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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some fantasy violence and risque humor

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman briefly admires her bare buttocks in the mirror (only her expression is shown).
  • A young woman kisses a young man, she invites him into a carriage, he smiles and joins her, she closes the door. Sex is implied by the presence of an infant nine months later.
  • A witch turns a man into a woman, and two breasts in a cleavage-revealing top pop out. He stares at them, and later touches and pokes them in fascination.
  • A young man and a young woman kiss (she is wearing a towel after bathing and her bare shoulders are visible). They wake up together the following morning, implying that they had sexual relations.
  • The camera zooms in on a woman's breasts as they sag down (implying fast aging).

Violence & Gore

  • A woman slashes a man's throat: we see the cut, and blue blood seeps out and covers his chest.
  • A man is stabbed in the abdomen and falls down dead (we hear a crunch).
  • A man is stabbed in the stomach and slumps over dead.
  • A woman is run through with a sword (no blood shown).
  • A young woman is placed on a table, another woman raises a dagger over her and we hear that she cut her heart out (we see the young woman writhing).
  • Two witches fight and one ends up with her head blown off (we see her headless body stumbling around briefly and it then collapses and burns away leaving the charred outline of her body on the ground). Not graphic.
  • A man fights with three witches. One flings fireballs at him; he catches on fire, puts the flames out with his hand, and raises his sword, which is made so hot that he screams and drops it. One witch holds a doll and breaks its arm and leg. We see the man's arm and leg break (they bend and snap and the man screams). The doll is then dropped in water, and we see the man drown.
  • A young man and a re-animated dead man fight with swords. The young man stabs the dead man a couple of times, and we hear a crunch each time.
  • A woman is attacked by many ferrets, then wolves. We see them tugging at her flesh briefly, and a bit of blood is visible.
  • A small animal is cut open. We see a woman holding a dagger and hear the slash and squish, and then three witches read the animal's entrails (we do not see the entrails). They each grab an organ and hold it in the air (we do see the bloody organs).
  • A woman cooks a small animal over a fire and cuts it in half with a knife in order to eat it.
  • A unicorn knocks a man who turns into a goat as he crashes against a wall. The goat lies motionless on the ground, and it is unclear whether it's dead.
  • Two men are poisoned; they gag and then collapse, it is revealed that one man is faking it.
  • A chandelier is cut loose and falls to the floor, crushing someone underneath.
  • A woman raises a dagger over a woman who is strapped to a table, preparing to cut out her heart, but she is interrupted.
  • A man threatens to snap a young man's fingers one at a time.
  • A man threatens a young man and a young woman and tells them that the young woman should be "shared" with all of the men on his ship.


  • The term "whoopsie" is used in a comical fashion to imply a homosexual.
  • Contains religious swearing.
  • Mild/playful obscenity, there could be one weak use the "f" word but it's very quiet you won't be able to hear it properly.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man drinks alcohol, and a young man and a young woman drink champagne. (Bear in mind that this film is set in England, during a time when drinking ages were not enforced nor mandatory.)

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Extended fight scene towards the end of the movie may scare children.
  • Much of the story centres around a trio of witches, who visibly practice dark magic of various forms. This may disturb some viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A young woman and young man begin to kiss. As the camera leaves the room, a ghost (invisible to the couple) invites other ghosts to watch. A second ghost calls him a pervert.
  • Deniro's character tries on lady's clothes and makeup while wearing a slip in a 5 minute sequence.

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