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wing670423 April 2007
I have been reading through reviews of this movie after I watched it and I have to say I completely disagree with a lot of the overly harsh comments.

Simply put this is a fantastic 'fun' movie. The dark humour is perfectly balanced and fits snugly in the story without stepping over the line that may insult or even alienate some viewers. Indeed the film will appeal to a variety of people, casting it's target audience nets far and wide.

Kudos to the DoP, the cinematography in this film is fantastic and solid throughout. There was never a dull shot I thought was out of place, it suited and told the story well. Not far behind is the lighting which is also incredible. So many shots stick in my mind, and I'm sure I may even borrow a few of the lighting arrangements on my own productions.

Acting is also good, something which has also been picked at. Pegg pulls off a surprisingly good American accent as does his female counterpart. It was also nice to see Schwimmer on the big screen again, the role shows a small detour from his usual characters. I found the characters were believable in their relationship to one another, something which is very difficult to establish in the time it accomplished.

I suggest people give this movie a chance. Make your own minds on what you think rather than rolling with what the critics say. The film isn't a masterpiece by any means, just bloody good fun.
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Original, disturbing, hilarious!
medinasunrise3 December 2006
This movie really caught me by surprise. I hadn't heard about it until about two days before the release and decided to give it a chance. I didn't regret it! Big Nothing is the story of two nice losers who decide to blackmail a porn-addicted priest. A fool-proof plan. Needless to say, everything goes wrong. Big Nothing made me laugh my head off and managed to shock me quite a few times, which is what made it so unique. Superficially, it might look like another crime caper but the sheer number of twists and turns and the fun factor of the whole thing really sets it apart from the rest of the pack. And just when you think you get the gist of it, the tone itself changes, and you're leaving the caper behind to plunge into a downright Gothic, although still hilarious, movie. It's a very intense ride which made me feel almost battered after the screening. My friends reacted in pretty much the same way. We laughed so hard we cried, and we jumped our of our seats quite a few times. I suspect some people will be disturbed by the tone change, but that's what makes the movie so unique in my opinion. It seems to get great reviews overall, although I read a couple of nasty ones in the press. Those guys are probably too old for that kind of ride, and I actually wouldn't recommend it to anyone wearing a pacemaker. Nothing's perfect in this world, although I have a hard time finding what I didn't like. Kick-ass soundtrack and photography complemented the storyline perfectly. A fantastically punk movie. Disco-lovers should give it a miss! This was my very first review. More to come!
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Funniest film I've seen in a LONG time...
Limbastic30 November 2006
As a huge fan of the likes of Tarrantino, Fincher, and the Coen brothers, I'm betting that the skewed nature of the comedy is not going to be for everyone, but if you like your movies heavy on the WTF quotient, this one's for you.

I saw it at the Cardiff Film Festival last week, and the audience couldn't get enough of it. Really a fun "laughing your arse off" kind of a time. The twists, surprises, and laughs build and build to an ending which I won't give away but was not at all what I expected. Pegg and Schwimmer are a crack comedy duo, but the addition of Eve to the antics ups the ante nicely. It loses a star for taking a bit longer to get going than I would have liked, but I'm not quite sure how I would have cracked that particular nut.

All in all, this film's got more energy sparking off it than anything that's come down the pipe in quite a while. Will be seeing it again this weekend with my mates. GO BIG NOTHING!
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Very amusing crime caper
Stressqueen4 December 2006
This certainly isn't a critics movie. OK, so Big Nothing isn't the most original film in the world. Blackmail attempt goes horribly wrong, etc. etc. I can also see how some people have problems with seeing Simon Pegg as an American.

HOWEVER, in it's defence, 'Big Nothing' is a lot of fun, is snappy, stylish, well paced and all in all a very enjoyable piece of film making. I found it really funny (I loved Mimi Rogers' quip about Pink Floyd), and the film got a good reaction from the rest of audience too. If you're after a good old slice of entertainment then Big Nothing is worth seeing. Definitely a 'Friday night' with popcorn type of viewing.
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Didn't want it to end!!!!!
bbcfac31 October 2006
Just saw Big Nothing at a press screening and absolutely loved it. It's hilariously dark and funny. I'd rather not reveal anything of the plot but let's just say there are plenty of laugh out loud moments, yet sometimes, the film is surprisingly tense, keeping you on the edge of your seat. I love Simon Pegg, and though I was skeptical of pairing him with Schwimmer, I have to say the two work brilliantly together. Schwimmer couldn't be further from his Friends character, and Pegg is, well, Pegg! Judging from the reaction of the audience around me, this should be a hit. Can't wait to go back and see it again. Only criticism, I would've loved 15 more minutes, but at the same time, I did enjoy the crazy pace of the movie. Oh, and the soundtrack rocks!
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Pegg/Schwimmer the new Pegg/Frost
specialbobby5 May 2007
I just watched Big Trouble with absolutely no expectations, how could i, it had a very limited release in my area and almost no publicity alongside some terrible press reviews, i don't think it even has US release date yet and made no dent at the UK box office.

