Wild Hogs (2007) Poster


Martin Lawrence: Bobby Davis



  • Doug Madsen : Ooh boy, my ass is sore.

    Dudley Frank : Mine too, its Woody's fault for riding us so hard yesterday. The human body wasnt made to stradle something that big for that long.

    Woody Stevens : Well ya know its gonna hurt a little bit but that's all part of the experience. Its why we didnt bring our wives.

    Bobby Davis : Wut da...? What the hell? Someone wanna explain to me why I'm the one in the dirt? When I got sore jaws from 3 hours of blowin...

    [notices Highway Patrolman] 

    Bobby Davis : .

    Highway Patrolman : Please... Please, for the love of God, finish your sentence.

  • Dudley Frank : [upon seeing Maggie]  She is perfect.

    Doug Madsen : You like the waitress?

    Dudley Frank : Oh, man. I wanted to say something funny to her, but all I could think of was black jokes.

    Bobby Davis : Like which ones?

    Dudley Frank : I forget.

    Bobby Davis : Why don't you tell the one that ends with you getting your ass whooped.

    Dudley Frank : Would that be funny?

    Bobby Davis : I'll be laughing. Oh, I'll be cracking up.

  • Bobby Davis : [after being called out by Jack]  Anyone else getting that pre-rape feeling?

    Red : [grinning]  I do.

  • Charley : Needless to say, we don't carry firearms anymore. Sometimes you pull them out and think they're not loaded, and...

    Bobby Davis : You blow your deputy's ear off.

    Charley : Yeah.

  • Doug Madsen : Well, what has your wife ever made us?

    Bobby Davis : Hard.

  • Mother-in-Law : In my day, the women stayed home. Not the lazy men.

    Bobby Davis : In your day, men were busy building pyramids! How long ago was that?

  • Dudley Frank : Thanks, Woody, I feel really safe with you.

    Woody Stevens : I noticed that. If you ever lay your head on my back while riding bitch, I'll throw you into traffic!

    Dudley Frank : I was just trying to keep the wind out of my face.

    Woody Stevens : I felt you smell my neck!

    Bobby Davis : Did you smell that man's neck?

    Dudley Frank : His cologne is fantastic. It's musky with an oaky finish like a... lawyer cowboy.

    Bobby Davis : A lawyer cowboy?

  • Bobby Davis : You call The Firm?

    Clerk : Yeah, men's room. Some trucker musta crapped a whole cow in there. Good luck.

    Bobby Davis : [turns to leave] 

    Clerk : I didn't want to give him the key, but I didn't trust my instincts.

    Bobby Davis : [turns to leave] 

    Clerk : I saw my father shot. I never cry until today.

    Bobby Davis : [turns to leave] 

    Clerk : I got robbed yesterday. And now I know: you have the bad job.

    Bobby Davis : Yeah...

  • Jack : I knew you assholes the minute I laid eyes on you! Look at the four of you!

    Doug Madsen : You don't know us.

    Jack : [to Doug]  You think I don't know you? You're probably a... podiatrist or an ear-, nose-, and throat-specialist.

    Doug Madsen : I wish.

    Jack : An orthadontist?

    Bobby Davis : Close enough.

    Jack : [turns to Bobby]  Bobby, guarantee you're hen-pecked! The wife wears the pants!

    Bobby Davis : You know my wife?

    Jack : [to Dudley]  And you, no luck with women. I guarantee you bag your own shit.

    Dudley Frank : Wow, you're good. What color am I thinking of?

    Jack : Shut up!

    [turns to Woody] 

    Jack : And you, you're the biggest poser of them all... aren't ya, Squinty! Go home!

  • Doug Madsen : Did you ever wake up one morning and wonder what happened to your life?

    [Woody nods his head] 

    Doug Madsen : You know, I thought my life would be an adventure. All of a sudden, I'm a suburban dentist.

    Bobby Davis : Look, Doug, I feel your pain, man. I mean I swore I would never return to a job where I had to where condoms on my shoes.

    Woody Stevens : You're still at The Firm?

    Bobby Davis : Yea. I get yelled at by an ungrateful wife. I swear the whole thing has made me...

    Doug Madsen : ...a wimp.

    Bobby Davis : I was gonna say miserable.

    Bobby Davis : [pause]  What? You think I'm a wimp?

    Doug Madsen : No, I thought you were gonna say wimp, so I'd thought I'd say it for you.

    Woody Stevens : You're a wimp, Bobby. I'll say it. I mean you're afraid of women. It's kinda embarrassing.

    Dudley Frank : I'm afraid of women.

    Woody Stevens : You're afraid to talk to women. Bobby's afraid they'll kill him in his sleep.

    [Doug and Woody laugh] 

    Dudley Frank : Wow... now I'm really afraid of women.

  • Bobby Davis : Sorry, Woody, about your situation. But you're a lying asshole. That's like an asshole's asshole.

  • Bobby Davis : You called The Firm?

    Clerk : Some truck driver must have crapped an entire cow in there, man. Good luck. I knew in my gut not to let him go, but I didn't trust my instincts. I saw my father shot, but I did not cry till today. I was robbed yesterday, and I know now, your job is the bad one.

  • Bobby Davis : I think we better get out of here.

    Woody Stevens : No, we'll get out of here at sundown after we've had our beverage.

  • Woody Stevens : Come on, let's go!

    Doug Madsen : What's your rush?

    Woody Stevens : Come on, man, it's the open road. Riding free, that's the rush! This isn't freedom, this is a gas station built by the man, a prison for our souls!

    Bobby Davis : my soul needs something to drink.

    Dudley Frank : We'll get gas at the next station, come on Wild Hogs! Let's go! Woo-hoo!

  • Doug Madsen : Look, guys, sign at the curve of the road!

    Bobby Davis : Madrid.

    Woody Stevens : Spain?

  • Woody Stevens : The trip is over because some tattooed bullies pushed us around?

    Doug Madsen , Bobby Davis : Yeah.

  • [after Woody has slapped a bull, Doug goes out to also slap it] 

    Earl Dooble : Yeah, and we never seen it done twice in a row.

    Woody Stevens : What?

    Earl Dooble : It'll be interesting to see how the bull takes being slapped now that he's alert.

    Woody Stevens , Bobby Davis : Alert?

  • Bobby Davis : Hey, did y'all see my moves? I was shaking and baking just like the NFL, baby! You hear what I'm saying? I delivered it right to the end zone!

    [bull charges and hits Bobby, knocking him into the air] 

  • Woody Stevens : [jumps in the water naked, shivering]  Whoa, that's cold!

    Woody Stevens : Why are you naked?

    Dudley Frank : I thought we were doing this wild and free thing. You guys kept your skivvies on?

    Doug Madsen : Yeah, there might be snappin' turtles or somethin'.

    Bobby Davis : I kept mine on because I didn't want it to get dark in here!

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