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Ray Liotta: Jack



  • Jack : You're gonna pay a disobedience fee of $10,000! Plus another $40,000 to rebuild the bar! And if you wanna see your friend alive again, do not call the cops! If you're not here in half an hour to settle this, I'm gonna take the fine out on your friend's legs! I'm gonna break 'em with this tire iron!

    Dudley Frank : Don't bring the money! I'm a computer programmer! I don't need my legs!

    Jack : Fine! I'll break his hands!

    Dudley Frank : Oh, damn it. Bring the money!

  • Jack : I knew you assholes the minute I laid eyes on you! Look at the four of you!

    Doug Madsen : You don't know us.

    Jack : [to Doug]  You think I don't know you? You're probably a... podiatrist or an ear-, nose-, and throat-specialist.

    Doug Madsen : I wish.

    Jack : An orthadontist?

    Bobby Davis : Close enough.

    Jack : [turns to Bobby]  Bobby, guarantee you're hen-pecked! The wife wears the pants!

    Bobby Davis : You know my wife?

    Jack : [to Dudley]  And you, no luck with women. I guarantee you bag your own shit.

    Dudley Frank : Wow, you're good. What color am I thinking of?

    Jack : Shut up!

    [turns to Woody] 

    Jack : And you, you're the biggest poser of them all... aren't ya, Squinty! Go home!

  • Jack : Those assholes got balls.

    Red : That i'm gonna put them in my mouth and chew on!

    Jack : You're gonna put what in your mouth?

  • Jack : Another Wild Hog!

    Dudley Frank : Yep. Yep-er-oonie. That's our little gang.

  • Jack : [after being confronted by the sheriff and the entire town with makeshift weapons]  Well, we'll fight you and the children of the corn too! 'Cause the Del Fuegos don't back down! This is our highway! And we're gonna defend our highway!

    Damien Blade : [showing up out of nowhere]  Wrong, Jack. It's MY highway.

    Jack : [pleasantly surprised]  Blade!

    Damien Blade : [turns to Maggie]  Hi, Maggie.

    [she smiles and nods back] 

    Damien Blade : Hmm... bar burned down.

    Jack : Yeah... these posers. These four posers right here.

    Damien Blade : Four guys... stand off 50 bikers... and they're the posers.

    Jack : Yeah... they burnt down the bar that you built.

    Damien Blade : It was a shithole. I insured it for twice what it's worth. The guys did me a favor.

    Jack : [contrite]  We were just following the code that you wrote.

    Damien Blade : Why do you think I don't wear the colors, Jack? Why do you think I ride alone? 'Cause you don't know about it anymore. I think you all oughta get back on your bikes and go out and ride the highway until you remember what riding's all about.

    Red : Let it go, Jack.

    Jack : [turns to face the four, then to Damien, pats his shoulder]  Ok, Pop.

    Damien Blade : [shakes his head, smiling]  Takes after his mom.

    [Jack gets on his bike and leaves, the Del Fuegos follow] 

  • Jack : You're gonna pay a disobedience fee of $10,000, plus another $40,000 to rebuild the bar. If you don't, we're gonna break your friends legs here.

    Dudley Frank : Don't bring the money! I'm a computer programmer! I don't need my legs!

    Jack : Fine, we'll break his hands!

    Dudley Frank : Oh dammit. Bring the money!

  • Jack : Those assholes got balls!

    Red : That I'm going to put in my mouth and chew on.

    Jack : You're gonna put WHAT in your mouth?

    [Punches Red] 

  • [Woody, Doug and Bobby are surrounded by mean-looking bikers. Woody takes off his shades and narrows his eyes, in a poor attempt to look intimidating. Doug and Bobby do not understand what he is doing, and the bikers are unimpressed] 

    Jack : Wh... what is that supposed to be? Is he blind?

    Doug Madsen : He wasn't when he walked in here.

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