purse but an entire uptown ensemble.
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I'd rather watch Arnie in his own Hercules film..
BatmanFunReviews201816 July 2018
Little Hercules travels from Mt. Olympus to live life as a mortal in Los Angeles. Hercules in New York had more life, soul and was way more fun than 'Little Hercules in 3-D' plus how in the name of god did John Heard and Elliott Gould star in this film? The little kid who even plays Hercules looked like a girl plus the battle of the gods between The Big Show and Hogan? Looked like something out of the 2009 DragonBall Evolution movie with some of the worst special effects i have ever seen in my entire life. Please watch anything rather than this. (0/10)
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