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An American Institution
RNMorton6 January 2007
An institution which, sadly, no longer exists at Sunday dinner time, although it looks as of early 2012 that ESPN is trying to work it back in, NFL contracts with other networks notwithstanding. Berman and Jackson highlighted the NFL games of the day, joined some years by a second-stringer or two to give the major talents a breathing spell. Originally it ran 7-8, then it was moved back to 7:30-8:30 (mistake), probably as some marketing tool to run into ESPN's own Sunday night game when they had one. Berman and Jackson are one of the great two-somes in TV history, and I go far enough back to be able to say that with some authority. Over the 20 year run Berman coined a number of what are now Americanisms, starting with "he could go all the way" (a Cosell schtick sometimes said when the runner didn't make it), to made-up middle names, to rumbling bumbling stumbling, to tick tick tick tick, tick tick tick tick. A recent iteration of "Primetime" involved Michael Irvin, requiring an immediate channel switch, and even more recently the babbling, obnoxious and insufferable Trent Dilfer. In its true form NFL Primetime is the duo of Berman and Jackson only, hopefully it will return there some day.
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A Great Show and Sorely Missed
babyfir7727 September 2011
A great show, with the highlights of the NFL play, the voice overs by Chris Berman and Tom Jackson, and that fantastic score made especially for the program! It is really missed these days.

In its heyday, Berman would be very funny with his words and tone. One could see that he enjoyed the sport and was hip to everything, as he will sometimes nickname players. I was going to cite examples but my brain is stumped!!! Berman does the Monday Night Football halftime so at least we get a snippet of what he was so great at doing, if not for an entire hour.

Robin Roberts had some time with the show and she did well. I was never a Pete Axthelm fan. There were at least two others who also did some air time for the show.

NFL Network can't even compare to this highlight show. Those guys try to be funny.....end up being more sarcastic.
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