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Alternate Versions

Removed from the DVD version is a scene of semen being sprayed on Cindy's face.
The rated and unrated versions of the movie miss some scenes from the original cut that was shown in Germany. Those include (but not only):
  • Richard telling that an follower of D.O.O.M. works at Little Germany and will smuggle them in.
  • While the Taliban walk to their van to get to Little Germany, Osama yells "Shotgun" so he can sit on the front seat.
  • A sleepy Uncle Dave getting woken by Dude so he'll go to Little Germany too.
  • Longer suncream scenes.
  • Dude telling Richard to stop speaking with a queer German accent on the walkie. Followed by an conversation between Dude and Dave about Richard's retard-status.
  • Extended report of what happened with the Little Germany Security Guards.
  • Communication problems between Osama and Mohammed about the van that is parked outside.
  • Mohammed telling the Taliban that Tariq knows where Dave and his girls live, because he visits them frequently.
  • Instead of just announcing the show "They had it coming" about the victims of 9/11, they showed portions of it before the Taliban switched channels.
  • Dave not believing Richard believes the stuff he wrote in his Bible when he was stoned.
  • Dude trying to defend himself in the bunker, but getting beat down by Starr.
  • Dave promising he won't smoke anything again if that makes Richard happy.
  • When Mohammed asks for volunteers to wear an explosive belt, a Taliban volunteers Mohammed. But Mohammed declines, saying he would be happy to do so, but it is forbidden to him.
  • The Taliban congratulate Abdul the retarded Taliban on his "luck".
  • Seminar guy talks about Side 5 in his book which helps enslaving employees without having to use chains. But for those who want to be on the safe side he also sells chains.
  • The baby-stroller scene is extended and shows an actual baby inside the stroller.
  • Mohammed keeps the Taliban from getting out of the van in the final shootout for quite a while, so he can be safe a little longer.
  • Osama trying to get some change back from the coin-operated telephone.
  • Dude feeding his dog with an disembodied hand near the end.
The US unrated DVD is the same as the R-rated version except that it has some some deleted scenes inserted during the end credits. They are
  • an extended convenient store scene where Habib goes outside to debate with Candidate Wells.
  • an extended Little Germany scene where the Black cop explains on how he came across the guy in the wheelchair, the two dirty old men telling a tasteless AIDS joke, and Uwe Boll telling a tasteless Auschwitz joke.
  • an extended shootout which explains what happened to Mitzi and Jenny. These scenes are from the deleted scenes section of the domestic German DVD release.
With the movie being shot in 1.78:1 (or 16:9 or HD, depending on how it's described) all theatrical versions omit screen space to fit the movie to 2.35:1. This was not done with the DVD versions, except the German Director's Cut DVD.
When Vince Desiderio gets introduced with a super-impose the German theatrical Version reads "Vincent James Desiderio, Jr." - which is his full name. The German DVD and other subsequent releases just read "Vince Desi".

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