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3 Feb. 2006
Yesterday's Jam
Jen starts at Reynholm industries as the IT Manager. But it turns out she dosen't know anything about computers.
3 Feb. 2006
Calamity Jen
Denholm invites a stress expert when he starts a war against stress. Jen has a shoe problem which has a serious effect.
10 Feb. 2006
When Roy gets dumped after a date, he starts believing that girls go for "bad boys" and creates a fake profile on a dating site and, surprisingly, gets a response. Meanwhile, Jen starts flirting with a security guard.
17 Feb. 2006
The Red Door
Moss puts a picture of his head on his cup to make sure it doesn't get lost. Curious about the red door behind Roy's desk, Jen ignores the boys' warnings never to open it, and goes in. She finds the vampiric Richmond inside.
24 Feb. 2006
The Haunting of Bill Crouse
Jen goes on a bad date with a coworker, Bill. Not wanting to ever see Bill again, she asks Moss to come up with a lie that would send Bill away for good if he comes to visit her. Moss panics under pressure and tells Bill that Jen is dead.
3 Mar. 2006
Aunt Irma Visits
Jen has her period and she starts to see the same symptoms in the boys. They say that it's impossible but they reconsider after they start having the same symptoms as Jen. They're even given their own website after talking about it online.

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