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A young man buys the Four Disc Collector's Edition of Pearl Harbor and a downward spiral of horrible events ensue.
sounds82923 December 2005
-Great film. The comedy will especially ring true for lovers of movies, and haters of Pearl Harbor. The cast is young and funny, and the dialogue is equally as effective. The camera work is also incredibly impressive. The use of a crane shot is also amazing, especially for something like a short film. The film won a whole lot of awards and deserved them all. This tale will relate to so many people who buy DVD's and who love film. There are many special editions in life, and this one turns into a wacky, funny, side-splitting comedy. I loved this film, as its professionalism and amazing sense of style reminds me of what making movies is all about. Slick, witty, and outrageously funny!
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Clever and funny short film that hits every one of its targets
bob the moo16 November 2007
Jeff is waiting for his friend at the video store and is debating whether or not to buy the four-disk edition of the movie Pearl Harbour as he does already own the two-disk version. His friend convinces him that the four-disk set will in every way justify the expense and that he deserves to double-dip into Pearl Harbour. He does so and looks forward to the many extras that will soon be coming his way but almost instantly his life takes a turn for the worse across the board.

A wonderfully amusing short film that appealed to me because it makes fun of the film Pearl Harbour but mostly because it mocks the world of DVD's being released in many different version that people actually buy. I rarely buy DVD's and even when I rent I would rarely bother going as deep into the extras as listening to the commentaries. I do see people buying copies of crap films and I wonder why – what about them appeals to them enough to want to make them a permanent part of their home? Jeff can see a reason for adding Pearl Harbour twice though and his obsession with the film and the many wonderful bonus features sees his real life crumble. It is a really well written short film that efficiently hits its targets in the people, the films and the absurd editions of DVD's.

The cast work really well within the script and they convince while also never taking it seriously. Schine is good and leads the cast well, with only Holly outshining him with a great character. Roth, Markowitz, Kearns and others all do well also with Tsapelas' script and Amyot's direction being better than I expected. Overall a clever and funny short film that chooses its targets well and hits them every time. I will watch more of the Ragtag films me thinks.
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