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Season 3

21 Nov. 2008
From Hell
Moss is menaced by a gang of bullies at the park, Roy is forced to lend Douglas £20 and becomes obsessed with getting it back, and Jen's home is worked on by someone Roy suspects to be the infamous Builder From Hell.
28 Nov. 2008
Are We Not Men?
Roy and Moss' attempt to bluff their way through conversations using generic football guy-talk goes catastrophically out of control when Roy befriends the wrong crowd. Meanwhile, Jen dates a man who looks like a magician to everyone.
5 Dec. 2008
Tramps Like Us
Jen interviews with another company to escape Douglas' advances but finds her ignorance showing. Roy has trouble hanging onto his shirt and finds himself topless on the upper floors until security tracks him out and tosses him out on the street penniless.
12 Dec. 2008
The Speech
Annoyed by the fact that Jen has inexplicably been declared the Employee of the Month, Moss and Roy play a prank on her to expose her ignorance about the Internet. Douglas and a hot newswoman with a secret past fall madly in love.
19 Dec. 2008
The IT crowd joins the social network Friendface which enables Jen to reconnect with an old friend. Of course she has to make up an alternative persona because her real life is pitiful. But then she has to make it real for her school reunion.
26 Dec. 2008
Calendar Geeks
Roy tries to hookup with a girl on the seventh floor by shooting a sexy calendar as a fund raiser for her brother's disability. Unfortunately, Jen didn't go for his preferred theme, the girls of the seventh floor, and he had to find a less appealing alternative.

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