Along came the DVD and because Simon Pegg and David Schwimmer are in it i was compelled to give it a chance and to my surprise the critics judge to harshly again, this film is 82mins of pure fun, great chemistry between the two leads, an easy going quirky script and some nice dark touches with some great plot twist.

The film escapes its low budget by not looking like it was filmed in the isle of Man and North wales, believe me i looked for the cracks, they didn't show.

Watching the DVD extras its clear these guys had a great time making the movie and I'm pleased to see Pegg/Schwimmer have teamed up again for Run Fatboy Run, lets hope they work as well together again.

If you like a light hearted black comedy then you could do a lot worse than watch this little gem, ignore the reviews and take a look for yourself and if your in the US why not get hold of a copy on import, you won't be disappointed.

p.s Kudos goes to the lollipop.
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A Must See Movie!
rockets3214 May 2007
Big Nothing is a great comedy, with plot twists and humour all the way through this movie. I found that the movie started off nice and quickly and which really gets you right into the story. I think that David Schwimmer is amazing and also Simon Pegg playing as Gus, as the two actors are a great combination and also Alice Eve acted well. Being honest i didn't wont this movie to end...

The story will NOT bore you at all, through the beginning, middle and end. i liked the movie a lot because of the cast, story plot and surprises through out the movie. It would of been nicer with an extra few minutes in the film because of the length, but there is many extras on the DVD, to view. Highly Recommended as a top movie.
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A gritty and hilarious black comedy.
mazunderscore29 April 2007
Big Nothing is a wonderfully black comedy with a tight twisted plot line, a very well chosen soundtrack and perfect acting. It's fast passed, interesting and very funny.

Simon Pegg is just amazing as con man Gus and even David Schwimmer is surprisingly wonderful as the misguided Charlie. The supporting cast is also brilliant, especially the surprise of Mimi Rogers as Mrs. Smalls.

Although this films plot isn't completely original and you can tell where the writer got a lot of his ideas from; the acting, direction and cinematography really make it something special and worth watching.

It's strange seeing the very talented British comedian Simon Pegg in the role of a burly American con man, but he really does pull it off and if you had any doubts about him as a character actor before this film should set that straight. He is just wonderful.

Although I enjoyed Schwimmers acting in this, I thought his character could've been a little more developed as someone who was a little more desperate for money. His relationship with his wife could've been explored a little more too.

Big nothing has everything a good black comedy should have and more.
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Fantastic Movie
anneomminous11 July 2007
This movie is a great action, thriller, suspense comedy. Definitely not your usual David Schwimmer movie, it's much better than that. It would seem he took this role to demonstrate his full range as an actor, and he succeeds in breaking out of his "Friends" typecast quite well. I can't believe it didn't make it to theaters. Definitely rent the DVD. The score was also pretty good. If you have seen director Jean-Baptiste Andrea's other film, DEAD END, you'll find this one much improved over his first effort. The writing is much improved, and the production clearly benefited from a bigger budget. There is a lot of stuff going on between these characters, and the dynamics between them change all the time, so the movie never gets predictable. Great stuff all around.
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Big Nothing. Or at least not very much.
filmbuff2024 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Big Nothing revolves around Charlie, an everyman who gets caught up in a blackly comic mess of cash and dead bodies after meeting Gus, an American accented Simon Pegg.

