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The kinetic objects, with the rolling glass marbles, are designs of Dutch artist Mark Bischof.
The car driven by Sir Anthony Hopkins is a Porsche Carrera GT (ten cylinder, six hundred twelve horsepower). After 1,270 handcrafted pieces, Porsche cancelled the series in April 2006. The price was about six hundred seventy thousand dollars.
The house used as Ryan Gosling's character Willy Beachum's house is 3101 Minnesota Street, Los Angeles. Across the road is 3104 Minnesota Street, which was used as Matthew McConaughey's character Mick Haller's house in The Lincoln Lawyer (2011).
When Willy Beachum is in his office, the boxes behind his desk are labeled "People vs. Morgenthau". Kramer Morgenthau was the Cinematographer for the film, and another box reads "People vs. Beaupre". Steven F. Beaupre was the Second Assistant Director.
Chris Evans auditioned for the role of Willy Beachum.
The film's house, is later used in Scream: The TV Series (2015), as Nina's house.
George Clooney was attached to direct at one point.
When Sir Anthony Hopkins' character is being arraigned, a directory of judges is seen over his shoulder, with the names Eads and Vacarro. Those are the last names of the Production Designer and Set Designer, respectively.
Cliff Curtis (Detective Flores) appeared in another film called Fracture (2004), produced in his native New Zealand. Just like in this movie, he plays a Detective.
In Beachum's house, there are several pictures of famous jazz musicians, such as Charlie Parker (over the bed), and Bud Powell (in the living room).
The poem and children's book that Willy reads to Jennifer in the hospital is from Dr. Seuss: "Oh the Places You Will Go."
After the arraigning judge refers to Willy Beachum as 007, he sleeps with Nikki Gardner. Rosamund Pike, who played Nikki, also portrayed Miranda Frost in Die Another Day (2002). In that movie, Miranda slept with 007.
The t-shirt that Willy wears through most of the last third of the movie, is from Camp Kishauwau Boy Scout Camp near Tonica, Illinois. It closed in the early 1980s, and was near Starved Rock, which is the graphic on the shirt.
In the background of Beachum's office, case files with the name "Bonaventura" can be seen. This is the last name of the Property Master, Tony Bonaventura.
When hostage negotiator, Lieutenant Nunally (Billy Burke) introduces himself to Ted Crawford (Sir Anthony Hopkins), Crawford opens the dialogue with "Lots of vampires out there". Billy Burke played Charlie Swan in the successful Twilight Saga.
This is the first New Line Cinema and Castle Rock Entertainment collaboration since the mid 1990s, before both companies were bought by Ted Turner.
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Film debut of Sophie Hoblit.
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Sophie Hoblit is the daughter of Gregory Hoblit.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The DVD contains some deleted scenes: - a different introduction of Beachum at his house - a love scene between Nikki Gardner and Beachum (seen in two versions: the first is rather 'energetic', the second has a more sensual tone) - in Nikki's apartment Beachum carries her down the stairs - Beachum visits Jennifer at the hospital and tells her about his family - an alternate ending: here Beachum realizes that Crawford has switched the guns by looking at different photographs. He then breaks into Crawford's house and confronts Crawford (who saw him on the CCTV and triggered the alarm), wearing Nunally's gun. The catch here is that the shells of the bullets reloaded by Crawford into Nunally's gun have Crawford's fingerprints on them. Beachum then puts the gun in the rolling marble model, which Crawford subsequently destroys to get the gun and wipe the bullets clean. After he is finished Beachum opens the drawer where Crawford keeps his gun (which is shown empty) and tells him that Nunally's gun is actually at the lab - a second alternate ending which basically is the same as above except for some of Crawford's reaction to Beachum's explanation and the arrival of police officers to Crawford's alarm.
Near the end, the case Beachum reviews regarding double jeopardy is People v. Bivens, 282 Cal. Rptr. 438, 231 Cal. App. 3d (Cal. Ct. App., 1991). Under Bivens, California can prosecute Crawford for murder, even though it arises out of the same transaction as a defendant's prior case.
In the very final scene it appears that Anthony Hopkins' character has employed the private law firm who were courting Beecham earlier.
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