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Season 4

25 Jun. 2010
Jen the Fredo
Jen has to entertain a group of visiting sexist yuppie executives looking for a raunchy good time. Her solution is a role playing game with the IT Crowd. Moss also uses the game to help Roy get over his breakup with the love of his life.
2 Jul. 2010
The Final Countdown
Roy tries to locate a window-cleaner who left his ladders in Roy's flat, Moss becomes a member of the strange, secret, elite club of Countdown (1982) champions, and Jen investigates what's going on in the Heads of Department meetings.
9 Jul. 2010
Something Happened
Douglas falls under the spell of a crazy mystic, and Jen falls under the spell of a geeky keyboard player. Moss finds it all most entertaining and worthy of popcorn. Meanwhile, Roy is forced to sue his masseur for sexual harassment.
16 Jul. 2010
Italian for Beginners
Moss is obsessed with an iPhone in an arcade game. Roy is obsessed with a water park fire. Jen is obsessed with speaking Italian.
23 Jul. 2010
Bad Boys
Moss and Roy blow off work and miss a party at work they really, really needed to attend, especially since instead they wander into a restricted zone where police suspect an abandoned package is a bomb.
30 Jul. 2010
Reynholm vs Reynholm
Douglas' dead wife returns and sues him. Jen acts as his defence council, and Roy and Moss as his character witnesses.

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