The initial setup is pretty thin, the call centre setting a missed opportunity, as is the plot, characters and motives. One would hope that when embarking on a scheme, that it would be smart looking to begin with, at the very least smart enough to rope in someone you've only just met, but this scheme is quite foolish from the outset. Charlie's problems are not even fully realised enough to make him look desperate. The slim running time and impatience to get to the meat don't help. Charlie is also irredeemably stupid. An ex teacher with a PHD should know how to check for a pulse or that leaving fingerprints all over the scene of the crime is not the smartest thing one could do. Pegg's character just whines and bitches throughout and doesn't even cut a likable rogue figure. In fact, surprisingly, there's nothing to like about Gus, so why should we care? Director Jean-Baptiste Andrea conjures some nice images and uses some good ideas. The opening moonlit scene, the little girl's perspective from the swing and the animated description of the plan are all quite good, but often goes too far stylistically, for example his breaking the 180 degree rule constantly in the first act which serves only to disorientate and annoy.

The plot is full of twists which is normal for a film like this, but none really stick, aside from perhaps the closing. The rest just keeps getting more and more ridiculous as it goes on. In all, Big Nothing is a mixed bag with an ironic title, one of those films you watch and then immediately forget about. The Ice Harvest did a better job at this kind of thing and that was no masterpiece either.

Let's hope that Pegg and Schwimmer's Run Fatboy Run fares better than this. In the meantime, if you want black comedy, watch Very Bad Things instead.
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You're In For A Dark Thrill
Chrysanthepop18 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I heard about this film from a friend who loved it. Being a fan of Pegg and Schwimmer, I myself was enthusiastic. Finally, I got to watch it last night and was blown away by its style, slickness, very dark humour and wit. I'd advise one to watch it later at night, as most of the film takes place in the night and it just has a nocturnal feel to it. Trust me, you won't fall asleep because 'Big Nothing' won't let you. It moves at an extremely fast pace but given the length of the movie (87 minutes) I wish it was a little longer. It starts off by introducing Charlie as an unemployed who finds a boring job at a call centre, where he meets Gus giving one the impression that it's a drama film but once the two are fired, the film really moves at full gear and the slickness builds up more and more. The music contributes to that. Andrea and Asher's writing is solid. Though it is essentially a black comedy one really sympathizes with the characters and at certain points feels both sad for them and laughs at them. As director and writer Jean-Baptiste Andrea clearly knows what he's doing as he leads the film without derailing at any point. David Schwimmer and Simon Pegg as the two moronic losers are spot on. Schwimmer does show some mannerisms of Ross Gellar from 'Friends' but still does a great job. It's a bit funny to hear Pegg speak with an American accent (and it doesn't really appear natural) but that's perhaps because I'm used to his Brit way of speaking. But, on the other hand, his character is a former (?) con-artist, so Gus may not be an American at all. Nonetheless, Pegg's awesome. Pegg and Schwimmer have worked again in 'Run Fatboy Run', a hilarious comedy only here they work as director and actor instead of co-actors. Alice Eve as the young nymphet is very good as is Natasha McElhone (who's accent, at times, sounds forced). Mimi Rogers is there for one scene but it is a very funny scene. 'Big Nothing' deals with strong themes such as 'crime does not pay' or 'money not being the solution to happiness' and ends in a wonderfully ironic way as: Josie the Wyoming Widow (a murderess) comes across the Oregon Undertaker, (former) conman Gus is conned in the end, and Charlie finally receives an offer to have his book published but he already chose an alternative route which leads to a different destiny. His wife tells him that one doesn't need money to be happy and he realizes that she was right but it's too late. This little black comedy is a thrill ride all the way.
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A very thrilling but funny journey...
Dingataca5 January 2008
Big Nothing is about Charlie (David Schwimmer) who settles for a job as a tech assistant. He meets Gus Dickinson (Simon Pegg) and together with waitress Josie (Alice Eve) they plan to blackmail the local Reverend. Their plan goes awry, setting off a chain-reaction of unfortunate events that makes it the longest night of their lives.

I would not call this film one of the best ever made but I definitely think it is worth a much higher rating on IMDb. Higher than a 6.8 at least. It is a dark comedy and has been made very well for it's genre. But I admit I don't know too much about dark dramas/comedies as I don't watch too many.

I thought the movie is very engaging but starts out a little slow. But as the movie progresses the tension builds up and the story gets a lot more interesting. Especially in the 2nd half.

