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Season 1

5 Jan. 2008
Pilot: Storm Front
A college co-ed and a mob henchman are murdered with black magic, and the chief suspect is Dresden.
21 Jan. 2007
Birds of a Feather
Dresden takes on the case of a boy who's sure monsters are stalking him, but a misstep by Harry puts everyone at risk.
28 Jan. 2007
The Boone Identity
Dresden takes on the case of a father being haunted by his daughter, but the circumstances of her murder send Harry in a different direction that endangers Connie.
11 Feb. 2007
Hair of the Dog
The FBI takes over Murphy's case involving a serial killer who takes the hair and teeth of the victim, but the reason may be for more than catching the killer.
18 Feb. 2007
Rules of Engagement
Harry uncovers a distasteful alliance while trying to protect his client from a hellion.
25 Feb. 2007
Bad Blood
Dresden gets himself mixed up in a turf war between vampire gangs when he's pressured to repay a debt.
4 Mar. 2007
Soul Beneficiary
When a man drops dead in Harry's office, Harry is led to investigate a complex murder plot with ties to Bob's past.
11 Mar. 2007
Dresden takes on a case pro bono after a woman coming to him for help is killed in front of him, but the investigation leads to dark magic and more death.
18 Mar. 2007
Storm Front
Dresden runs up against the High Council when they suspect him in the deaths of a college coed and a local mobster from black magic.
25 Mar. 2007
The Other Dick
Harry's forced to go get a license to continue working for the police department, but when his teacher turns up dead of black magic he teams with man's assistant in a case that takes fertile twist.
1 Apr. 2007
What About Bob?
A one night stand turns deadly when an old nemesis of Harry's reappears.
8 Apr. 2007
Things That Go Bump
Morgan and Ancient Mai reluctantly take refuge at Harry's.
15 Apr. 2007
Second City
Murphy's dad comes to town, bringing up old resentments, and when he starts interfering with her case of reformed criminals dying mysteriously, and Harry's participation in it, things go from bad to worse.

 Season 1 

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