I definitely think this is one of David Schwimmer's best roles yet. I have seen many of his movies and am an avid "Friends" fan and Big Nothing is one of his projects which really shows off his acting skills. His character Charlie did have a few Ross-Geller-from-Friends reminders in him but overall was great and much different from the sweet, lovable character he usually plays. I am glad he acted as Charlie and I'm sure he will break out of the softie mould he is stuck in soon. Simon Pegg made a very thrilling Gus. He was basically perfect and I thought he was the strongest performance in the whole film. I hate to admit it but Alice Eve was a very good Josie. She had a kind of slutty but sexy appeal and her voice was perfect for her character. She did not seem out of place at all. Her performance spruced up in the last 45 minutes or so though, that was when her real acting began.

I didn't find a single "dull" moment in this whole movie and I definitely think it is worth a watch. Especially if you don't watch dark and serious looking, thriller type films. This would be a very good place to start.
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One of the best American indie films of the year, unfairly underrated
dg-op5 February 2010
An unemployed teacher (good performance by David Schwimmer) tries to find a way to earn money so he can support his family, but ends up in a messy crime with his two accidental "comrads" (master of comedy Simon Pegg and beautiful Alice Eve).

This is the plot for a brilliant black comedy made by French director Jean-Baptiste Andrea. And by brilliant, I mean exactly that.

Thought the plot may not seem that interesting, Andrea directs a great story, combining effectively resources form comedy, black humor, and even suspense. the result is a brilliant black comedy, perhaps the best of its year, unfortunately underrated.

This is a totally worth-watching film. But if you wanna see "Ross" or a simple comedy, you won't like it. This is an intelligent film. 8 out of 10.
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Style over content
Skriptman24 July 2007
Watchable, yet ultimately disappointing piece that tries hard to be as edgy and original as "Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels", but it just can't rise above its mediocre script. The running gag of ill-timed coincidences and random encounters runs out of gas quickly -- and then becomes rather boring and irksome, not to mention predictable (...okay, so I WILL mention it!) The piece is stylish enough -- but it's kind of like reading a letter written by someone with great penmanship. You end up being more interested in how the words LOOK rather than what they say... which unfortunately is what happens with "Big Nothing". Style over content.

Simon Plegg has fun with the limited material he's given, but David Schwimmer seems to have some trouble breaking free of his whiny Ross character from "Friends"... and Natascha McElhone is all but wasted in a peripheral roll that is, in the end, unsatisfying and unbelievable.
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Fairly sub-par Crime Caper
Trelloskilos13 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Includes spoilers Well, I was pretty much underwhelmed by the film.

The premise of the tale is of three people who decide to undertake a simple blackmailing of a local dark-horse reverend. Of course, what starts of as a fairly simple plan goes disastrously wrong by incrementing degrees.

OK, not the most original idea, but what was so much better handled in films such as the Ladykillers, and Welcome to Collinwood is careless & sloppy here.

The film divides itself neatly into two halves. The first half, being all set inside the targeted rev.'s house. I personally felt that there was a lot more potential here, as the conceits, plot twists and cases of mistaken identity (not to mention the body-count) pile up. The second half involved an increasingly elaborate plot to dispose of the bodies left over from the first half of the film. Here's where I lost interest.

Two things happened that made me just despair. The first being the introduction of the diabetic coroner. The second being the 'big twist' around Josie's character.

Aside from the fact that the usually brilliant Simon Pegg seemed like a shell of a comedy actor without Nick Frost, and that David Shwimmer's gamut of emotions have been better used in episodes of "Friends" (He just seems to wear the same 'Oh Gee!' face in every scene!), none of the characters have any charisma. They are all bland, relatively uninteresting, and seem almost embarrassed to be involved. The rest of the supporting cast have too little screen time (usually because they are bumped off scant minutes after they appear), but even those who do have more than 3 lines in the film make such a poor attempt at their roles, that it is uncomfortable to watch.

It's a shame, because there is a lot of potential here.

I wouldn't even worry about the raging debate as to whether Simon Pegg's American accent was any good or not. In a film that just doesn't engage on any level, whether or not his accent is up to scratch is a very moot point.
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Horrifically bad script sinks this films
red_hyro20 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Big Nothing is a film in which you feel sorry for the actors. You see them struggling, leaking flop sweat trying to do their best with the one note characters they've been given:

"Hi! I'm the resident trickster character with bs stories up to yin yang ready for any and all occasions! I'll be providing the macguffin for this film in the form of a ransoming scheme and be throwing in humorous colour commentary when necessary."

"Hey! I'm the smart-talking, sass-deploying teenage beauty queen who abandoned a career as a trophy wife for a millionaire to work in a run down bar and pursue crime enterprise. FYI, I'm capable of doing just about anything to get on top! Including homicide, because as a noir character, I've rid myself of a soul for the sake of the plot";

And finally: "Hey, I'm the basically good-guy dad pulled into this obviously ill-conceived ransoming scheme out of love for my cute daughter. Ask me about my back story! You bet it's heartrending! Oh, and don't forget, my wife is a police officer! Insane to even consider committing a crime, right? Well that's just how much I love my daughter!"

The actor work hard, and yet the writer of this film clearly hates them. Why else would he confine them in this mess of story, which plods from boring event to boring event as the bodies pile up and one wonders if perhaps this movie has really been thought through, and what conversation had been going on in the writer's head as he type out this bit of detritus.

"So okay, we got the wife suddenly arrive pointing a gun at the tied-up cop and two main characters. She reveals pertinent info helping us understand what's going on. What now?"

"How's about an axe to the head by a character who shows up out of the blue, having acquired an axe, ready for homicide?"

"Golden! Who need a rich storyline when you have crappy movie magic?"

"I know, right? All right, so what's the next twist gonna be?"

"Let's have three betrayals followed by another ridiculous happenstance that insults our audience's credulity. You realize that we now have two dozen more twists than 'Chinatown' and that's a noir classic!"

"I smell Oscar!"
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A movie Pegg should have turned down
suspektfilm28 May 2007
The firs 20 minutes is OK, but after that it's downhill all the way. A movie with this cast, especially the hilarious Mr Pegg, should have had a good chance of giving me a few laughs, but that never happen. A big, big disappointment. It's a farce alright, but it's not funny.

A lousy plot, and disappointing acting. I think the manuscript is the one to blame the most for this boring experience. Actually the best thing about this movie is the soundtrack (Eels, Ramstein etc.)

If you're looking for comedy I recommend you to re watch "Shaun of the Dead" instead of wasting time on this movie. Because this is not a movie I would recommend anyone.
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ashwin-avasarala27 July 2009
I saw this movie yesterday, and I must say I was impressed. Where do i start? The music, the cinematography, the plot or the acting? Well the music was delightful. A little different from what you usually hear running in the background. The cinematography is simply superb, whether it is the choice of colors or background or the usage of split screens or just the swift movement of camera. The actors did a good job. All actors played their characters convincingly, especially Simon Pegg. The plot. Oh My GOD!. After a long time have I come across a plot like this, with so many twists and turns that it just keeps getting wackier every minute. You get so involved in the plot, that you feel sad when.....I'll leave the rest for you to watch :)
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A very cliché drama/comedy
spam-184714 April 2007
As it has a decent rating here, I decided to give this movie a go.

Although this movie did look decent at first glance, the plot and script to this movie really turned me off. As the movie progressed, it became more and more apparent it was just a very 2000's cliché comedy/drama. There was not one plot turn, or line of dialog that wasn't expected.

I give this movie a 2, only since I hope it serves as an example of how not write a movie.

Essentially, it wasn't the acting, the music, or the cinematography that made this movie awful. It was the script.
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more like big rubbish
pepekwa28 July 2008
a rating of 6.8, a good cast, this all looked very promising but not for the first time I wonder what drugs some people on here take when they watch movies. While not diabolical, this is easily in my worst 100 movies of all time list. Crime capers should have a fairly watertight plot,believable characters and some depth, this had none of any of those and after 30 minutes, it was clear to me that the writers were making this up as it went along. As for the supposed black humor,it was neither tongue in cheek or even funny, David schwimmer calling himself steven hawking was probably the highlight of the film. With such a low budget, I'm not really sure why they filmed in both canada and wales, the expense involved in flying back and forth,money would have been better spent employing a director and writer who knew how to make a movie. Absolutely no surprise, this didn't get a proper release, you'll find this in the $5 carts at walmart soon, you'd be better off buying bog roll.
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Pointless and Humorless
ButtonFilms3710 July 2007
It must take talent to make a movie with Simon Pegg and not be able to produce a single laugh. A pointless black comedy that's only objective is to make things worse and worse for the main characters by introducing a number of ridiculous and predictable plot twists. If you've seen Very Bad Things then you've seen this movie. It starts off nicely enough and introduces some likable characters, but it goes absolutely nowhere and seems to think rolling out one silly plot twist after another makes for a good movie. As unfunny as the movie is, it's at least watchable for the first two acts....but in the third get ready to be let down big time. It goes downhill so fast you won't know what hit you. There are so many plot holes your head will spin. By the end you'll just be bored, ticked off and confused. This is literally one of those movies that has no progression. This movie is the meaning of the word pointless. I think all the good reviews on here have come from the director's friends. Note to future directors.....don't make Simon Pegg talk with a god awful American accent as it renders him humorless.
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Black comedy that impresses!
kclambeth20 March 2008
A good film, not great but worth watching and definitely twice (I preferred it second time round) it's a unique film, the idea has been done in different ways but the plot holds it's own very well.

I am a big Simon Pegg fan and found him to play Gus very well and was glad that he played a much different character than his previous portrayals. He had good on screen chemistry with David Schwimmer who's character Charlie actually was to me the funnier of the two.

The three main cast were strong at acting and the film didn't lose steam, the development of the film as the situation got more and more out of control was well paced and there was twists and turns at every corner.

A good attribute if this film is that it is primarily a comedy, a black comedy and i did find myself laughing at the predicaments they were in but at the same time i enjoyed the dramatic and thriller elements and the effective music, it also came across as farce-ish in places.

I would definitely recommend giving this a go. It is different from all the run of the mill blockbuster 'i have to make millions and million at the box office to be a success.' and worth watching for Simon Pegg and David Schwimmer each very different performers but of equal talent.
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Woefully short of acceptable
pandabat4 December 2006
Have you seen the trailer for this movie? Odds are, if you have, that you already seen the best bits. You'll probably have high hopes that the banter will be even wittier in the rest of the movie. You'll probably expect to see a bit more of Natasha McElhone or Alice Eve. You'll probably even expect moments of uncontrollable laughter. Great expectations indeed but alas "The Big Nothing" comes nowhere close to fulfilling them. There were less than a handful times that the audience laughed during this movie and even then it wasn't the whole cinema. The humour ranges from quirky to slapstick but never hits the mark on any of it. It's a movie that wants to be funny, serious, gory and surprising but it all comes across as "bland-yet-desperate". It's not the actors' faults as all give performances that are demanded of them but they should really have known better after reading the script. The problem with this movie is that it should never have been made in the first place. There's nothing innovative, new, exciting, funny, daring or even entertaining about it. You've seen all the crazy dialogue, double-crossing and attempts at plot twists before and seen them done better too. There's even a desperate attempt at the end of the movie to up the laugh count by showing one out-take as the credits start to roll! Yes, that's correct - one out-take. It's not even a good one. If you like you're comedies to have no laughs and your dramas to have no tension then you might like this but I failed to enjoy it from start to finish.
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A winning dark comedy!!
FamilyGuyFan5072 June 2008
Big Nothing is probably described as one of those moments in which you constantly say the phrase 'WTF'! Trust me, this is normal.

Big Nothing plays out as a teacher(David Schwimmer)who is down on his luck and is a unsuccessful teacher/book writer. There is a big twist about David's character that I cannot tell. He runs into Gus(Simon Pegg)who plays an all out American phone answering machine with a plan to black mail a reverne who is into teen porn. Well, this plan goes so far off the chart that it twists you into one of those most bizarre but simply funny movies ever.

Probably the most astounding part of the movie is Simon Pegg who acts astounding, this man is British and acts as a damn American through this entire film, classic. David Schwimmer in my mind leads the way with some good acting and possibly the best quote of the movie, "Don't spend it all in one place.".

This movie isn't one for the faint of the heart and if your gonna place bets on what is gonna go wrong and who is gonna live in this movie, do it and get ready to be surprised.
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A Big Nothing
imdb-1954819 December 2009
Rarely has a film title so perfectly summed up a film. This is a Big Nothing.

It is hard to say the jokes weren't funny because there weren't any. There was in fact nothing almost nothing funny in this film.

Alice Eve, who I'd never heard of, delivers a reasonable comic performance while Pegg and Schwimmer flounder about unsure whether to be joking or serious at any given moment.

The directing is terrible with the change from slapstick to drama happening is a very jarring and annoying way.

The writing is poor, with neither the drama or the humour being worth watching and the dialogue is dull at best.

The plot is a mixture of movie clichés with nothing added.

The film isn't even worth hating but it is worth avoiding.
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